What are Voter ID Cards?

In the wake of trying to find answers to difficult questions, the most basic questions go unanswered like what are Voter ID Cards? This post will be dedicated completely to explaining to you from where the Voter ID’s come from, what is their purpose and other such fundamental questions. What are Voter ID Cards? The Voter ID Card or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is issued by the Election Commission of India with the main purpose of serving as a common age proof, Identity proof and … [Read more...]

Various Ways To Check Your Voter ID Card Status

India is a democratic country and elections play a major role in the growth and development of India. A lot of mal ractices such as rigging and bogus voting take place during elections. To avoid such malpractices and promote fair elections the Election Commission of India came with the concept of Voter Id card. A Voter ID Card acts as a proof of identity allowing a person to vote and elect a candidate of their choice. It is one of the essential identity proofs for the Indian citizens. A voter … [Read more...]

How Much Time Does it Take to Issue Voter ID Cards?

By applying for Voter ID Cards, the new voters or citizens enter a whole new phase of life in which their decisions become synonymous with that of the whole democracy altogether. Their votes make or sometimes break the Governments and hence it is of utmost priority that these decisions are allowed to brew in an atmosphere with least influence and obstacles and maximum amount of brain storming. It is the duty of Election Commission of India to make sure that there is no rigidness in the way … [Read more...]

Delhi Assembly Election 2014, What to do if you forget your Voter ID Cards?

Delhi has been brimming with all the commotion of election activities since quite a few months, and now all this going to be concluded with the election commencing tomorrow that is on 4th December 2013. Amidst all the campaigning and accusations our voters must be having questions and dilemmas of their own. One of the most common mistakes made by the voters on the last minute before the election is forgetting their Voter ID Cards at home. Now since the E-Day is tomorrow and if you have, at the … [Read more...]