What Is A Voter Registration Card?

Voter Registration Card

A voter registration card is an important document acting as a proof of identity and helping an Indian citizen to vote. It is issued by the election commission of India, also known as election card or voter ID card

Applying and realizing the importance of a registration card is the first step towards voting and bringing a change to the society.

Voter Registration In India

The process of voter ID registration can be done either online or offline. The election commission of India has ensured that the voters can easily register themselves for voter ID card.

Those who are keen to get their voter card have two options of registration of voter ID. One option is that they can go to the website of their state election commission and register online or they can simply download the application form, fill it with their own hands and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of their area.

Online Voter Registration Procedure

Online way is although a much preferable way as it has less paper work, hassle free and user-friendly. It is a huge achievement in the process of getting a Voter ID Card. It does not take much effort to apply for registration card online. The prospective voter will simply have to go to the website of state election commission. He/she will have to fill in Form 6. The voter will have to enter all the details that have been asked in the form. Ensure that every detail is correct or else the application will be rejected. He will also have to upload scanned copy of your passport sized photo as well scanned copy of documents required as proof

To get a Registration card online you can follow the detailed steps here:

  • Log on to the official site of your state’s Chief Electoral Officer.
  • Click on option which says Form 6 (also referred to as ‘Application for including name in assembly constituency voters list)
  • Enter your name, email ID and mobile number. A unique login number and password will be allotted to you.
  • Log on with the unique login number and password you have been provided.
  • Click on Form 6 online.
  • Fill the form completely and accurately.
  • Attach a passport-size color photograph.
  • Click the “Submit” button.
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Your online application for electoral card is done. However, documents needed for approval must be hard copies that must be submitted at your voters’ facilitation center. The documents include copies of address and identity proof. Once the verification is done, your task for applying voter card is over.

Voter Registration Application Forms India

To register for a voter ID card one must have documents, such as school certificate for age proof and ration card for address proof. You may also show your electricity bills or rent bills for address proof. A married woman must show the marriage certificate in order to change the place of residence and name in Voter ID Card. Her husband’s voter ID card must also be furnished.

Once you have correctly submitted the required form with all the necessary documents attached to it, you will be given voter registration ID number. Keep this number handy to know the status of your voter ID online. Here is the complete list of different coter registration application forms issued by Election Commission of India.

Form 6

This form is for issuance of a new Voter ID Card – in other words a fresher or those who have not applied for a voter card earlier. The applicant must provide proof of residence, age, and certify the number of members in the family he or she is living. Those who attain the age of 18 years need to apply for an electoral card through this form.

Form 8

This form is needed in case you have a typo error or want to upload your photo. So, basically this form is meant for modifications and subtle changes in the name, address, in your Voter ID Card, etc.

Form 8A

This form is used by those who want a transposition of their name in the electoral roll. Here, except for the address the voter card is valid otherwise. So, to change the address in the same constituency, this form needs to be accessed. The electoral roll is also updated with the change in the voter card.

Form 002

This form is used in case you have lost your voter card or it has got mutilated by accident. An FIR needs to be filed in and a copy of the same along with all the credentials required for form 6 is furnished with the form. A duplicate card is provided to you.

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Form 7

In case you want to object the inclusion of a name in the electoral list, you can submit this form. This is often required for those whose parents die and require cancelling the voter card.

People can simply go to the respective state’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) website to access the forms. Be sure to keep the voter registration ID number with you and refer it if you are looking to check the status of your registration.


voter registration cardVoter List Registration

The voter list registration is the most important thing a voter must do if he/she wants to vote. Even if you have gone through the process of registration of voter ID card online but your name is not in the list of registered voters then you cannot vote.

The list is published as well as revised every year to accommodate any changes that voters might have made in their cards. This list is with the ERO of your area and is used for verification on the day of voting.

If you have already submitted the registration form and are awaiting your voter ID card then you can check the status of your application online as well as offline.

The website of your state election authority offers service of searching your name in the voters list directly on the site. If you are not keen on using internet then you can also send an SMS using your mobile to find the list of registered voters

Checking Voter Registration Card Status

Voter ID registration in India has been streamlined a lot so that applicants can get their cards within 2-to-3 months. In fact, you don’t have to visit the office of the State Electoral Officer in person to know about the voter ID status.

You can visit the ECI’s website to check the voter ID card status online. Applicants can check the status of their electoral card by sending an SMS to the electoral officer or seeking help from a dedicated ECI helpline.

Check The Voter ID Card Status Offline

It is extremely simple to check your voter ID card status through SMS. Simply send an SMS using your phone and find out the status of your Voter ID application.

  • Type: EPIC <Space> Your VoterID Application Number
  • Send the text to 9211728082
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Check the Status of Voter ID Card on Internet

Once the voter ID application form is submitted, you can also find out the status of your ID card. Remember, you will be given an application number once you have successfully submitted your application to the local office or registered your application form online. Here are the steps to know the status of your Voter ID Card.

  • Visit the state CEO’s website. Many tabs will be visible in the online form.
  • Click the e-registration link from the tabs above. A series of sub-pages are displayed.
  • Click ‘Know your Voter Card status’ link from the sub pages given.
  • Choose Application ID radio button if you want to put this number in the text box that appears. You can also select the option to enter Applicant Name, or House number.
  • Choose the correct form from the list of forms in the next step.
  • Click the Submit button.

The voter card status will be correctly shown in front of you. This status is mentioned in the form of a new pop-up window. Make sure that the pop-up option is not blocked by your browser.

Once the voter ID card application form is verified, you will be able to see the voter card number and the E-Seva centre number is provided. These two numbers must be provided to the e-Seva center to get your updated or new voter ID card.

What If I have lost My Voter Registration Card?

Many a times we lose our voter ID card but thanks to the Election Commission Of India it has made the procedure to obtain a new Voter Id card easy.

If you’ve lost your voter Id card you must lodge an FIR with the police in the area where you lost your voter ID card / voter registration card and submit a copy of the FIR along with Form 002, to your Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) or Designated photography Location (DPL) asking for a replacement.

You must also pay a fee of Rs. 25.

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