What is the Role of CEO Andhra in Andhra Pradesh Elections?

Each state in India has its own Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), such as CEO Andhra who is elected by the Secretary of Election Commissioner of India. In other words, Andhra Pradesh will have its own CEO who will look after the state’s elections and any other formalities that are required for it. Elections in India India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world where there are 29 states. Each state has a state assembly election which is held after every 5 years by the state’s … [Read more...]

Can I Still Vote if Someone Else has Casted Vote in my Name without my Voter ID card in Hyderabad?

Voting is a right of everyone and often you may come across stories of bogus voting and the legitimate voter not being allowed to cast his vote as someone else has already voted in his/her name and they are not allowed to vote using the EVM or Electronic Voting Machine. If you are one such person from Hyderabad or for that matter any other place in India, you still can vote, even if someone has voted using your voter ID card Hyderabad, or voter ID card of any other place you come from. The … [Read more...]