Correction in Voter ID Card for Wrong Date of Birth

As per the official rules stated by the Election Commission of India , the Indian citizens  those who are 18 years old as on January 1st of the year for which electoral roll is prepared are eligible as the voters to vote in the elections in the Constituency where he/she resides and have a valid Voter ID card. Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC) is issued in public interest by the Election Commission of India. It serves not only as photo identity during Elections but also as a most powerful Identity … [Read more...]

How to get Correction in Voter ID for Wrong Father’s Name?

Often times while filling in an application form for issuing a document, many people tend to make mistakes in filling in the credentials of their name, date of birth etc. these mistakes can be grave if the document is used for identification and verification purposes , for example, Voter ID Cards. Keeping this in mind the Election Commission of India devised a way by which one could make Correction in Voter ID not only simply but also within the comfort of their homes through Voter ID Card … [Read more...]

Voter ID Card Correction – What is the fastest way to get Voter ID correction?

Election Commission Of India has made very simple all the processes regarding Voter ID. Right from the application to Correction, every service related to Voter ID Card has been made online. By this no one need to visit the offices and stand in long queues to get their things done. Election Commission of India is still putting efforts to improve their online services by introducing Android App based Services etc., so that Every Individual who crossed the age of 18 years will not miss to become a … [Read more...]

How to Change my Name in my Voters ID Card

Hello friends, in this article we will discuss of How to Change your name in your Voters ID card. But before that you need to have a registered voter id card of yours. You can register yourself in voters list either by applying online through your respective state electoral websites and filling form 6 or filling the form 6 manually and submit it to your nearest electoral office in your city. There are some instances when we did some mistakes and then realize later. The same happens when … [Read more...]

Do Voter ID expire in India?

Do unique identity cards like voter ID cards, expire in India? Do they also have expiry dates such as in credit cards, etc.? Voter ID expiry - what this means? Voter ID cards are unique identity cards that are issued by the government, to citizen above age of 18 years. The purpose of this card is to serve as an identity of an eligible voter to enable him/her to vote for various political parties and bring them to power. All the citizens are expected to exercise their rights and cast their … [Read more...]

How Can I Correct Details in Voters’ List 2015?

If you have your name in Voters' List 2015, you're good to go and are eligible to vote in any upcoming Election in your State, District or Constituency. On this blog spot, we ensure to churn out as many articles as possible, in order to keep you informed about the registration process for the voters' list 2015. Make sure you follow us regularly for news and updates relating to the same. In this article, we let you know how to correct your voter details entered in the voters' list 2015. Incorrect … [Read more...]