How to get Correction in Voter ID for Wrong Father’s Name?

Often times while filling in an application form for issuing a document, many people tend to make mistakes in filling in the credentials of their name, date of birth etc. these mistakes can be grave if the document is used for identification and verification purposes , for example, Voter ID Cards. Keeping this in mind the Election Commission of India devised a way by which one could make Correction in Voter ID not only simply but also within the comfort of their homes through Voter ID Card Correction Online.

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correction of wrong fathers name in voter id card

How to get Correction in Voter ID for a Wrong Father’s Name?

The process of Correction in Voter ID Card can be very painstaking if one is unaware of how to go about it. This article will explain in detail all that you need to know for Voter ID Card Correction Online.

Firstly, you need to fill and submit the Form 8 for Voter ID Corrections. Let’s have a look at the procedure.

All about Form 8:

Form 8 very simply states that a person whose name is already included in electoral roll but s/he wants to make corrections to their name can apply for the same through filling in Form 8. It clearly states that correction cannot be made for another person’s details. In the attempt to make the process of correction n voter ID card voter-friendly, the Election Commission of India introduced Voter ID Card Correction Online. Form 8 can be filled in four simple steps for correction of wrong father’s name in Voter ID Card

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4 Simple Steps to for Correction in Wrong’s Father Name in Voter ID Card

The four steps are broke down to the four kinds of information you need to fill in to get the Voter ID Card Correction Online. There are a few things you need to keep handy while filling in form 8 which you will get to know more about in the steps below

STEP 1: Applicant’s Details

The first step, of filling Form 8 is Applicant’s Details, in this, you will be required to fill in your personal details such as name, surname, date of birth etc. One must be very careful while filling this section in because more often than not mistakes are made in this section because this section is prone to spelling mistakes, mistakes in the date of birth, for example, filling in the wrong date, month or year. This section should be filled in with extra alertness and attention.

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Applicant's details for Correction in Voter ID

STEP 2: Particulars of Present Ordinary Address

The Second Step for Correction in Voter ID Card includes filling in the details of your current place of resident. You are required to fill in the Full Address which is also mentioned on Form 8. You will be asked to fill in information from house number to district and taluka. It is advisable to use your address proof to fill in the address, for more accuracy. Keep scanned copies of the address proof ready as it will be required later on in the process.

Father's name Correction in Voter ID Online

STEP 3: Details of Voters Photo Identity Card

In the third step, you have to fill in the details of the Voter ID you have issued whether from this constituency or any other constituency.

Correction of wrong father's name

In this step you will also be required to upload in scanned copies of your identity card, Address Proof and you photograph.

You must also keep the original copies of all these documents handy, until the verification is done.

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upload supporting documents

STEP 4: Details of entries of the entries to be corrected

In the fourth and the final step, you have to tick out the box which is next to Father’s/ Mother’s/ Husband’s Name, from the options you see.

Then, you also have to fill in your personal details like your mobile number, email id and also address on which the further communication will take place. Now click the submit button, to submit the form.

submit Form 8

This is how you can get Correction in Voter ID Card for Wrong Father’s name, for other such helpful articles on Voter ID feel free to explore the site.


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  1. my voter id card from chennai: URT0922542.MY DOB is entered as 30.5.2044 instead of 1944 . I am yet to be born as per your computer whereas my dob is 30.05.1944. i approached locally at corp.office They say it was system error,they can not do any thing and can not enter date before 1954. what can i do now. My phone no is 9445209595
    natarajan .R

  2. I have applied for correction of Father’s Name. My reference No. is following:
    “We will process your request, which you can track with request id 014619f522483c2cb at our website trackstatus.html
    Your form will be processed from 28th March onwards and status of the form will be visible there after.”

    But it has been rejected and no reason has been given.

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