Voters’ List: How and Why should you Delete Name from the of my Constituency Electoral Roll?

There are many different phases in the life cycle of a normal Indian Citizen. Sometimes the call of duty or the call of one’s carrier requires people to constantly change their places of residence. What is the implication of these dynamics in ones’ life for the whole electoral or Voting phenomena?

For citizens the process of registering their name corresponding to their Voter Id Card, into the electoral roll of their current constituency is a really important task. A task that would entitle them to exercise their franchise to vote.

Voters’ List: Why to Delete your Name

What about the process of name deletion? Is it important? Well, the answer is:-Yes, this process is perhaps more important for the sake of free and fair elections.

The implication of the fact that people have to shift their residences for the sake of a better life is that if their name is not deleted from the Electoral Roll of their previous constituency then this act is an open invitation for social electoral evils like bogus voting.

The names of the deceased are the ones that too have to be deleted from the the electoral roll, if it is not done then they would bring along the same problem of accumulation of names that are not at all required in the said list and would attract anti social elements to enter the other wise free and fair elections and hinder it.

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As a citizen of this country it should be your duty to ensure that you report the names of people that have moved away or deceased, to the concerned ERO(Electoral Registration Officer) so that he takes adequate measures to remove their names from the Voters List so that their names are not used by the wrong people to cast bogus votes on their behalf and hence distort the victory in the elections.

Why Deletion of Names from Voters’ List is Important?

The margin with which a certain candidate wins the election is pegged to be less than 2 percent of the total votes cast at its maximum. So it would be easier for you to imagine a situation where more than 2 per cent of the names in the Voters’ List are unwanted or they belong to the people who are no longer available to vote in that constituency. A heart-pounding fact remains that the voter list discrepancy is more than 10 per cent in most cases. What if the names of these people are used by bogus voters to cast illegitimate votes (As a Voter ID Card is not mandatory to cast a vote, if your name is in the Voters’ List). Would this type of an election remain free and fair? Would this type of a winner would be any good for the citizens?

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Have Name in 2 Different Voters’ List?

So to sum up it is really very important to delete these unwanted names as one must know that it is illegal for any person to have his name in more than one constituency’s electoral roll just like owning more than one Voter Id Card is a criminal offence. To delete a person’s name from the Electoral roll, you have to fill the Form 7, which could be easily downloaded from the CEO website of your state.

The ECI (Election Commission of India) very well knows how much the process of name deletion from the electoral roll is hence it has launched a month long campaign just dedicated to this process. Data suggests that Voter ID Card Maharashtra there were 14 lakh more people registered in the voters list than the actual population.

Such a large number of unwanted names could only be taken care of if you, the people join hands with the Election Commission of India and participate in their campaign. It is with your co-operation and Election Commission’s efforts that this herculean task could be concluded before the elections so that they are free and fair, because it is our right to have free and fair elections. Fight for your rights and see the nation changing for good.

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How to Delete your name from Voters’ List:

For Deletion of name, Voter ID Form 7 is to filled and submitted.

voter id card form 7 name deletion from voters' list

You can fill Form 7 online from over here.

Or you can download and fill the form Offline from Over Here

Once in the form simply fill in the details mentioned based on the information appearing on your existing Voter ID Card and submit online or visit your local ERO.

That’s it. Now the ERO will carry on the necessary verification and complete the procedure of removal of names from Voters’ List of your constituency.

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  1. Form 7 is not opening up for filling up online a request to delete my name from the Voter’s list. Kindly advise.

  2. ?விகிதாச்சார தேர்தல் முறை ?தான் வேண்டும்
    அப்போது தான் தேர்தல்களில் பணப் புழக்கம் முற்றிலும் குறையும்
    அனைத்து அரசியல் கட்சிகளுக்கும் சமமான வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்கும்
    நாங்கள் வாக்கிளுக்கும் வேட்பாளரும் எங்கள் கோரிக்கை யை அரசுகளின் பார்வைக்கு கொண்டு செல்ல முடியும்
    முடியும் ஆகவே
    ????விகிதாச்சார தேர்தல் முறைதான் அனைத்து அரசியல் கட்சிகள் மட்டும் அல்ல சிறுபான்மைமக்கள்ளின் அரசியல் பிரதிநிதிகள் மக்களின் குறளாக ஒளிக்க இது வாய்ப்பாக ?அமையும்
    மக்களின் குறளாக அமைய வேண்டும்
    ?விகிதாச்சார தேர்தல் முறை?

  3. how do i submit the form 7 online as the website does not allow. what is the meaning of such website?

  4. Hi,
    My name is there In voters list n I have been voting but I do not have a voters card. In 2007 I had applied to change my maiden name n address. However I have been voting on same. I want a voters card along with change in my name n address. Kindly guide

  5. Why name deleted in voter list.i done every election in my construction.how I can do mlc election.Id no.KXD0898288-DINDU.SUBRAMANYAM S/O,SUBBARAMAIAH,10-182,kodur.how to get my name in voter list.pls.sir.

  6. Sir or mam Mein apni vote cut krvona choni a kyu k Meri marriage ho chuki h. So plz das sakde o k kehre documents required ne vote cutvon lai

  7. after submit form 7 what i will get proof which i can attach with form 6 while applying in new constituency?? pls reply

  8. dear sir,

    as i dont have voter id with photo i had deleted my previous (before marriage) name from list my name is not getting deleted from list for which i could able to make my new voter card with photo (after marriage voter card) pls advice me what to do

  9. Hi
    Me Maharashtra Ke Jalna Zilla Ke Ambad Taluqe Se Hoo Mera Voter Id Card 2 Alag Alag Jagah
    Se Aa Gaya Jis Me se Mujhe ID No: NHH6607147 Delete Karna Hai …

  10. sir i moved from UP to HARYANA. I am enrolled with the UP. now i totally shift to HARYANA. So i want to be enrolled as a voter in the Haryana. Please guide me how i can change my address from UP to HARYANA.

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