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Here’s A List Of State-wise Election Dates For Lok Sabha Elections 2019

The Election Commission has announced that the 17th Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases starting from April 11, followed by the counting of votes on May 23. The elections will be held for 543 seats across nearly 10 lakh polling booths in the country with the number of voters to reach to almost 90 crores. These assembly elections will be held in 4 states i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Odisha. The primary parties in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are … [Read more...]

How do I check my Voter Status in Voter List 2017 before UP Election?

The very essence of modern democracy is the collective congregation of citizens of a nation participating in voting to choose able leaders to run the country. In India, Lok Sabha, Assembly and Municipal elections are held on a periodic basis. It  gives eligible citizens, that are above 18 years of age, a chance to choose their representatives. Conducting elections can be a daunting task given the size and number of people. To alleviate problems, the Government of India came up with Voter ID … [Read more...]

I changed my Hostel – How to get Change of Address in Voter ID Card?

Voter ID Card is issued by the Election Commission of India to any citizen of 18 years of age and above to serve as identity proof for casting a vote. Since this age group might not necessarily be working, and can also be students who live away from home. The question is whether they can make Change of Address in Voter ID Card if they change their hostel or place where they have been staying before? Well, the answer is…. YES! Change of Address in Voter ID Card as I changed my Hostel: If … [Read more...]

What is Part Number of Electoral Roll?

The part number of electoral roll represents the constituency the voter belongs to. For example, the part number of the electoral roll in Darjeeling of Kankiabong Primary School is 18 according to the official website of CEO West Bengal.  The part number of the electoral roll is hence a representation of the area you reside in. How to Find The Part Number of Electoral Roll? There are basically two methods that help you deal with this situation. If you want to know the part number of … [Read more...]

How and Why is Election Commissioner of India Appointed?

One of the most important features of a democratic polity is Elections. India is world's largest democracy and unlike constitutional monarchy and dictatorship, the head of the state and important offices in the state are not inherited but elected either directly or indirectly by the people of the country. To ensure the observance of  impartial and just elections in India, the Election Commission of India was set up which is headed by the Election Commissioner of India. In this article, we will … [Read more...]

Did you Search Electoral Roll Online to Ensure your Name in the Voters List?

Searching your name in the electoral roll can be a tedious task if you do not know easy ways to search the roll for your name. Want to know the simplest ways to ensure your name is present or search electoral roll? Find answers to all your queries related to online search of electoral roll in this article. An electoral roll is a list of all voters of a constituency who have a verified voter ID card. You need to hold a verified voter ID card to have name in the electoral roll of your state … [Read more...]