Search your name in Voter List Bihar

Voter list Bihar has officially been updated by the CEO of Bihar state for the year 2015, latest online. All voters can now check their name in the online pdf format document links. These have been uploaded by the State election Commission Bihar. These pdf electoral rolls of Bihar state are easily available and can be accessed from anywhere. In the latest voters list 2015, the SMS facility has also been updated. This has made searching name in electoral roll, extremely convenient for the voters. … [Read more...]

Nearly 25 Lac First Time Voter in Bihar Election 2015

Bihar Election is to witness approximately 12% first time voters in the age group of 18 – 19 years, out of the under 30 voters. The under 30 electorate for the Bihar polls 2015, has been counted to be 2,05,70,308. The younger lot of voters is definitely something to lookout for. According to a survey report the under 30 voters are about 31% of the electorate of Bihar, which works up to eighty five thousand voters, under the 243 assembly seats. This is many – fold the average win margin, which … [Read more...]

Bihar Assembly Election – First round poll sees 57% Turnout

The Bihar assembly election is to be held in five-phases in October–November 2015 as the tenure of the current Legislative Assembly of Bihar ends on November 29, 2015. Phase I was conducted on October 12, 2015. To find out more about Bihar assembly election, click on this link. Phase I - Bihar Assembly Election Around 57 percent of the 13.5 million electorate voted on Monday, October 12, 2015 in 49 of the 243 constituencies in the first round of battle for political power in Bihar … [Read more...]

Ambitious Allies Hurting BJP’s Plan of Winning Bihar Assembly Election

Bihar Assembly election is round the corner as they are to take place at some time in October – November, the situation has become quiet wearisome for the parties in strife. Ambitious Allies Hurting BJP's Plan of Winning Bihar Assembly Election? The old allies of BJP which are JDU and RJD have combined in order to safeguard their stronghold in Bihar. Also, with days to go before the Vidhan Sabha elections, Congress jumped in as another ally to prevent BJP's blitzkrieg. At present, BJP is … [Read more...]

Election Commission of Bihar: Importance, Role and Duties

Popularly known and addressed as the centre of learning, power and culture in ancient India, Bihar until 1912, in British India was a part of the Bengal Presidency. It was reorganized in 1935, to form another province, now known as the state of Orissa. The Election Commission of Bihar is authorized to maintain and supervise electoral processes within the Indian state of Bihar. The commission is overseen by the State Election Commissioner. The Secretary also deputized as the Chief Electoral … [Read more...]

10 Things you need to know about Bihar Election

There is already a lot of heat not only among the different political parties to win this Bihar Election battle, but also among some new young and already existing voters to cast their precious vote to the right one for the revival of Bihar. With all the politics, word war and different allegations over each other are going on, it is almost impossible for a common man like us to decide who is right and who is wrong. To help all our readers and voters of Bihar to get a fair idea of the … [Read more...]