Election Commission India Forms That You Must Know

With the Indian General Elections 2014 just few months away, it is that time when Voter ID cards are in the spotlight. Some might already have their ID cards while others, like first time voters, might need to get a new one. Certain voters might even need to update their details on their cards.

With so many forms to fill how does one know which is the one that you require? We give you an overview of all the important election forms that you must know about.

election commission of India and forms

Form 6:

The form 6 is for those who are going to register for voting for the very first time. It is the most important form in the process to enrol yourself for voting.

In order to fill this form keep the following documents with you

  • Photo ID (driving licence, passport, PAN card)
  • Address/residence proof (ration card, phone bill or electric bill)
  • Passport size photo
  • Age Proof (school leaving certificate or birth certificate).
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On successful completion and submission of form 6, your name will be added to the electoral list of your area or constituency. Remember, you have to compulsorily fill up this form in order to vote in the elections.

If your name is not in the electoral list then you will not be able to vote even if you have a voter id card. You can download form 6 from here.

Form 6A

This form is for those Indians who are residing outside India. Only those people are eligible for this form that have not given up their Indian citizenship and are eligible to vote.

 Form 8

For 8 can be used for updating/changing information related to a voter. This could be like change in the name or age or any other information that is significant. This form is very helpful even to the newly married women who will need to update their details post marriage.

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This form can be filled up only if your name is already in the electoral list. You can fill the form either during the revision period at Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency.

The form is made up of four sections where you will need to fill in all the details in your voter id card as well as the new information which you want to include in your card.

Form 8A

If you want to change the address on your already issued voter id card the use Form 8A. But you must remember one thing. The address change should be done only when the new and the old address are in the same constituency.

This form will be very handy especially for the newly married women who want to change to their address after marriage.

Form 7

Any individual who has objection to inclusion of a name in the electoral list have to use Form 7. This form can also be used in case of passing away or death of an individual.

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These are all the important forms that you should know irrespective of whether you want to register online for voter ID card or offline.

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