How to get a duplicate Voter ID Card?

How to get a Duplicate Voter ID Card online or offline

How to get a duplicate Voter ID Card?

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1. How to get a duplicate Voter ID Card if you lost your original one or it was stolen?

2. How to apply for a duplicate Voter ID if your original is damaged?

3. Voter ID Card – A Detailed Guide to Get New / Duplicate Voter Card or Check status

Additionally, you can also refer our ultimate guide on all your Voter ID Card queries. We wrote this guide after speaking to more than a dozen officials from the Election Commission of India as well as State CEOs. You can refer this Voter ID Card guide over here.

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How to file an FIR for Lost Voter ID Card?

It will be an extremely dreadful situation for anyone if they lose their identity proof document like Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Passport, etc. If ever you lose your Voter ID Card by any means. Firstly go to your local police station and lodge an FIR for Lost Voter ID Card. If you don’t have the photocopy they may or may not lodge your FIR, but generally if you have the voter id card number, then the police will file an FIR based on that number. Through this article, we would like to give you … [Read more...]

Voter ID – Complete Guide to Get Answers and Solutions to All your Queries

The Election Commission of India was setup on 25th January 1950 and to mark this, the day is celebrated as National Voter's day every Year. It is a constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes to Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislatures and the offices of President and Vice President in India. The first general Elections post Independence took place during 1951-52 and the latest General Elections took place in the year 2014. One can observe a lot of transformation … [Read more...]

Voter ID Form – Use and Download Explained for Online Offline Usage

All of us who are 18 years or above might have encountered with some National ID Making Process which require us to fill some lengthy Forms. One of those mandatory form which almost every Indian have filled or will fill in future is Voter ID Form either for new registration, application for duplicate ID, correction required, etc. Voter ID card is a very important document which not only used as a valid Identity Proof for all your future use but also acts as a Proof of your genuineness, your … [Read more...]

How to apply for New or Duplicate Voter Card or Check Status?

A voter card is necessary and serves many purposes. A list of its advantages is given below: It is a trustworthy form of identification. It acknowledges that a voter is registered duly in the voter list. It includes several identifying features to ensure the voter is who he/she claims to be. Voter Card: Application for New, Duplicate, Check Status and more The first thing that you would need when you apply for new or duplicate Voter Card is the forms that you need to fill and … [Read more...]

NVSP portal – How to do Voter Search on NVSP Portal?

The Lok Sabha Election 2019 is approaching and people are getting ready to vote. For the voters to do a voter search they can use the NVSP portal. The NVSP portal is a boon to people looking to get solutions to their voter ID requirements. It is a step in the right direction to make it as easy for people to get voter Id cards as possible. National Voter's Services Portal is a platform which will help you solve a lot of your issues related to Voter ID Card. How to do Voter Search on NVSP … [Read more...]