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How to Feed Your Aadhar Number on CEOAndhra Website?

The latest venture by the Election Commission of India is the bid to link all the Aadhar Cards to their corresponding voter id cards. This drive is really important to put on a leash on the increasing number of fake voter id cards and bogus voters, both of which work together to sabotage the Indian dream of completely 'Free and Fair' Election. Therefore, in this guide we instruct our readers and voters from Andhra Pradesh on how to feed Aadhar number on CEOAndhra website which is the official … [Read more...]

CEO Andhra Pradesh – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Before we talk about the CEO Andhra Pradesh ( CEO AP ), let us take an interesting detour and find out more about the intriguing state, AP. The third largest state, Andhra Pradesh encompasses 20 districts, was formed on 1st November, 1965 by Jawaharlal Nehru. Later three districts were added to it by Prakasam, Ranga Reddy and Vizianagaram in the years 1970,1978 and 1979. However the state was recently split into as Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to the agitation of the people. Now Andhra … [Read more...]

Detailed Guide To CEO Andhra

Andhra Pradesh is the 8th largest state of India with a population of around 5 crore. Home to the historical landmark called Char Minar and to a very popular Telugu film industry, Andhra is a culturally and historically significant part of India. Located on the south-eastern coast, this state has a fair share of electoral and political importance. Voting plays a major role in the formation of our democratic government. People of India elect a government of their choice by voting every five … [Read more...]

Check Your Voter ID Card Status on Ceoandhra.nic.in

Andhra Pradesh recently witnessed some major geographical and political transformations in the face of the separation of Telangana as a different state from AP. Apart from this major change in the social landscape of the state, the democratic politics of Andhra Pradesh has always seen the active participation of the citizens. Huge voter turn-outs and election of worthy candidates have only proven this fact well. So a year-round schedule of by-elections, assembly elections, general elections, … [Read more...]

How Does Election Commission helps In Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh?

India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world where there are 29 states. Every five years General Elections are held for the Lok Sabha where the electorates vote for their representatives throughout India. Lok Sabha Elections is a major milestone in the history and development of India but whether General Elections or Assembly elections, the state's Chief Electoral Office oversees the elections that take place in that particular State.  Election Commission Of Andhra Pradesh The … [Read more...]

How to Apply on CEO Andhra Website for new Voter ID Card?

Andhra Pradesh has always been a vast and culturally prosperous state of India. Recently Telangana was carved out as a separate of state owing to a situation of better administration by the previous UPA government. Voters in Andhra Pradesh are always enthusiastic about the idea of electing representatives and therefore the Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh and his office is committed towards their betterment and keep on taking steps to ensure smooth registration of voters in large … [Read more...]