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People in Tamil Nadu get the opportunity to ascend the men of their soil to political power during Lok Sabha Elections and Assembly Elections conducted by the Election Commission Of India. Tamil Nadu engulfs 234 assembly constituencies and 39 Lok Sabha Constituencies.

Lok Sabha Elections help to elect the Members of Parliament and Assembly Elections select the Members Of Legislative Assembly. Both these elections occur only once in 5 years and people get to elect the leaders of their choice in a wish to have a prosperous life and to further stabilize the growth of the nation. Voting system is usually carried out and people of 18 and above have the eligibility to vote.

Tamil Nadu state Election Commission is also vested powers to conduct elections to select members of Municipalities, Corporation and other local bodies which also occurs once in 5 years. This Commission is more commonly known as the office of CEO Tamil Nadu.

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Recognized Tamil Nadu Political Parties:

  1. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam( All India Anna Dravidian Progress Federation, AIADMK)
  2. Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (National Progressive Dravidian Federation, DMDK))
  3. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (Dravidian Progress Federation, DMK)

CEO Tamil Nadu- Complete Guide for the Voters

Complete information about voter registration in Tamil Nadu by the means of CEO Tamil Nadu

The usual expansion that strikes on hearing the abbreviation CEO Tamil Nadu is The Chief Executive Officer Tamil Nadu, but it also has the other facet. In government terms, it usually stands for the Chief Electoral Officer.

Chief Electoral Officer’s involvement in the political administration comes to light during the announcement of elections.

Once the election date is announced, it becomes a prerequisite for every Chief Electoral Officer of the state to prepare the Electoral Roll (A list which contains the names of Indian Citizens qualified to vote) with proper modifications. CEO holds meeting with the political parties to hear their concerns and also promulgates holiday during the date of Election. He also ensures the accessibility of material resources rubber stamps, ink, Electronic voting machines before the commencement of elections. The finance related issues are in the control of CEO of every state.

Moreover, during the day of Election in Tamil Nadu and in all the other states too, it is mandatory to maintain law and order in the polling area. Like in other states, CEO Tamil Nadu also sends the required security forces to threat zones after acquiring the approval from the Election Commission of India in order to avoid public disobedience. The CEO also makes sure whether the Complaint cell and Helpline are properly operating across the state. It is a duty of the CEO to ward off the dominance of the political parties during election.

The scheduled time of election and the official reports are sent to the Election Commission of India at 1 P.M and 7 P.M on the polling day by the CEO Tamil Nadu. This work is also performed at 7 A.M the following day. The CEO also has the power of conducting re-elections once the Election Commission of India accepts his request. The CEO sends the application for reelection based on the reports issued by his scrutiny team or the returning officer.

Then comes the biggest challenge for CEO Tamil Nadu after the election gets over which is the counting of votes. The CEO announces the date, place and time of counting and also should check the manpower available for counting. Thus CEO’s role is inevitable right from the commencement of elections to the announcement of the results of the elections.

During the non-election period, the CEO Tamil Nadu takes care of the management of the process of preparation, revision, correction, transposition and deletion of the candidate in the Electoral roll.

The Man Behind CEO Tamil Nadu- Dr. Saxena

Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu. Sandeep Saxena

The CEO Tamil Nadu is of course administered by its parent authority which is the Election Commission of India, but still, the proper functioning of the office is ensured only by the top man at the office of the CEO. Dr. Sandeep Saxena who is a retired IAS officer is currently the CEO Tamil Nadu i.e the Chief Electoral Officer. This means, Dr. Saxena currently leads the team of the CEO Tamil Nadu. In the past, he has served as the Agricultural Production Commissioner and Principal Secretary to Government in Agricultural Department.

Dr. Saxena had his post graduation in water resources engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Ph.D in vulnerability assessment in Anna University. From January 2004 to September 2005, he served as a collector in Damoh.

He took charge from 30th October 2014. He is also nominated as the Principal Secretary to Government, Public Elections Department.

how to contact the CEO Tamil Nadu i.e Dr. Saxena

The Whole Team of CEO Tamil Nadu Officials

Within the office of the CEO Tamil Nadu, Dr. Sandeep Saxena is assisted by a team of meticulous bureaucrats to accomplish the tasks that any state CEO office is obligated to perform. He is assisted by 2 Joint/Deputy Chief Electoral Officers and Joint/Deputy Secretary who has further control over 2 Assistant Chief Electoral Officer and Under Secretary. Generally 6 Section Officers help the authorities above them but during elections 2 or 3 Section Officers would be appointed temporarily. Each Section officer has 2 Assistant Section Officers working under them.

Below is the order of precedence of power demonstrated in the shape of a pyramid:

the hierarchy of the ceo tamil nadu team


Contact details of the CEO Tamil Nadu team:

Office Address : Public Elections Department,

The Secretariat,

Chennai-600 009.


S.NO Name Designation Phone number (Office) Phone number(Residence) Private Automated Branch exchange Fax
1 Thiru. Ajay Yadav Joint Chief Electoral Officer/Deputy Secretary 044-2567 4185 044-23794567
2 Thiru.A. Sivagnanam Joint Chief Electoral Officer 044-2567 2396
3 ThiruC. Sasikumar Deputy Chief Electoral Officerand Deputy Secretary 044-2567 4019 044-26171158 5633 044-2567 0989
4 Thiru.C.Pitchaimani Under Secretary 044-2567 8764 5056
5 Thiru M R Ekambaram Under Secretary 044-2567 8764 5622
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Hierarchy of Election Commission of India

Just like the CEO leads the state Election Commission, the National Election Commission of India also needs capable leadership. The Election Commission is headed by the Election Commissioner by Harishankar Brahma, a retired I.A.S officer of 1975 batch from the Andhra Pradesh cadre. The secretariat of Election Commission of India is in New Delhi with nearly 300 officials in it. There are two/three Deputy Election Commissioners and Director Generals working under him selected by the National Civil service. They are further assisted by Directors, Principal secretaries, Secretaries, Under Secretaries and Deputy Directors work under them. The work is categorized as division, branches, and sections.

different sections of the CEO tamil nadu

At the state level, CEO Tamil Nadu and other states take in charge who is appointed for the Indian Administrative service. At the district level District Electoral officers, Electoral Registration officers, Assistant Electoral Registration officers, Returning officers and Assistant Returning officers and there are other officials appointed to serve as Personal Assistant to the collectors, Polling and Presiding officers to look over the elections

The District Level officers are usually the Collectors or District magistrates, while Electoral Registration officers and Assistant Electoral Registration Officers are the Sub-Divisional District Magistrates.

The District Electoral officers, Electoral Registration officers and Assistant Electoral Registration officers are responsible for preparing and managing the Electoral Rolls; Electoral Registration Officers and Assistant Electoral Registration Officers are responsible for the proper conduct of elections.

When Does One Need to Contact the CEO Tamil Nadu?

You can contact the Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Officer or the District Electoral officer to get the application forms and for submission of these forms. If you face some problems or doubts regarding the filling and submission of forms, the delay of getting the voter ID card or the improper response of the officials in the office, you can make a complaint to them.

Click on the link to find the Electoral Registration Officers and Assistant Electoral Registration Officers of your area→http://elections.tn.gov.in/

In case any of your grievances are not responded properly and if you find your time getting wasted, start making those complaints to the Chief Electoral Officer of your state.

Even at the time of elections, if someone starts bribing you with money, liquor or any other things of that sort, the Chief Electoral Officer has made provisions to receive such complaints. Go to the Complaint cell and make a complaint. Even if there is the prevalence of rowdies causing nuisance in the polling stations and abating the presence of peaceful polling, make a complaint.

Before elections, it is well known that the political parties engage in the campaign to get the votes. During those times, if their campaign exceeds the time limit,don’t hesitate. Immediately complaint to the Chief Electoral Office.

CEO Tamil Nadu Voter ID card-The Identity

how to get ceo tamil nadu voter id card

The voter ID card is one of the prerequisites to prove the nationality of an Indian citizen. It helps to cast the vote during elections, thus enabling to exercise the power bestowed by democracy. It is issued by the Election Commission of India through Electoral Registration Officer and it is free of cost if applied for the first time. As per the voter’s list article 326 of the constitution and Sec.19 of R. P. Act, 1950, the minimum age requirement for voting is 18 years. 18 years should have been completed in the 1st of January.

The voter must get enrolled to exercise his fundamental right. It is the duty of each citizen to fulfill the prerogative.

There are various forms available to be filled to regulate the norms for voter ID card and for addition of details related to deletion, correction and inclusion in the Electoral Roll.

  • Form 001C -To get duplicate/replacement Electors Photo Identity card/Voter ID card.
  • Form 6- To include name on the Electoral roll.
  • Form 6A- To include NRI names on the Electoral roll.
  • Form 7-To delete the name in the Electoral roll.
  • Form 8-To correct the data in the Electoral roll.
  • Form 8A-To transpose the entry in the Electoral roll.

Eligibility criteria for applying for CEO Tamil Nadu Voter ID Card

  • Form 6 – People getting shifted to a constituency where they have already registered or a new user.
  • Form 6A – Indian citizen residing in a foreign country who has not applied for foreign Citizenship.
  • Form 7 A person whose name is already included in the electoral roll or proposed to be included in the Electoral Roll.
  • Form 8 – A person whose name is already present in the electoral roll.
  • Form 8A- A person’s name on the electoral roll.

You can download all the above-mentioned forms on the CEO Tamil Nadu website. In case you belong to another state, you can find your state’s CEO website from this link: – http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Links.aspx

Essential Factors to remember

  • It is the duty of each citizen to get enrolled.
  • Enrollment can be done in the offline as well as through online.
  • During Revision period, forms can be registered at polling station locations, offices of the Electoral Registration officer and with an Assistant Electoral Registration officer of the constituency.
  • During non-revision period, registration can be done only with the help of an Electoral Registration officer.
  • The voter should not perform bogus voting.
  • During the registration in offline mode, make sure to bring the required identification proofs. Below is the list of documents taken in consideration in the Electoral office.

Age proof Documents:

  1. School leaving certificate
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Declaration by parents.
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Address proof documents:

  1. Family ration card.
  2. Driving License.
  3. Latest Landline Telephone Bill.
  4. Latest Gas cylinder Bill.
  5. Passport
  6. Bank/Post office passbook
  • Even if the voter ID card is in the hands of a citizen, one cannot simply go to the polling booths to cast a vote unless his name appears on the electoral roll.
  • The possession of valid photo identity proof document and the name in the electoral roll enables one to get involved in the voting process even if the Voter ID card is unavailable.
  • It is mandatory to bring the voter ID card during election if it has been given.
  • The voter ID card is valid for all constituencies. It is not necessary to apply for a change of address on a voter ID card even when the shift is from state to state.
  • However procedures are available to vote in the new constituency and one has to abide the appropriate procedures to accomplish the fundamental right to vote.

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Apply for the Voter ID card

If you are living in Tamil Nadu as a regular citizen, CEO Tamil Nadu entitles you for voter registration in the state. Form 6 is used to enroll your name in the electoral roll as well as to get a Voter ID card. This form is also needed to be filled if you shift to a new place within Tamil Nadu or somewhere within the country.

Online procedure

  • Open the site http://elections.tn.gov.in/
  • Click the Online registration facility and select form 6.
  • It asks you whether you have already registered in a place.
  • If you are applying for the first time, select No,the form 6 appears before you.
  • The fields to be filled are both in English and Tamil to afford the comfortability of the people.
  1. Type your name, date of birth, Address, Phone number, Email Id and upload a photo of size not exceeding 350 kB.
  2. No need to enter the details of the Electors photo Identity card and the date of issue of Identity card or where you have already enrolled.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. Now it tells you to confirm the Email sent to your mail ID.
  5. The email gives you three options:Confirmation,Modification and Deletion.
  6. Confirmation sends your application to District Electoral Officers.
  7. Modification helps you to modify your form and later you can press confirm to forward it to District Electoral Officer.
  8. Deletion deletes the details of your form.
  9. An officer will be on your doorstep for verification after a few days of confirmation of the mail
  10. He will get your signature.
  • Select yes if already registered in a place.
  1. It again asks you whether you know your EPIC number or not.
  2. If you know,click yes and type your EPIC number in the field that appears.
  3. Click Submit button.
  4. Your details get displayed on the screen and click your EPIC card number.
  5. It will take to form 6. Enter your name, date of birth, address and upload a photo of size not exceeding 350 kb and type the date of issue of the voter ID card.
  1. Click Submit button.
  2. After submission of the application,an email will be sent to you.
  3. The email gives you three options: Confirmation, Modification and Deletion.
  4. Confirmation sends your application to District Electoral Officers.
  5. Modification helps you to modify your form and later you can press confirm to forward it to
  6. District Electoral Officer.
  7. Deletion option deletes the details of your form.
  8. After confirmation of the mail,an officer will come to your address for verification and receive your signature.
  • Select No if you have no idea about it.
  1. A page is displayed asking your name, Assembly constituency, District, Father’s, Mother’s or Husband’s name.
  1. Click search after entering the information.
  2. Now your name is displayed along with the EPIC card number.
  3. Click the EPIC card number and form 6 is now played.
  4. Type the details like your name, date of birth, address and upload a photo of size not exceeding 350 kb and enter the date of issue of your EPIC card.
  1. Click the submit button and check your mail.
  2. The email gives you three options:Confirmation, Modification and Deletion.
  3. Confirmation sends your application to District Electoral Officers.
  4. Modification helps you to modify your form and later you can press confirm to forward it to

District Electoral Officer.

  1. Deletion option deletes the details of your form.
  2. After submission, an officer will come to your address for authentication and receives your signature.

Offline procedure

It is required to know the location of the Electoral office in the assembly constituency which can be obtained from the website http://elections.tn.gov.in/

The form 6 can be downloaded from the site http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/ under the download forms by scrolling down the page or select the tab Electoral rolls→Downloadable forms and Select form 6 either in English or Tamil to download. Or else the form could be directly filled in the electoral office.

Write your name, age, sex, Place of Birth and Date of Birth, Address and have a photocopy of size 3.5cmx3.5cm. Don’t forget to write your Electors photo Identity card number, Date of Issue of the card if already registered.

If you are a new user, don’t forget to take your documents of address proof (one is enough) and age proof (one is enough). If you aren’t then any one of the address proof documents is enough.

After submission, an officer will come to your address for authentication and receives your signature.
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Tracking the status of CEO Tamil Nadu Voter ID card

  • Go to the web page http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/.
  • On the top of the page,click the link-Track your Application.
  • A new screen now opens asking for the 10 digit Application Number.
  • Type the number in the screen and click on the track button.
  • The status of your application is now revealed.

Search your Name in the CEO Tamil Nadu Voters List

  • Open the page http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/.
  • Select Search Electoral rolls under the home tab.Otherwise, scroll down the page and select Search your name under Search tab.
  • A new page appears with options like Search your name with EPIC number and Search Electoral rolls in Tamil. Select either of the choices.
  1. Selection of Search your name with EPIC number:
  1. Type the EPIC card number in the box that is displayed after clicking the link.
  2. Select the submit button.
  1. Selection of Search Electoral rolls in Tamil:

1.It again gives you two options:Search Electoral Rolls in English and Search Electoral Rolls in Tamil.

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2.You can enter the Electoral Photo Id card number and click on search.

3.Or else give details like district,Assembly constituency,Name and Relation Name

and then select search.

Note: Before entering the name and relation name,give information regarding the district.
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To get a duplicate/replacement voter ID card

The need of getting a duplicate voter ID card will arise when it is lost. Don’t get panic. The Government has made provisions to issue a duplicate one. Around 15 rupees has to be paid in the EPIC centre to get a new EPIC card. 2 passport size photographs (one should be signed and other should not be) should be taken to the EPIC centre. The duplicate ID card will have the word duplicate in it. Steps to be followed while registering for a new card:

  • Go to the website http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/ and select Electoral Rolls tab→Downloadable forms.
  • Select the form 001C and download it.otherwise get the form directly in the electoral office.
  • Go to the electoral office in your assembly constituency.
  • Fill the form 001C to apply for the new voter ID card
  • Submit the application and can also be tracked in the state website.

To get a new voter ID card(even if one exists)

The voter ID card is meant only for identification purpose and there is no need to issue a new one for the change of address. However, some may use this card for obtaining passport and hence in such cases the change of address is inevitable. Only after submitting the old voter ID card to the officials, the new ID card will be provided. Please remember, that owning more than one voter id card is a punishable offense. Therefore, make sure you get your previous one canceled in case you need a new one at a different constituency. For starters, you would need 2 passport size photographs

  • The electoral office in your constituency provides the form 001C. Otherwise go to the website http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/ and click on the Electoral Rolls tab→Downloadable forms.Select the form 001C to download it.
  • Fill the form and track your application on the website.

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To make corrections in the CEO Tamil Nadu Voter ID card:

At times, there might be a need to make corrections in the CEO Tamil Nadu Voter ID card. In such cases, it is necessary to fill the form 8 and form 001c to make those changes.Usually a fee of 15 rupees has to paid , if you have a poor quality photo in your EPIC card or if you had lost it, to get a duplicate or replacement card. But in certain cases there isn’t need to pay money to get your corrected voter ID card.

The EPIC card will be issued free of cost if it has the flaws mentioned below:

  1. Wrong photo
  2. Incorrect name of Elector
  3. Incorrect relation type
  4. Incorrect age
  5. Wrong address
  6. Wrong sex
  7. Incorrect or incomplete address

Online procedure

  1. Open the website http://elections.tn.gov.in

2. Click the online registration form.

3. Select form 8

4. Enter your Electors photo Identity card number.

5. The form 8 now appears in both English and Tamil

6. Enter your name, Address, Age, sex, Date of Birth, Father’s/mother’s/Husband’s name, Address, Assembly constituency, Email, Phone number and upload a photo of size not exceeding 350 kB.

7. Likewise fill the required details and press the submit button.

8. Go the local Electoral office of your area and fill the form 001C.

9. Submit the form 001C to get the corrected EPIC card.

10. The new EPIC card will be the same as the old one with corrections.

11. Return the incorrect voter ID card to get the new one.

Offline procedure

1. Go to the electoral constituency of your area to get form 8 and form 001C or download the form 8 from the website http://elections.tn.gov.in/ by selecting the Electroral rolls tab→Downloadable forms and select form 8 and form 001C.

2. Fill the forms and submit in the Electoral office.

Election Commission of India-website:

Form 6, Form 6A, Form 7, Form 8, Form 8A can be registered online and downloaded through the official website of the Election Commission of India.http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/default.aspx .The site can also be used to make complaints if you face any problems related to the Elections and the formal documents required for Elections.

New User Registration

1.Click the New User Registration.

2.A Page appears asking your Mobile Number and Email ID.

3.Click Register button.

4.Then a mobile verification code is sent to your mobile.

5.Type the code and press the verify button.

6.Give information regarding your name, age, Gender, Address, City, State and password for your profile.

7.Press the Submit button.

8.You can either save or press the button Go back to edit.

9.Press the Application tab on the top of the window and select any one of the required forms.

Existing User

1. Click the Existing user.

2. Login with the username/Password.

3. Click the Application tab and download the application forms.
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To make a complaint in the website

1. Login the website http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/default.aspx.

2. Click the complaints tab.

3. Choose Register a complaint option.

4. Select your State, District and Assembly Constituency from the drop down list.

5. Select the subject provided in the drop down list.

6. Briefly describe your complaint and click Proceed.
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  1. This is SR.VENKATESH from Coimbatore, Kaundampalayam constituency. (117 No) I applied for voters ID card. Till date I have not yet received . All my neighbours have received the card. Kindly guide me how to get my card and my wife card. Whom should approach for this ? Can I have the contact number of that respective person?

    I contacted the helpline number 1950. But it is not working. When I dialled no 4 the call is in not being completed. Kindly help me to get me the card.

  2. I have applied for voter id .. i want to check my status of my application but i have lost my application number help me to track my application status

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