Check Voter ID Status by Name

India is a democratic nation. It is a republic, where people elect their leader to form and lead the government for a period of 5 years. The whole process of electing a representative is called Election. Only Indian citizens are allowed to cast their vote and become a part of selecting a leader for their State or Country. To become a part of this process of voting, one need to be registered as a Voter and have a Voter ID Card with them, which is issued to every Indian Citizen of over 18 years … [Read more...]

I have not received Voter card even after several months of applying?

The issue we are talking about is Non-Receipt of Election or Voter Card. It has now become a common problem with new voters who apply for a new voter card and even follow all the right process from applying to final submission, but still face a problem when it comes to receiving their card in hand. Usually a new voter card takes about 2-3 months to reach your hand after the date of application submission. But if no verification team has come to your house, you need to contact the ERO, … [Read more...]

How to check Voter ID status in Bihar?

The CEO Bihar website is to improve communication between Bihar voters and Elections Department in Bihar. It provides the relevant information about the Chief Electoral Office. Many important forms and voter ID status checking are also available for download on the site. To go to the CEO Bihar website, click here. Check Voter ID status in Bihar: CEO Bihar website gives various options to check the voter ID status. To search voter ID status, here are the different ways to do it … [Read more...]

Check Your Voter ID Card Status on Ceoandhra.nic.in

Andhra Pradesh recently witnessed some major geographical and political transformations in the face of the separation of Telangana as a different state from AP. Apart from this major change in the social landscape of the state, the democratic politics of Andhra Pradesh has always seen the active participation of the citizens. Huge voter turn-outs and election of worthy candidates have only proven this fact well. So a year-round schedule of by-elections, assembly elections, general elections, … [Read more...]

What Changes Can I Make In My Election Card Through CEO Andhra?

Voting plays a major role in the formation of our democratic government. People of India elect a government of their choice by voting every five years. It is done by way of ballot and hence a lot of mal practices occur. In order to avoid malpractices, a committee was set up and now the CEO that is the Chief Election Officer leads the Committee. They came up with the concept of Voter ID Card; also known as The Election Card where by each person has to carry their voter id card to the election … [Read more...]

How Do I Check My Voter ID Application Status?

Voter ID Cards are issued by the Election Commission of India. It is a direct passport to the polling booth for assembly and parliamentary Elections and hence affect the whole democracy by your choice of candidate. It is not only restricted for polling purpose but a Voter ID Card also acts as an identity proof, you can also use it to book tatkal tickets and get driving license. We highlight to you the process of getting a Voter ID Card, the various forms that has to be submitted whereas in this … [Read more...]