How to Get Voter ID Card Check or Verification?

It is every Citizen's right to be able to vote. In order to make sure that you do not have to face any kind of problems on the polling day, you should get your Voter ID Card Check. To use your voting rights, having a Voter ID Card is a must. While you apply for your Voter ID, your details will also undergo a verification process. This Voter ID check or Verification is conducted by officials. You can choose to get your details verified offline or online. Read on to know the process. The … [Read more...]

CEO Assam – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Before we get into details regarding CEO Assam, here are some comprehensive facts about Assam. Assam is a state in Northeast India. It is the fifteenth largest state by population and covers an area of 78,440 sq. kms. It has 32 administrative districts with the capital being Dispur. Assam is a member of the Seven Sister States along with Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland &Tripura,. The official language of the state is Assamese, and its Literacy rate is 79.18% The … [Read more...]

CEO Kerala – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Before we talk about CEO Kerala, here are somethings you need to know about Kerala. Historically Kerala is a known as Keralam which is situated in South India on the Malabar coast. It is the thirteenth largest state by population and is divided into 14 districts with the capital being Thiruvananthapuram. The most widely spoken and the official language of the state is Malayalam. Kerala hosts two major political alliances named the United Democratic Front (UDF) which is led by the Indian … [Read more...]

Bihar Assembly Election – How will Tejaswi Yadav Carry on Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Legacy?

Bihar Assembly Election continued with Phase IV of elections held on 1st of November. Bihar is divided into 243 Assembly constituencies. Two major alliances, NDA of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and other small parties and Grand Secular Alliance of RJD(Rashtriya Janta Dal) with JD(Janta Dal) and Congress are contesting elections against each other. BJP is currently forming the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly. The leader of the opposition party is Amarender Pratap Singh. For the elections of … [Read more...]

CEO Manipur – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Manipur belongs to the northeastern state of India and has Imphal as its capital.The Chief Minister and Governor of the state are¬†Okram Ibobi Singh and¬†Krishan Kant Paul. The legislature has 60 seats. Manipur has the capability to include two members in the Lok Sabha and one in Rajya Sabha. The state has nine districts namely: Bishnupur Churachandpur Chandel Imphal East Senapati Tamenglong Thoubal Ukhrul Imphal West CEO Manipur Contact Information and Useful Information - … [Read more...]

CEO Jharkhand – Complete Information and Helpdesk

Jharkhand belongs to the eastern region of India and has its capital in Ranchi. The largest city in the State of Jamshedpur. CEO Jharkhand Useful Information and Contact Information - Click the Options below: CEO Jharkhand Contact Details CEO Jharkhand Voter ID Forms Voter ID Jharkhand Registration Process and Status Check CEO Jharkhand Electoral Roll Search CEO Jharkhand Voter List Know DEO and Polling Booth in Jharkhand The Chief Minister of the State is Raghubar Das of the … [Read more...]