CEO Uttar Pradesh- Complete Information and Helpdesk

CEOUttarPradesh is part of Uttar Pradesh, the fourth largest state in terms of area and the largest in terms of population is placed at the north of the country. Uttar Pradesh literally translates to ‘Northern Province’ in English. Known for its diverse culture, it was the home to powerful empires of ancient and medieval India including Magadha, Nanda, Maurya , Sunga, Kushan, Gupta, Gurjara, Rashtrakuta,Pala and Mughals. The two great epics of India, Ramayana and Mahabharata, appear to have been inspired by Uttar Pradesh. Also known as the ‘land of Nawabs’ Uttar Pradesh has always been famous for its pomp and grandeur.

CEOUttarPradesh – A part of Election Commission: The Organization responsible for conducting elections in India

In India, the largest democracy of the world, elections help in forming a government that is “of the people, for the people and by the people”.

Elections are the basis of democracy so it’s of utter importance that the elections must be completely fair giving the voters a chance to choose their own leaders. The Election Commission of India is an autonomous, constitutionally established federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes in the Republic of India. It’s the duty of Election Commission to conduct peaceful and fair elections all around the nation.

how to get voter id card and contact the CEO Uttar Pradesh- a complete info guide

The Election Commission of India is one of the only independent bodies in India not under the direct control of the government. It was done to ensure that the ruling party cannot affect it’s working and it can work smoothly without any external interruptions.

The Election Commission of India has a separate secretariat at New Delhi, consisting of about 300 officials, in a hierarchical setup. Two or three Deputy Election Commissioner and Director  General assist the commission and are chosen from the national civil service with tenure. The work is divided in divisions, branches and sections ; the main divisions are Planning , Judicial , Administration , Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral participation, SVEEP, Information Systems , Media and Secretariat coordination.

Fun Fact: A gigantic task force consisting of five million polling personnel combined with civil police forces and the army(few areas) is required to conduct general elections in India. In 2014, India’s general elections costed a whooping 5 billion dollars. Talk about onions becoming expensive!

CEO Uttar Pradesh: Role and duties

As mentioned above with over 2 Hundred million inhabitants; Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in the country as well as the most populous country subdivision in the world (as per 2011 census). For states these huge, elections can be messy so the Election Commission of India appoints a Chief Electoral Officer for each state(Representation of People’s Act 1950 and 1951). The CEO(for example: CEO Uttar Pradesh) oversees the elections in his state and reports only to the Election Commission of India. NO MINISTER OR BUREAUCRAT CAN QUESTION HIS AUTHORITY.That sounds pretty cool, right?

Each state needs its own CEO. The CEO Uttar Pradesh supervises the preparation, maintenance and revision of  the electoral rolls in the state.It is the duty of the Chief Electoral Officer to ensure free and fair elections in the state, such that more percentage of votes are cast. It is the responsibility  of the CEO Uttar Pradesh to enhance communication between the voters of a state and different departments of elections in the state. Most importantly it is the task of the CEO to ensure that no political party has any control with the elections in the state.

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It’s his responsibility to manage the finances of the elections in his state and see to it that no political party overshoots its allotted budget during campaigning prior to the elections.  CEO Uttar Pradesh sends army troops in certain sensitive areas to ensure that the elections are held without any external disruptions and people can vote freely without being scared of anyone.

Know Your CEO Uttar Pradesh

Shri Umesh Sinha is the CEO Uttar Pradesh i.e. Chief Electoral Officer of the state. The outgoing CEO Uttar Pradesh,Shri Anuj Kumar Bishnoi has joined as the director of Bureau of Serious Fraud Investigation at the Centre.Shri Umesh Sinha is a 1986 batch Indian Administrative Service officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre.Every CEO has a lot of responsibilities resting on his/her shoulders.To share the great burden of conducting free and fair elections, a CEO has a whole team of officers and administrators who work in synchronization to achieve the difficult goals. In the following sub-section, we would enlist all the contact details of this competent team  running the CEO Uttar Pradesh office.



Contact Information

It is important for the holders of the voter Id cards in Uttar Pradesh to have the contact details of the concerned dignitaries of the State Election Commission. This would help the concerned voters to address their voting related  grievances in the quickest possible time frame. So below are the contact details of the highest officials of the Office of the CEO Uttar Pradesh.

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Umesh Sinha

CEO Uttar Pradesh

Address:- CEO Uttar Pradesh & Principal Secretary Election Department, Uttar Pradesh, 4th floor, Vikas Bhavan, Janpath Market, Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001

Phone:- 0512-2611226,0522-2611227

Mobile Number:- 9454418101

Fax:- 0522-2614193, 2230073, 2610262

Mr.  Alok Tiwari

Additional CEO Uttar Pradesh & Special Secretary

Address:- CEO Uttar Pradesh & Principal Secretary Election Department, Uttar Pradesh, 4th floor, Vikas Bhavan, Janpath Market, Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001

Phone:- 0512-2202067

Mr. Rama Kant Pandey

Additional CEO Uttar Pradesh & Special Secretary

Address:- CEO Uttar Pradesh & Principal Secretary Election Department, Uttar Pradesh, 4th floor, Vikas Bhavan, Janpath Market, Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001

Phone:- 0512-2202257

Mobile  Number:- 9454449997

CEO Uttar Pradesh Forms for Voters

Voter registration related forms from CEO Uttar Pradesh are certainly the lifeline of the Electoral process. So here is some super concise information about all the forms available for the voters in UP and all the other states, along with the functions they perform and the links from where they could be downloaded.

Form 6  Application for  inclusion ofname in electoral roll and change of address.

Form 6A Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an overseas elector.


Form 7 Application for objection to inclusion of name in the electoral roll.

Form 8 Application for objection to particulars entered in electoral roll.

Form 8A Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll

Form 001 Application for Duplicate Elector’s Photo Identity Card

Form 18 Hindi Claim for Inclusion of Name in the Electoral Roll for Graduates’ Constituency.

Form 18 English Claim for Inclusion of Name in the Electoral Roll for Graduates’ Constituency.

Form 19 Hindi Claim for Inclusion of Name in the Electoral Roll for Teachers’ Constituency.

Form 19 English Claim for Inclusion of Name in the Electoral Roll for Teachers’ Constituency.

How to Apply for a new CEO Uttar Pradesh Voter ID Card?

Voting in an election fills us up with sudden happiness. That blue ink on our finger gives us more satisfaction than the best manicures in the world. It shows that we’ve done our  part for the betterment of this country. However, absence of a Voter ID card can keep us away from that. So the first step is getting a Voter ID card.

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Nowadays  it is pretty easy to register for a new voter ID card. You can do it manually or online. Election Commission (EC) ensures that the process of making new Voter Id card is as simple as possible to encourage more and more voters to register for it. EC organises National Voters Enrollment drive so that  people can register to get a new voter ID card. However, if you have missed that don’t worry, there are still many ways of applying for it.

To apply online for CEO Uttar Pradesh Voter ID card, one must have a fast and safe internet connection. Then the candidate has to log on to https://www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in/


Download Form 6 i.e. Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of draft roll (if your name is not included in the draft role) and Form No. 001 (Requesting a new Voter ID card) from voter forms under “For voters” menu.

Fill up the form and attach an attested copy of an age proof (passport, pan card, driving licence or ration card) and an residence proof ( copy of electricity bill, gas bill, telephone bill and so on ).

You also need to mention the Name and Id number of a voter member of your family for reference. Do not forget to attach attested passport size recent photo and make sure you look good in that because a bad photo in the Voter Id card will haunt you for a long time.

Unfortunately, you cannot upload the form online but don’t worry you can visit the nearest VREC( Voter Registration and EPIC centre ) and submit the form.

You can also apply for it offline, just visit the nearest VREC and ask for a Form No. 6 and Form No. 001 and fill in the details. Attach Id proof and residence proof and Id number of a voter in your family. Make sure all the documents are self attested and don’t forget to provide 3 passport size photo.

After applying for a new Voter Id card, The Booth Level Officer (BLO) will come at your residence just to verify all the information and documents. When satisfied, he will provide you with a date when you need to visit the centre and your electoral card. In some cases, the card will automatically be sent by post.

Getting a Duplicate Voter ID Card Uttar Pradesh

We people are prone to getting our things lost, damaged or stolen. However, losing a Voter ID card is a big deal as it is extremely important not only in voting but it is also an important identification proof. If by chance you do misplace or damage it, don’t panic as you can get a duplicate voter ID card. For that, first you need to file an FIR with the local police authorities and keep its copy safe.  Then visit the nearest VREC or CEO Uttar Pradesh website and download Form No. 002. Fill in the appropriate details and attach self attested copies of ID and residence proofs along with passport size photo. Don’t forget to attach the copy of FIR with your application.

Submit the above documents personally or just send them directly to ERO through Speed Post. You will be give the receipt and later you can collect your duplicate card from VREC.

Checking CEO Uttar Pradesh Voter ID Card Status

Everyone feels a little fluttery from the day you submit your application for getting a new Voter ID card till you actually get it. After successful submission of CEO Uttar Pradesh Voter ID card application online or at municipality office you can track and check status of application online. This process is very simple and is given below with procedure.

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Step 1: Go to CEO Uttar Pradesh website i.e www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in

Step 2:Under online voters’ services, click on ‘know your application status’ option.

Step 3:After clicking the link, a new page will open.

ceo uttar pradesh application status

In that page you can track the application form you submitted in two ways. You can search your application by name or by entering all your details like district , constituency, part and form number.

Checking Your Name in the CEO Uttar Pradesh Voter’s list

After applying for the voter ID card it usually takes 21-40 days to get your name enrolled in the list. Be patient and later you can check your name in the electoral list. To check your name in the electoral list there are three methods.

1) You can directly visit the nearest VREC and check your name in the list available to them.

2) You can visit the CEO Uttar Pradesh website i.e www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in . On left side, scroll down the menu and look for ‘Search you name in electoral roll’ option. Enter your name in the e-roll and check if your name is present or not.

3) You can also download the full list district wise as pdf format from the above website and search it manually.


FAQ about CEO Uttar Pradesh and Voter Related Tasks

  • Do I have to pay for a voter ID card ?

–No, if you’re getting a voter ID card for the first time.

  • If I shift my address, do I need to get a new voter ID card ?

–No, a Voter ID card once issued is valid forever. It remains valid even if you have changed your address.

  • How do I get to correct the details on my voter ID  card ?

–You should apply for rectifications of these errors through Form 004. You will have to submit this at the office of your Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) when the process of Voter ID card preparation is going on.

  • Who is an overseas (NRI) elector? Can an NRI settled in foreign land become an elector of electoral roll in India?

–An overseas elector is a person who is a citizen of India and who has not acquired citizenship of any other country and is otherwise eligible to be registered as a voter and who is absenting from his place of ordinary residence in India owing to his employment, education or otherwise is eligible to be registered as a voter in the constituency in which his place of residence in India as mentioned in his passport is located. According to the provisions of Section 20A of the Representation of People Act, 1950, an NRI settled in foreign land can become an elector in electoral roll in India.


Elections in India


Hopefully this guide answers every question. However, nothing is perfect nor is this guide. Therefore if you have any queries, you can always contact the CEO Uttar Pradesh call centre at 1800-180-1950.

Do not forget it’s everyone’s right and duty to vote and help in electing the leaders of our nation.


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  1. I had my name listed in Electrol search till Jan 2019 with my Voter ID with EPIC No. XPD0284877. Now due to address changes I have filled the Form 6 along with required proofs and submitted at Booth-camp in Amity International School , Sec 1 , Vasundhara organisted in year 2018 ( Oct Month).

    Now my name is not there in voter list, Although I have refilled the Online Form 6 Application OET168518312 on 11/03/2019.

    What I should do to get my Voter ID created ?

  2. Give ceo’s email id on web site as PM Mr.Modi instructed in digital governance. Please send your contact ceo email id please.

  3. Sir,
    I have submitted form oo1 in thesil dhanaura with documents after chalan fees deposit in sbi .Form received by thesil officer for duplicate voter id in 2015 but till date votar id not received .please votar id send my address.

  4. I have submitted my application in form No 8 in Thesil jhansi fo correction of my father name but still not recived my new voter i card.


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