Voter ID Form – Use and Download Explained for Online Offline Usage

All of us who are 18 years or above might have encountered with some National ID Making Process which require us to fill some lengthy Forms. One of those mandatory form which almost every Indian have filled or will fill in future is Voter ID Form either for new registration, application for duplicate ID, correction required, etc.

Voter ID card is a very important document which not only used as a valid Identity Proof for all your future use but also acts as a Proof of your genuineness, your Indian Citizenship. In India, getting a Voter ID card these days is now very easy. All those who are Indian Citizen and have attained a minimum of 18 years of age is eligible to apply for Voter ID Card. All you need is to Fill Voter ID Form Number 6. There are various other forms too which can filled for other purposes. So, in this article, we’ll be providing you with the information of different Voter ID Form available Online or Offline, its importance, its purpose and from where you can get it.

Voter ID Form: Download Voter ID Form and purpose of using them

There are a large number of Voter ID Forms available on the respective State CEO websites if you are searching for Online Forms which can be used for different purposes. In case you want a physical paper Form, you can get it from your nearest BLO/ERO. Following are the most common and frequently used Forms by general masses/voters:

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Voter ID Form 6:

Form 6 is used to apply for new application, i.e. for new voters who are applying for the very first time. You need to enter all the required details and attach relevant documents before submitting.

Form 6 is also used in case an already registered voter wants to apply for change in address from one constituency to other in the same state as a result of shift in voter’s residence.

Download Voter ID Form 6 OfflineClick Here

Get Voter ID Form 6 OnlineClick Here

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Voter ID Form 6a:

This Form is used only by NRI’s for the purpose of new registration, who haven’t accepted the citizenship of any other nation and is not able to reside in India due to employement, education, Business purpose, etc. but is eligible to be registered as a voter in the constituency in which his place of residence in India (as mentioned in his Passport) is located.

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Download Voter ID Form 6a OfflineClick Here

Get Voter ID Form 6a OnlineClick Here

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Voter Card Form 7:

This Form is used for removal of name from the Voters List as a result of either death of any voter or shifting of residence and applying afresh for new registration in the other state (change in constituency in different state).

Download Voter ID Card Form 7 OfflineClick Here

Get Voter ID Form 7 OnlineClick Here

Voter Card Form 8:

Existing Voters can use this Form to apply for any correction of particulars in their Voter ID card which occurred due to either incorrect filling of information, mistyping or any printing error.

Download Voter ID Form 8 OfflineClick Here

Get Voter ID Form 8 OnlineClick Here

Voter ID Form 8a:

This form is used by those existing voters who have shifted their Residence within the same constituency and want to apply for change in Address.

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Download Voter ID Form 8a OfflineClick Here

Get Voter ID Form 8a OnlineClick Here

Voter ID Card Form 002:

Form No. 002 is used when a voter wants to apply for Duplicate voter ID card as a result of loss of Card or mutilation. Before applying for it one need to first file an FIR for the loss of his/her Card and submit it along with Form and ID Proof.


Other Voter ID Forms for Candidates:

Apart from the above 6 common and frequently used Voter ID Form, there are some other forms too which can be used:

Form 2A:              Used to fill up Lok Sabha Election’s Nomination Paper

Form 2B:              Used to fill up Legislative Assembly Election’s Nomination Paper

Form 8:                 Used for the Appointment of an Election Agent

Form 9:                 Used for Election Agent’s Appointment Revocation.

Form 12:              Letter of Intimation to Returning Officer (Postal Ballot regarding)

Form 12A:           Election Duty Certificate Application

Affidavit:             Affidavit to be filed by the Candidate along with Nomination Paper

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  1. Hello,
    I’ve submitted for transfer of constituency as I shifted my house. Submitted form 8a on 24th Feb. Till date no news
    Ref number: OCN410952241


  3. I apply form 08 by online on date 27/12/2015,Its reference no. is 01450faae6dbc832a, My surname spelling (only in English) is wrong on my Voter Card (EPIC).
    My EPIC no. is RFJ0088054, But no response till now.

  4. I lost my voter id tell me how 2 get back I had Xerox copy of voter id can it help me to get new id

  5. i change the id name form no-8 but no response this web pls helpme………..mob-7894564759


  1. […] The Indian citizen must have turned at least 18 years of age in the month January of the year in which the voter ID card form no 6 is to be filled. The candidate must not have a background of criminal record or should not be of unsound mind to be eligible to cast a vote during the elections. These eligibility conditions should be kept in mind by the citizen before the person fills out voter ID card form no 6. […]

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