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Check VOTER ID CARD STATUS in 2 minutes. Voter Card Status online and Offline in less than 2 minutes, Voter ID card application status via SMS or check your Election Card Status or Election ID Card Status by visiting the State Chief Electoral Officer's office or nearest polling booth. Get all the details here.


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1. Check Voter ID Status by Name in 2 minutes?

2. Various Ways To Check Your Voter ID Status or Voter ID Application Status and Election Card Status

3. I have not received Voter card even after several months of applying?

4. Easiest Way to Check Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu

5. Additionally to checking the Election ID Card Status, we also recommend you to read our most popular guide on Voter ID Card FAQs:
This guide has been written after interacting with dozens of officials from Election Commission of India and from the offices of various State CEO. So, you can be 100% assured of its authenticity and accuracy.

6. Know the status of Voter ID Card via SMS:

How to Check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019?

After applying Voter ID Card or a duplicate Voter ID Card, checking the status of our application is very important as it enables us to know where our application is and thus we can assess when the verification process will take place. There are many ways to check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019. Some are offline and some are Online methods. In this article, we bring out some easiest Online methods to check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019. To apply for a new Voter ID Card Click here How to … [Read more...]

Easiest Way to Check Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu

With the advent of Information Technology enhancement in government institutes in India, it has become a lot easier for the citizens not only for filing applications but also to track them. The same applies to the electoral system too. One of the most important institutions under the constitution, the Election Commissions of the centre and the states are working round the clock to ensure a better citizen involvement in the election system by easing the process of Voter ID card registration. Now … [Read more...]

NVSP Track Status – How to check the status of your application on NVSP?

Here's great news for all the citizens of India. The status of a Voter ID card can now be checked online with a very simple process – NVSP Track Status. Voter IDs can be easily tracked now, through the National Voters service portal. This portal has been provided by the Election commission of India, with an attempt to make several processes related to ID cards and registration, easier. NVSP Track Status – Online Process: The Election Commission of India is the organization responsible for … [Read more...]

Check my NVSP Application Status for Election Card

The registration of a voter ID card has become very easy in India nowadays. As the technology grows rapidly, applying online for a voter ID card and then checking the NVSP application status by name and date of birth has become very easy for all of the citizens. NVSP Application process It can all be done by following a simple process, by just going to the NVSP site by clicking on the link, then following a few simple steps that can be found by clicking here and you can get to see your NVSP … [Read more...]

Check Voter Card Status Online

India is the largest democratic country of the world and therefore has a peculiar characteristic of having elections after every five years. The citizens of India know about their importance in influencing the political system of the country and hence they, every five years, come forward to exercise their right to vote. Every citizen of India who is 18 years and older gets the right to vote and since there are more and more eligible voters coming up every year, the election commission which is … [Read more...]

Check Voter ID Status by Name

India is a democratic nation. It is a republic, where people elect their leader to form and lead the government for a period of 5 years. The whole process of electing a representative is called Election. Only Indian citizens are allowed to cast their vote and become a part of selecting a leader for their State or Country. To become a part of this process of voting, one need to be registered as a Voter and have a Voter ID Card with them, which is issued to every Indian Citizen of over 18 years … [Read more...]