What Action to take if I Did not Receive Voter ID Card Bangalore?

Voter ID Card or Electors Photo Identity Card or as it is popularly known as the EPIC Card is issued by the Election Commission of India. The main purpose of the Voter ID Card is to serve as an identity proof of an individual for casting votes on the polling day. The same Voter ID Card can be used as general identity and address proof at other times as well, in our day to day lives for example, for purchasing a SIM Card and for many other general purposes. It often happens that one may apply for … [Read more...]

Did not Get Voter ID Card? This is what you Should Do

Voter ID card or the Electors Photo Identity Card also known as the EPIC Card is issued by The Election Commission of India to any citizen of India who is 18 years of age and above. The Voter ID Card is not only used for the purpose of casting votes but also for identification and verification purposes. Today there is more than one way by which one can apply for a Voter ID Card. The first being the simplest online method and the second one is registering personally by visiting the Local Election … [Read more...]

Check your TamilNadu Voter ID Status in 5 minutes

Do you live in TamilNadu? Then you must know how to check your TamilNadu Voter ID Status as TamilNadu Assembly elections are coming up and all citizens of TamilNadu state must ensure to check their Voter ID Card Status. Click Here to get a List of Upcoming Assembly Elections in 2016 From voting right to Photo identity proof, Voter ID card plays an important role in one’s life. With the help of this article you are going to how to check your TamilNadu Voter ID Status without … [Read more...]

How to Check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019?

After applying Voter ID Card or a duplicate Voter ID Card, checking the status of our application is very important as it enables us to know where our application is and thus we can assess when the verification process will take place. There are many ways to check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019. Some are offline and some are Online methods. In this article, we bring out some easiest Online methods to check Voter ID Card Status Online 2019. To apply for a new Voter ID Card Click here How to … [Read more...]

Various Methods To Check Voter ID Status

Every citizen of this country after attaining the age of 18 years, can participate in the Electoral process of the country. The first and foremost step to do so is to register a Voter Id Card. Click here to know how to register a Voter Id Card Online in simple steps. With the advent of internet, it has now become easy to get a Voter ID Card. The efforts put by the election Commission of India must be appreciated in this regard. Election Commission of India not only made it simple to apply a new … [Read more...]

Easiest Way to Check Voter ID Card Status Tamilnadu

With the advent of Information Technology enhancement in government institutes in India, it has become a lot easier for the citizens not only for filing applications but also to track them. The same applies to the electoral system too. One of the most important institutions under the constitution, the Election Commissions of the centre and the states are working round the clock to ensure a better citizen involvement in the election system by easing the process of Voter ID card registration. Now … [Read more...]