I have not received Voter card even after several months of applying?

The issue we are talking about is Non-Receipt of Election or Voter Card.

It has now become a common problem with new voters who apply for a new voter card and even follow all the right process from applying to final submission, but still face a problem when it comes to receiving their card in hand. Usually a new voter card takes about 2-3 months to reach your hand after the date of application submission. But if no verification team has come to your house, you need to contact the ERO, polling station, local Tahsildar, or Zonal Officer in particular areas from where you have applied. But if the verification has been already done and it exceeds this 2-3 months’ time period, then there must be a problem as your application may either be stuck at some stage of this streamlined process or may be lost in the transit. So how do one check what happened with their application or Voter Card? The answer is provided below.

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Voter Card Status: Check it online


The Only way to know to know what and where the problem lies, is to check for your Voter Card status. Now the main question is, how one can do so? Here is the step by step procedure for you to follow to know the status of your Voter Card:

  1. Visit your state CEO website,
  2. Look for “know the status of your application” or similar phrase as shown in the image below for CEO Delhi (your State CEO Website will have similar kind of option too),voter-card-not-received
  3. You will be redirected to another page after clicking on that link,
  4. Now in the tab shown, check the bubble beside Form 6 (for new registration), fill in the application number that you have been provided after its submission, enter the captcha and hit the Search button.
  5. You will be provided your Application Status after that so that you will act accordingly if needed.
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For few CEO Websites like Punjab, you will also have the option to search for your name first by providing the details like district, constituency, etc. before getting your Status in case you forget your Application ID or don’t have it now. One can also check their Voter Card Status by simply providing their Name or House Number instead of Application Id.

For someone who do not have access to Internet can also know their Application Status using SMS or Call feature provided by their respective State CEO Website.

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Three possibilities of your Status:

  1. Cancelled
  2. Under Process
  3. Distribution in Progress.

If your status is showing Cancelled, then you have to contact your ERO or re-apply for the Voter Card. If your status shows either Under Process or Distribution in Progress then you must wait for some more time before you have your Voter Card in your hand.

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But if even after few months, you don’t find any progress in your status or haven’t receive your Voter ID Card, then you have no option but to visit the ERO located near your residence. The ERO may seek a written complaint about the status of your card to take further action.

We hope now you have got the Status of your Application, you will get your Voter Card soon and will also find this post helpful. Please share this article so that all those who have same problem will find this solution. Stay Tuned for more updates and posts.

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  1. S.no Complaint ID Lodging Date
    1 UP/4/55/499253 Dec 26 2016 6:11PM
    2 UP/4/55/499140 Dec 26 2016 12:43PM
    3 UP/4/55/488263 Oct 13 2016 5:07PM
    4 UP/4/55/488258 Oct 13 2016 4:56PM
    5 UP/4/55/488254 Oct 13 2016 4:46PM
    6 UP/4/55/488250 Oct 13 2016 4:34PM
    7 UP/4/55/488248 Oct 13 2016 4:33PM
    8 UP/4/55/488247 Oct 13 2016 4:31PM
    9 UP/4/55/484546 Sep 25 2016 5:19PM
    10 UP/4/56/481211 Sep 8 2016 6:00PM
    11 UP/4/55/471007 Jul 22 2016 2:11PM
    12 UP/4/55/470432 Jul 18 2016 10:59AM
    13 UP/4/55/464894 Jun 6 2016 2:20PM
    14 UP/4/55/464681 Jun 4 2016 1:12PM

    Reference number – 158f14aef5ecbab2

    Against this reference number I Lodged so many complaints above you can see (website -http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/MyComplaints.aspx).

    But no fruitful solution at there end.
    So I want to know when I will get my voter id card ?

    Sanjay Awasthi

  2. Dear Sir,
    Reference number – 158f14aef5ecbab2 .


    Above and you can see that my application status is showing submitted status.

    I have apply voter id card online on DATE 12-7-2016 06:00:00 PM.

    it has been approx. 168 days.

    when I will get my voter id card.

    Sanjay Awasthi

  3. I am Pappu S/o Shri Subedar , Address-C-53/44 Block No C
    JJC Okhla Phase I, New Delhi
    Voter ID Card No SJL2294146 and Bimla SN SJL2041846 Not received till date ,
    Any clearification Please contact +9650183379

  4. I have applied for Voter Id card , along with my sister in Oct. , 2011 . My father collected my sister’s Id card from B.L.O. Office , Bijwasan in April , 2012 , but the staff didn’t find out my Voter Id card . After visiting several times to B.L.O. Office , Bijwasan , Nothing happened and didn’t get any satisfactory answer from B.L.O. Office . Till than I am waiting for my Voter Id card . In Voter list my name is displaying at ; AC-36 , Part Number – 54 , Serial Number – 30 , Section Number – 1 , with my Address – H – 84 , Raj Nagar – ll , Near – Ration Office . My D.O.Birth is 22nd September , 1993 , Sex – Male and my Voter Id Card number is NRX2800019 . If you peoples can help it out , Please favour me at the earliest to get my Voter Id card . REGARDS ; YASH KAUSHIK

    • Hi Yash,

      Please check the Voter ID status following the steps mentioned in this post. Since you name is showing up in the Voter List it means you are a registered voter and can vote in any elections with your ID proof like passport, pancard, driving licence etc. even if you don’t have your voter Id card since you are listed in the voter list.

      However do check the status of your voting card and see what it shows. You will understand why the delay has happened of the voter Id card is misplaced.


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