What are Voter ID Cards?

In the wake of trying to find answers to difficult questions, the most basic questions go unanswered like what are Voter ID Cards? This post will be dedicated completely to explaining to you from where the Voter ID’s come from, what is their purpose and other such fundamental questions. What are Voter ID Cards? The Voter ID Card or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is issued by the Election Commission of India with the main purpose of serving as a common age proof, Identity proof and … [Read more...]

Check Voter ID Status by Name

India is a democratic nation. It is a republic, where people elect their leader to form and lead the government for a period of 5 years. The whole process of electing a representative is called Election. Only Indian citizens are allowed to cast their vote and become a part of selecting a leader for their State or Country. To become a part of this process of voting, one need to be registered as a Voter and have a Voter ID Card with them, which is issued to every Indian Citizen of over 18 years … [Read more...]

How to get Voter Card Bihar?

As the Election season is about to come in Bihar, many of the responsible citizens who are willing to vote and want to bring change in a Bihar are buckling up to register themselves in the voters list and get a Voter card Bihar for voting. Voter ID card not only allows you to vote but also serves as an essential ID or proof of a legal Indian Citizen. There is always some confusion in minds of many citizens as how to register themselves in voters list, where to go, what to do and how to … [Read more...]

How do Election Officers Conduct Voter ID Card Verification?

The distribution of the voting cards should be carried out with utter precision because any loopholes in such a distribution could render the malpractice of bogus voting more widespread. For this reason, newly applying voters are duly verified before their names are included in the voters' lists and before they are issued the election commission identity cards(voting cards). Hence, in this article we discuss about the way in which the voter id card verification is carried out by the BLOs(Booth … [Read more...]

How can NRIs get ID Card to Vote During Elections?

It is not new that there are many non-residential Indians working in various countries across the world. Some are working for decades while few have just ventured out for study-cum-work option. In any case, there are many NRIs who... 1). Hold only one citizenship – Indian citizenship 2). Want to vote in India or possess an ID card to vote 3). Have a valid passport with an Indian address 4). Have a suitable authority to certify the place of residence in the foreign land 5). Have no … [Read more...]

Simple ways to know the status of your Voter ID Card application

The importance of voter card was acknowledged way back in 80s when the Election Commission of India (ECI) made it mandatory for all voters to possess a voter ID card. Earlier, the card did not have a photo of the holder. However, today all the Voter ID Cards have a photo of the voter and that is the reason why an Election Card can also be used as a valid photo identity proof. Importance of a Voter Card in India Voter card is one of the essential documents of proof that can allow an eligible … [Read more...]