How Does Election Commission helps In Voter ID Card Andhra Pradesh?

India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world where there are 29 states. Every five years General Elections are held for the Lok Sabha where the electorates vote for their representatives throughout India. Lok Sabha Elections is a major milestone in the history and development of India but whether General Elections or Assembly elections, the state's Chief Electoral Office oversees the elections that take place in that particular State.  Election Commission Of Andhra Pradesh The … [Read more...]

What Is A Voter Registration Card?

Voter Registration Card A voter registration card is an important document acting as a proof of identity and helping an Indian citizen to vote. It is issued by the election commission of India, also known as election card or voter ID card Applying and realizing the importance of a registration card is the first step towards voting and bringing a change to the society. Voter Registration In India The process of voter ID registration can be done either online or offline. The election … [Read more...]

CEO Bihar – A detailed guide on Voter ID Card Bihar

Bihar is India’s third-most populous state after Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Bihar’s history points to its importance as a centre of power, learning and culture in the ancient India. The state is land-locked between humid West Bengal in the east and sub-humid Uttar Pradesh (UP) in the west, bounded by Nepal in the north and Jharkhand in the south. Himalayas in the north significantly influence Bihar’s landforms, climate, hydrology and culture. Bihar has a vast stretch of fertile plain, … [Read more...]

Voter ID Card: Registration, Status Check and Info on Voter ID Card Delhi

Voter ID Card Voter ID Card acts as a proof of identity allows a person to vote and elect a candidate of their choice. It is one of the essential identity proofs for the Indian citizens. A voter id card can be taken by the citizens who are 18 years old or above. The ECI has started the system of Voter ID Card to avoid malpractices such as rigging, cross-voting, and bogus-voting This card is not only important for voting but also otherwise like supposedly you want to open a bank account, you … [Read more...]

How to Quickly and Correctly Apply for Voter ID Online?

A voter ID card is very important today as it helps to identify a person and certify his place of residence. Often, this identity card is needed to get loans, open an account, or apply for passports. Its basic job is however to ensure that the holder can cast his or her vote with ease in India. Elections are held regularly in this democratic country. National leaders as well as state leaders are selected by the people and voted to power. For General Elections, State Assembly elections, … [Read more...]