Voter ID Form – Use and Download Explained for Online Offline Usage

All of us who are 18 years or above might have encountered with some National ID Making Process which require us to fill some lengthy Forms. One of those mandatory form which almost every Indian have filled or will fill in future is Voter ID FormĀ either for new registration, application for duplicate ID, correction required, etc. Voter ID card is a very important document which not only used as a valid Identity Proof for all your future use but also acts as a Proof of your genuineness, your … [Read more...]

How Can I Correct Details in Voters’ List 2015?

If you have your name in Voters' List 2015, you're good to go and are eligible to vote in any upcoming Election in your State, District or Constituency. On this blog spot, we ensure to churn out as many articles as possible, in order to keep you informed about the registration process for the voters' list 2015. Make sure you follow us regularly for news and updates relating to the same. In this article, we let you know how to correct your voter details entered in the voters' list 2015. Incorrect … [Read more...]