Voter ID Search Online – Here’s how to Search Voter ID Card Online

Yes, Voter ID Search Online is possible and very easy. Here is a simple guide which anyone can use and follow. Beautifully explained and easy to follow.

It is essential for voters to have their names listed in the electoral roll so that they can cast their votes during elections. Often, people who had their names listed in the voter list found that their names were missing when they went to the polling booth on the day of the elections or in other other words even after having a valid voter ID, they were not able to vote. The unfortunate consequence was inevitable. They returned back to their homes without exercising their franchise.

Today nevertheless, such situations can be averted only if you conduct a voter ID search online with just few clicks of your mouse. As most of the operations are web-enabled, it is easier for the Election Commission of India (ECI) to manage elections in India with ease and address issues regarding voter card registration – How Effective and Easy is Voter ID Registration?

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Need For Voter ID Search

Apart from knowing whether your name is still there in the voter’s list, there are other reasons too why voters need to search their voter ID through the internet. For instance:

  • An updated electors’ photo identity card (EPIC) is a special ID card that identifies a genuine voter from those who are not.  
  • An election card showing your change of residence allows you to open a bank account with a government recognized bank, buy or rent an apartment.
  • One can apply for a passport; get other forms of ID card, such as PAN card, etc.

…When your voter ID card is not updated, you cannot avail the above mentioned services. You may also be forfeited from getting many other services offered to people having a valid voter card.

You can also find out the status of your card  – How to check the status of your Voter ID online.

Why get hassled by visiting Election Registration Officer (ERO) office and wait for your turn to get your query clarified. In a jiffy, your answers will be clarified by searching the voter ID card on the web.

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Here is how you can conduct a quick Voter ID Search Online – Click Here

Effectively Conducting Voter ID Search

After every few weeks, the additions or corrections in the voter ID are completed and these updates are reflected in the voter list. To search for your electorate cards and check the voter list, you should perform the following steps:

  • Visit the state’s Chief Election Commission website.
  • Click on Search your Name link.
  • Select District from the drop down menu.
  • Select Constituency from the drop down menu.
  • Specify your Name and House Number.
  • Click Submit button.

You will be able to see the information regarding your voter ID.

Should you do an Online Registration or Application of Voter ID Card?

Success of Voter ID Search Online

Online voter card search is possible for all 35 states and union territories. You need to visit the right link or submit an SMS to get the details. Many users however are not that happy with the online search option for some websites. The website is slow and often erroneous results are published. When entering data online, there are often typo errors.

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Nevertheless, the situation is not that grave. The ECI and the State Election Commissioners (SEC) along with various officers working under them are streamlining the entire process.

In a nutshell, online processing of data on voters list and voter’s ID card is quite the in thing now. You would surely find your updated card information from the corresponding website quickly and accurately.

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  1. I applied for transfer of my address as
    Rajarshi Pandit.
    c/o sonali Paul .Rabindra Nagar .Rabindra Sarani .
    and appeared called for a hearing dated 16/10/2017
    ackwn.letter no.09.
    Receipt No.26/183 dated
    12/09/2017.But on voter
    list my name is missing,
    pl.help me cont no.
    (contact number redacted)

  2. Please helep me 1996 year votar list PDF SEND PLEASE WEST BANGLE MURSHIDABAD Raghunathganj2 what number5


  4. hello sir/mam,
    I am from uttarakhand. I want change my voter ID card as it is 6-7 year old and it is not in good condition.The text written on it is not clearly visible.
    how can I apply or change the voter ID card?

  5. Dear sir,
    I fillup form for correction my Application Statuse number is -0146b1182dsbfb75 but showing under processing till 10 month plz sugest what I do my mobile 7575038066

  6. DEAR SIR,
    APPLICATION NO:S11108040002016010915
    AND S11108040002016010919

  7. see we had applied already yet we did’nt received boot slip and voter id we will give u the number of application receipt no:c15 331663,c15 331665,c15 331664

  8. i fill my form 1 month ago. the status is still showing application under process i want to know how much time it will take?

  9. My voter ID Card No XBG2013183 SO FOR I have not received How I will get voter Id cord Please give me suggestion.

  10. Hi sir
    My id card no. Wrm0143867
    I apply for the long time when received pls check give him confirmation.

  11. i think.. i might have misplaced my voters id somewhere and now i cant find it…
    i am thinking of getting a card..
    i have been told that.. if i apply for a duplicate card..
    the word “duplicate” will be mentioned there..
    i still have a photostat of my card where i can see the registration number and voters id number visible..
    is there anyway i could download or get the card somehow..

    • Hi Sharath,

      You can download the Voter ID Slip by following the procedure shown in this post: Click Here

      But to get your Voter ID Card you will have to Apply for a Duplicate one and that is the ONLY option: Click Here to Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card

  12. 158f5f8fb49d40b its a application no which was i recevied in online registration i want to know about my voter id card status

    • Hi Latesh,

      It is extremely simple to check your voter id card status through SMS.Simply send an SMS using your phone and find out the status of your Voter ID application.

      Type: EPIC Your VoterID Application Number

      Send the text to 9211728082

      To do it online you can follow these steps:

        Visit the state CEO’s website. Many tabs will be visible in the online form.
        Click the e-registration link from the tabs above. A series of sub-pages are displayed.
        Click ‘Know your Voter Card status’ link from the sub pages given.
        Choose Application ID radio button if you want to put this number in the text box that appears. You can also select the option to enter Applicant Name, or House number.
        Choose the correct form from the list of forms in the next step.
        Click the Submit button.

        Click on Search your Name link.
        Select District from the drop down menu.
        Select Constituency from the drop down menu.
        Specify your Name and House Number.
        Click Submit button.

  13. SIR,
    My Voter id Registration No.046101540,Registered on line, please give status when the received my voter id card.

    Thank you,
    avanish kumar pandey

  14. Sir I have made a voter Id but i want cofirm that whether it is fake or original,Were shell i check on which web site

  15. I cant find the link to see my voter id card status online over here. Plz if u can provide some help to me

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