What are Voter ID Cards?

In the wake of trying to find answers to difficult questions, the most basic questions go unanswered like what are Voter ID Cards? This post will be dedicated completely to explaining to you from where the Voter ID’s come from, what is their purpose and other such fundamental questions. What are Voter ID Cards? The Voter ID Card or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is issued by the Election Commission of India with the main purpose of serving as a common age proof, Identity proof and … [Read more...]

How to Change my Name in my Voters ID Card

Hello friends, in this article we will discuss of How to Change your name in your Voters ID card. But before that you need to have a registered voter id card of yours. You can register yourself in voters list either by applying online through your respective state electoral websites and filling form 6 or filling the form 6 manually and submit it to your nearest electoral office in your city. There are some instances when we did some mistakes and then realize later. The same happens when … [Read more...]