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Punjab, the place where there are five rivers and a strong social history, is placed in the north west of India. Famously alluded to as the “Storehouse of India”, it is the second biggest maker of major horticultural items in the nation. Punjab is famous for its games and hosiery products industry. It is a standout amongst the most prosperous states of India as far as infrastructure and per capita wage is concerned. The beguiling urban areas and towns of Punjab are specked with various antiquated landmarks, gurudwaras, sanctuaries, ashrams, quiet lakes, hallowed places of worship, galleries, and untamed life havens, which are home to numerous uncommon types of creatures and transient fledglings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CEO Punjab

The Man behind the CEO Punjab

ceo punjab complete information guide and help desk

Senior IAS officer V K Singh accepted the charge of CEO Punjab
Singh is from  Indian Administrative Services (IAS)  the batch of 1990. He was prior posted as Finance Secretary in Chandigarh organization before this arrangement.

The post was lying empty since a year ago and the charge was being held by Additional CEO Raminder Singh

Contact for CEO Punjab

  1. Shri V.K Singh, I.A.S.
    Chief Electoral Officer
    SCO 29-30,Sector 17-E,
    Chandigarh- 160017
  2. Shri Raminder Singh, I.A.S.
    Additional Chief Electoral Officer
    SCO 29-30,Sector 17-E,
    Chandigarh- 160017
    Fax:- 2707970
  3. Shri B.Purushartha, I.A.S.
    Additional Chief Electoral Officer (SVEEP)
    SCO 29-30,Sector 17-E,
    Chandigarh- 160017
    Fax:- 2707970
  4. Shri Sukhdev Lal
    Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
    SCO 29-30,Sector 17-E,
    Chandigarh- 160017
    Fax:- 2707970
  5. Shri Yadvinder Singh Bhalla
    Electoral Officer
    SCO 29-30,Sector 17-E,
    Chandigarh- 160017
    Fax:- 2707970

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Work at CEO Punjab

A Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) functions under the supervision, control and overall guidance of the Election Commission of India. According to the Representation of the People’s Act 1950 and 1951, each state of India must be assisted with a Chief Electoral Officer during the State Assembly elections as well as the general elections. According to provisions of the above-mentioned acts, the CEO has a significant role to play during the elections to the office of the President and the Vice-President of India. The CEO supervises the preparation, revision and maintenance of the electoral rolls in the state. It is the duty of the Chief Electoral Officer to ensure free and fair elections in the state, such that more percentage of votes are casted. It is the responsibility of the CEO to enhance communication between the voters of a state and the different departments of elections within the state. Most importantly, it is the task of the CEO to ensure that no political party has any control with the elections in the state.

Election Commission of India(The Guiding Force of CEO Punjab)

The Commission has a different Secretariat at New Delhi, comprising of around 300 authorities, in a various leveled set up.

A few Deputy Election Commissioners and Director Generals who are the senior most officers in the Secretariat support the Commission. They are for the most part designated from the national common administration of the nation and are chosen and named by the Commission with residency. Executives, Principal Secretaries, and Secretaries, Under Secretaries and Deputy Directors help the Deputy Election Commissioners and Director Generals.

There is utilitarian and regional dispersion of work in the Commission. The work is composed in Divisions, Branches and areas; each of the last said units is accountable to a Section Officer. The fundamental practical divisions are Planning, Judicial, Administration, Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation, SVEEP, Information Systems, Media and Secretariat Co-appointment. The regional work is disseminated among divided units in charge of diverse Zones into which the 35 constituent States and Union Territories of the nation are gathered for convenience of administration.

At the state level, the election work is supervised, subject to overall superintendence, direction and control of the Commission, by the Chief Electoral Officer of the State, who is appointed by the Commission from amongst senior civil servants proposed by the concerned state government. He is, in most of the States, a full time officer and has a small team of supporting staff.

At the district and constituency levels, the District Election Officers, Electoral Registration Officers and Returning Officers, who are assisted by a large number of junior functionaries, perform election work. They all perform their functions relating to elections in addition to their other responsibilities. During election time, however, they are available to the Commission, more or less, on a full time basis.

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The gigantic task force for conducting a countrywide general election consists of nearly five million polling personnel and civil police forces. This huge election machinery is deemed to be on deputation to the Election Commission and is subject to its control, superintendence and discipline during the election period, extending over a period of one and half to two months.

CEO Punjab Forms for Voters

  • Form 4
    Application For New Registration of Electors at the time of Enumeration (house to house verification) when enumerator finds the house repeatedly locked.
  • Form 6
    Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of draft roll (if your name is not included in the draft roll).
  • Form 7
    Application for objection to inclusion of name in electoral roll.
  • Form 8
    Application for objection to particulars entered in electoral roll.
  • Form 8A
    Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll.
  • Form 2
    Inclusion of name as service Elector (for Armed Forces)
  • Form 12
    Letter of Intimation to Returning Officer
  • Form 12 A
    Application For Election Duty Certificate

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How to get a CEO Punjab Voter ID Card?

Voting is an essential part of the democratic process and the responsibility that every citizen of India should play enthusiastically. It is not possible to fulfill this responsibility without a Voter ID (मतदाता पहचान पत्र). Voter turnout during elections is essential for the formation of the majority government. Voter ID card is used for all government schemes, address proof, age proof and can be used as a photo ID. In addition, when applying for a loan, at the domestic airport and opening a bank account that can be used as an ID. If your age is 18 years, please add your name in the voters list to be sure for the inclusion in the list so that you can exercise your right. Voting is not only an essential thing but also a great service to the nation because it helps you get heard. On the directions of Election Commission of India (भारत निर्वाचन आयोग) every year state govt organizes awareness camps for it. Also the people who want to make corrections or modification on their card like for address, name or age, the forms are provided on those centers and also on your nearest polling booths after filling which, the modification will be  possible.

What all documents do I need to get my card?
Citizens have to fill the form 6 through which they can apply for their election cards. For which a passport size photo and photo copy of high school mark sheet is needed. In case the copy of mark sheet is not available then copy of ration card can be used on its place. Also the photo copy of identification proof of your mother or father can be attached with the application form.

How long is the provision of making an identity card?
After submitting the application and the verification process the card will be delivered within 7 working days to 30 working days. On this occasion the voters also have to take oath for  using their right of voting.

From where can I get the application forms?
The availability of these lists for name addition, deletion process or correction / modification  are available in each BLO (booth level officer), tehsil, election office, all universities and in the colleges. The applicants can get the form through visiting these centers in Punjab state.

What to do if name or address is incorrect?
The citizens who want to make correction or modification in their name or in any other information on their voter id card will have to fill the form 8. The form 8 is available through the offices or can be download through the Punjab CEO official website. In case of transportation (address change from one assembly to other) you need to get the form 8A and have to submit it with all required documents in BLO.

How to Apply Online for Voter ID Card in Punjab?
The Chief Electoral Officer department of Punjab state has started the website www.ceopunjab.nic.in which has been made by the NIC team (national informatics center) of state which comes under the ECI (election commission of India). The website has given various options on that portal for the electoral rolls, elections information and download forms option along with the various procedures, with the online system to search your name in voter list, enrollment status and polling station search in Punjab state. The citizens who are not satisfied with the services of CEO Punjab have also been given the option to submit their online grievances / complaints against the problem in whichever the dept.office of the CEO will try to sort out that. The citizens also have been given one more facility that is  the SMS service in which they can get to know about their name in voter list with full information. On the +919211728082 mobile number you need to send the message with typing CEOPJB<then single space>Voter ID Card Number. After sending it you’ll be get a revert reply on which all things will be mention.

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The Most Effective Method to Apply Online for Voter ID Card on CEO Punjab Website

ceo punjab website and voter id card registration guide

Here we are going to tell you the orderly method to make your online voter id card and in what capacity will you include your name in CEO Punjab Voters List.

Step 1 –
Initially go to the authority page of ceopunjab.nic.in where in the front page there is an option of Enroll Your Name for Voter ID Card

punjab voter id

Step 2-
This page will redirect you on http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/ section where you have to make your login first. If you are not having the login id then click on the register option first.

punjab voter is card 2

Step 3 –
The registration page will redirect you on the new section where you will have to fill your phone number, e-mail id and after that the code as  given on the webpage. Number and code is mandatory to fill, without these you can’t go on the next step

punjab voter is 3

Step 4 –
After this you will receive a sms by the department of ECI to get back to the main page where you have to fill the login information as username and password with your personal information i.e. name, father’s name, complete postal address along with contact details.

Step 5 –
Then come back to the login page and enter the website, now select the option of form 6 to fill the application to request a new voter id card. After that attach your required documents on the online application and then take the printout at last.

Step 6 –
Visit  your nearest polling booth, BLO or any other center to submit your application with the hard copy of documents and take the acknowledgment slip for it through which you can come and collect your card on the allotted time.

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The most effective method to Change Details on CEO Punjab Voter ID Card

The same authority site additionally gives you the Form 8 to roll out improvements on your card through which you can submit your solicitation to get new id with a change in points of interest.you can also apply for the duplicate voter ID card if you have lost the previous one.

Download Form 8(available on CEO Punjab website or ECI website) and fill it positively

Attach the accompanying documents with the application Form:

  • Address proof as ration card, passport, bank passbook
  • Phone / land line / mobile bill copy
  • Water or electricity bill copy
  • Property tax payment slip
  • Gas payment slip

After appending records visit your closest BLO office.

Submit your application and get the slip.

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The amount of time it will take to make the card

However the process is short but in case of any document missing or verification problem it can be made late. Normally it takes from 7 working days to 30 working days. In case of any issue the department will send you notification you also can use the following options in website:

Look for your Electoral Rolls details :

To see the voter list or check your name in the voter list please click on the area and after that on Assembly Constituency .

Look for Your Name Here : English/fper

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Look for Your CEO Punjab Polling Station :

To search your Assembly and Polling Station, please take the said steps.

  • Enter the Main Area (Town/Village) Name
  • Enter the Locality/Street/Ward and so forth.
  • Enter the Numbers Shown on the page
  • Click on Search catch.

search Here :English/frmSectionSearch

SMS Facility :
Get your particulars & surveying station points of interest on your mobile by sending an SMS to 919211728082.

The 10/16 digit number spotted on upper right half of your voter Identity card.

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Know Your Application Status :

To know your application status, please take the specified steps.

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Select the District
Select the AC
Select the Part
Select the Form Type
Select Date and
Click on “Show” catch

Alternately :

Enter Form Number
Click on “Show” catch

Check Status Here : appstatus/showapplicantsform

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Here is how you can get an Updated CEO Punjab Electoral roll

1. Open English/fper (A link from the CEO Punjab website)
2. Click on the district and then the assembly constituency
3. Click on the pdf rolls
4. Then click on the voter list required.

You will get the enrolled voter list.

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FAQ’s about CEO Punjab and Voter Related Tasks

Q.1 I have shifted my residence recently. How do I ensure that I am enrolled in my new place of residence and my name is deleted from the old place?
Ans. In case new residence is in the same constituency please fill form 8A otherwise form 6 and submit to ERO of the area of your new residence.

Q.2 I have shifted my residence recently. I have Photo ID Card with the old address. Can I get new I Card for the present address?
Ans .First of all please ensure that you have enrolled your self in the Electoral Roll of the concerned AC, where you are now residing procedure is given as in ans no.1. Subsequently, changes will be made in existing Identity Card by pasting new address on the back side of the card.

Q.3 My old I Card is defective. I would like to have a new I Card with correct particulars. What is the procedure?
Ans. You can get your I Card rectified by depositing it in the Office of the ERO concerned or at Photography center when the work of preparation of Photo ID card begins.

Q.4 I do not have a ration card. Can I get enrolled without a ration card? What are the other documents, which I can show as proof of my residence?
Ans. Ration Card is not necessary, however you can show any other proof of residence like Passport, Bank Pass Book, Driving license etc. or any Govt. document to facilitate the work of registration. Proof of residence is not necessary.

Q.5 I am a tenant and my landlord does not want me to get enrolled. How can I get enrolled as a voter?
Ans . To get enrolled in the voter list is your fundamental right. Please check the Electoral role of your area with the ERO office. If your name is not included please fill up Form 6 and deposit it with the ERO.

Q.6 I have shifted my residence recently to Punjab from another State where I was registered as a voter. I have an I Card issued from the previous place of residence. How can I get a new I Card at the present place of address and what will I do with the old I Card?
Ans. Please get your name deleted from the previous address, which will facilitate your registration in Punjab. After that please get enrolled by filling up form-6 and depositing the same along with the proof of deletion in the office of SDM. Your address can be changed on the back side of the Card as the same card will remain valid.

Q.7 I will be attaining the age of 18 on 1.1.2006. What proof do I need to show to get enrolled?
Ans. You can submit the proof of Date of Birth from the authorized agency (Passport, Matric certificate, Date of Birth certificate etc.)

Q.8. When I fill up Form 4, should I attach proof of my residence with Form 4?
Ans. It is not necessary but if you attach a proof of residence, this will help early verification of the particulars given by you.

Q.9 Enumerator has visited my house and taken down the details. How do I ensure that my name is finally included in the electoral rolls ?
Ans. He must have handed over you record of Enumeration, which is your acknowledgement. You can check your name in the draft roll, which will be published and available at the office of the ERO concerned, to confirm that your name exists in the roll.

Q.10 I have lost my old I Card. How can I get a new I Card?
Ans. You can deposit a copy of FIR lodged at the Police Station. You will get a new I Card after deposit Rs. 25. The dates for issuing I Cards are published in leading Newspapers, in DC office then cards are made through out the year.

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So to bring back the joys of Punjab, your will,vote and strength have the power to do it.

GO Vote for a happy Punjab!


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  1. I know a Canadian born citizen has his name in the voting list in Ludhiana for over 10 years as he resides in Ludhiana for a long time but he is not a citizen of India. is it a criminal act and can be charged in Punjab. please respond which violation of election code applies to charge him criminally in Ludhiana Punjab. I have voters list his name is in the list. please reply back

  2. My voter card missing
    New voter card pls help

    Jarman jit singh %
    Tirshem singh.dist.Tarntaran village kad gill

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