What is the speediest and the easiest way to get a Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh?

Nowadays we hear a lot of news reports and speculations about corruption by the government or other concerned authorities. One may think that as ordinary citizens we have nothing much to do about it. People end up being disappointed about the fact that there are a very few feathers in the cap of the government in terms of the work it does in the favor of these ordinary citizens.

Why should not we complain? We pay taxes and spend time towards our duties to the whole system. We engage in getting a Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh and Vote whenever the election take place, these two tasks are supposed to consume our time, along with entitling us to vote and elect the government we like. If that government does not stand strong on our expectations, we are very much entitled to complain too.

But one must remember, there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. All these corruption stories may make you feel low and perhaps restrict you to allow yourself to take out time and participate in activities that are in the interest of the electoral system, like getting a Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh. The silver lining is that the government is perhaps not as ignorant as we are made to believe. It does take care of our interests and looks into our grievances. It knows that no citizen is ordinary and hence each of their aspirations must be taken into account.

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Mee Seva Kendras-The new lifeline of Government to Citizen interaction

The best and the latest example of our government’s achievement is the initiative taken by the Andhra Pradesh Government. It has established the Mee Seva Kendras, these centers are supposed to be a merger between the breakthrough technology and the government itself. These Kendras are supposed to take the whole advantage of the ushering technology to provide the citizens a much much better interaction experience with the government.

Establishment of Mee Seva Kendras have made the process of issuing Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh, a much easier task.

The Mee Seva Kendras or the e-government centers seek to speed up the processes which otherwise take huge toll on the leisure of a common man. Getting yourself a Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh is no more a hassle thanks to these centers.



How to interact with the Mee Seva Center to get a Voter ID Card

If you belong to Andhra pradesh and want to get an EPIC(Election Photo Identity Card), you can just e-register your name at these Mee Seva Centers and hence be issued with the same very easily and quickly. This type of setup is a revolution for the whole process of issuing of Voter ID Cards. The Andhra Pradesh government really has taken a huge step forward with the establishment of these centers.

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What after I have registered my name with the Center?

Once you have electronically registered your name at the mentioned center(the location of which could be easily found out on the mee seva center site of Andhra Pradesh), the Staff members, upon receiving the data of the application, would verify that your identity claim is correct. Upon the completion of the verification process(which would be rapid, thanks to the revolutionary technology), the staff member would then pick up the information relevant for issuing a Voter ID Card and issue you with the same by printing it in PDF Format.

This is government-to-citizen interaction taken to next level, and the Mee Seva kendras have made the service like issuing of EPIC, so quick and easy with the help of a secure electronic network. Not only Voter ID Card, but many other governmental and electoral services are catered by these centres, the information of which could easily be found on the website of Mee Seva Andhra Pradesh. If you are not a resident of Andhra Pradesh and do not have Mee Seva Centers in your state, you need not worry you could still apply for Voter ID Card Online and save yourself a trip to the CEO(Chief Election Officer) office .

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What are the other services that are served by Mee Seva Kendras?

Apart from issuing the EPIC, another electoral process requires you to register your name in the Voters’ List of your constituency. This important task is also made easier by the Mee seva kendra. Along with these election related services, these centers help also you pay your bills, get a driving licence or a ration card and what not.

The government has set up more than 4,500 Mee Seva centers that cater to more than 300 services which include electoral services like issuing of EPIC, deletion or addition of Name in the Voters’ List, issuing of duplicate election card with a lot more non-electoral services too. Hence as a citizen of India and a resident of Andhra Pradesh you must appreciate and make full use of this amazing revolutionary step by the government, so that there is hope for many such developments to take place in the future and we have many stories to listen and share about the accomplishments of the government we chose, rather than the stories of corruption and wrong-doings.

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  1. i submitted voter Id application of myself and my husband Sreenivasan Sankaranarayanan to the staff on duty at old municipal office Kapra in the middle of November 2013. However no acknowledgement was given even after asking. They told me that I will get information on email and also on my mobile. this time we want to vote at any cost. Kindly help us by sending voter Id card immediately. I do not know what to do next. please help. my mobile no.9441880330


  1. […] Mee-Seva Kendras or E-Seva Centers are the next-gen and highly convenient voter facilitation centers in Andhra Pradesh. These centers help the Andhra citizens to become registered voters and get their voter id cards in the least possible time frames. These centers basically function in a very organized and computerized way. Any voter who wishes to obtain an EPIC in Andhra could visit the nearest Mee-Seva center and get his/her name e-registered. Upon e-registration, the staff official would verify the voter’s identity and after completion of all these procedures, the voter would receive the electronic version of the voter identity card in much less time as compared to the normal issuance procedures. The voters in Andhra could also seek help from these Mee-Seva Kendras for paying bills, issuing driving licenses, ration cards, etc. List of all these Mee-Seva Kendras could be found on the CEO Andhra Pradesh website. Here is the link from ceoandhra.nic where you can find your nearest Mee-Seva center: -http://ceoandhra.nic.in/E_Seva_Centres/ESeva_Centers_18102012.pdf […]

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