CEO Telangana – How to apply for Voter ID Telangana?

Your complete guide to CEO Telagana contact details and voter ID card queries. Get access to CEO Telangana forms and other important Voter ID information.

The recent bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into 2 different states has been one of the most politically and geographically important transformations of India. Telangana is now a separate state and hence it now calls for establishment of state specific administrations. Andhra Pradesh has always been a politically active location. Hence, it is reasonable to expect the same for Telangana. The rehabilitation of Voter ID Telangana, voter lists, etc. is necessary and needs to be done with sky rocketing speeds. For that reason CEO Telangana is already in its place to know the voter id card status Telangana. But what was missing for a long time was the fact that a separate website for CEO of this state was not available. Therefore, people of Telangana still had to log on to ceoandhra.nic.in to perform important tasks like applying for voter id card, checking name in Telangana voter list, checking application status, etc. But not anymore and this is because Telanagana now has its own CEO Website that also allows to check Voter ID card Status Telangana.

apply on CEO Telangana website voter id card online

CEO Telangana: Get Voter ID Telangana and check Voter ID Card Status Telangana

The CEO Telangana website has now been launched. It could be accessed by typing the following we address in your browser: – www.ceotelangana.nic.in To avoid confusion, the direct link to this website has also been posted on the home page of CEO Andhra Pradesh website. On ceotelangana.nic.in the voters of the newly formulated Telangana state can perform important voting related tasks with ease. Here is the list of some these services: –

  • Apply Online for voter id card in Telangana i.e applying for inclusion of name in the voters’ list.
  • Check voter id card status Telangana for your application.
  • Know details about various election officials.
  • Apply online for correction of voter id details.
  • Check name in the voter lists of Telangana.
  • Keep yourself updated with all the news about the on-coming elections.
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And this list of tasks that could be done on CEO Telangana website is not exhaustive. All your election queries could easily be solved by visiting this website.

To apply online for your voter id card Telanagana, you just have to visit the above mentioned web address. Once you reach the homepage, you can click on ‘E-Registration’. The procedure to apply for voter id card in Telangana is almost identical to applying for voter id card Online in Anhdra Pradesh. Once you bring your cursor to the ‘E-Registration’ link, you would see a host of available voter registration forms that could be filled online on the newly launched website. Also the look and feel of ceotelangana.nic.in is almost the same as its Andhra Pradesh counterpart. So if you have earlier had an hands on experience with voter registration of ceoandhra.nic.in then, you can easily do the same on the CEO Telangana website. The list of forms available under the ‘E-Registration section are also the same: –

  • Form 6
  • Form 7
  • Form 8
  • Form 8A
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Apart from these forms, there are 2 other important options under this tab, namely: –

  • Help
  • Know your status

To apply online for your voter id card, you simply have to click on Form 6(For new enrollment). Upon doing so, you would directly be taken to the onscreen CEO Telangana form no. 6 for enrollment of new voters. There you can fill up all the information that is asked for and then click ‘Translate’. This would translate the important details into Telugu or your own regional language.  You would also have to upload a passport sized photograph of yours(applicant). After you are assured of the accuracy of the entered details, you can click the ‘Submit’ button on the screen and note down your unique voter id card application ID.

What After You Have Submitted Form No. 6 on CEO Telangana Website and applied online for Voter ID Telangana?

Once you have the submitted the form and all the details entered are without any errors, you would be able to receive an intimation in the form of a visit by the designated BLO to your residence. The motive of this visit would be verify your identity along with the required proof document. He would also bring along a copy of the printed form no. 6(filled by you on the CEO Telangana website). You would be require to sign the printed form and present all the documents(self attested). These documents are: –

  • An address proof document like a bank statement with you as the recipient.
  • An age proof document like a birth certificate issued by the civic authority of your town.
  • A date of birth proof document like class 10th mark sheet issued by a recognized authority.
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For more information about these forms required to apply for voter ID Telangana or any other state could be found in one of previous articles.

I Have Received No Intimation from CEO Telangana, What Should I do?

In case you receive no intimation from CEO Telangana about the voter id card application filled by you, then it means there is a need for Voter ID Card Status Telangana check you can again visit ceotelangana.nic.in and under e-registration tab, just click ‘Know your status’. This would help you know about the possible reason for the delay in the processing of your voter id card application. Hence know you that if your voter id card registration process is taking too long in Telangana then you must head to the CEO website and check your application status. To check the same you can either use you unique application id or even your voter id card/house no. Here is the link you need to visit in case you want to check the status of online filled form no. 6 for inclusion of name to Telangana voter’s list: –http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/TS_status/search.aspx

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  1. hey!Thanks for the info,but the status bar after entering the Unique application number,it shows no record found.
    What to do now?It has already been 2months

  2. Hi Sir,

    I have submitted my application at Muffakamjah College at Nagarjuna Hills, i.e, 2 months age but I have received my card till date, pl. help.


      • Dear Sir, I Subtited Form-8 for chandra of address on dt. 06.06.2015, application ID No. F8-1593650 and my wife application Form-6 for new ID on dt. 28.05.2015, application ID No. 047895586. We both are skits not recipes over ID chart. Daily We chaecking on over ID star it show under process. Web We get the over id. Our telangana govt. Without over id not giving ration. We request u Sir, please do the needful asap

      • Dear Sir, I Subtited Form-8 for chandra of address on dt. 06.06.2015, application ID No. F8-1593650 and my wife application Form-6 for new ID on dt. 28.05.2015, application ID No. 047895586. We both are still not received oter ID chart. Daily We checking in oter ID status it shows under process. When We get the oter id. Our telangana govt. Without oter id not giving ration. We request u Sir, please do the needful asap

  3. Dear sir

    I received election card no.ZTS2537118, By typo error entire my name has changed.
    My name : K SREEDHAR RAO but mentioned in election card as K SEWWDHAR RAO.


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