How Much Time Does it Take to Issue Voter ID Cards?

By applying for Voter ID Cards, the new voters or citizens enter a whole new phase of life in which their decisions become synonymous with that of the whole democracy altogether. Their votes make or sometimes break the Governments and hence it is of utmost priority that these decisions are allowed to brew in an atmosphere with least influence and obstacles and maximum amount of brain storming. It is the duty of Election Commission of India to make sure that there is no rigidness in the way various political parties conduct their political campaigns. By doing so, the commission hence checks that there is no undue or illegitimate influence on the voters like cash or kind gifts in return of votes. Apart from this influence, the ECI also has the duty to make sure that there are least number of obstacles for the voters to cast their votes. Therefore the quality of mechanisms that facilitate registration of voters and issuing of Voter ID Cards has been maintained at high levels. Although it is also the duty of the citizens who wish to apply for Voter ID Cards to check that their registration process is smooth and without any rigidness.

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How long does it take to issue Voter ID Cards?

The average time taken for issuing voter id cards depends on the method of registration chosen by the voter. There are a couple of ways in which a citizen could proceed with voter registration. The speediest and the easiest way for you to apply for an election card is when you apply for voter id card online.

This is because the online application saves you a trip to the election office and therefore saving you the hassle of lining up in long queues for long hours. Moreover, assessment of online application is also convenient for the election authorities, no wonder that it is done at much higher speeds than it is done for physical applications. Another option ,that is available for the citizens of Andhra Pradesh is to apply for Voter ID Cards through the newly established Mee-Seva centers.

Since the Voter ID Card finds its importance in the fact that is your passport to the polling booth, where you could cast your vote and hence affect the whole democracy by your choice of candidate. Since this one vote of yours symbolizes the choice of each ordinary citizen, it therefore determines the overall trend of choice of a candidate in the democracy. Having made you realize that how much important the process of voting is, it is therefore important for you to have an idea about the average time taken by the election authorities to issue Voter ID Cards from the day of registration or submission of application. So that the voters can plan their day of registration accordingly and do not miss the opportunity to cast their votes in the coming elections.

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How much time would the election office take to issue the Voter ID Cards.

To sum up, there are 3 major ways to apply for Voter ID Cards and that are:

  • Applying directly at the Election Office.
  • Applying online on the CEO Website of the voter’s state.
  • Applying at Mee-Seva Centres in Andhra Pradesh.

The fastest ways to apply being the Online Application and the Mee-Seva center. If you apply using these two methods, then it is highly likely that you would receive your Vote ID Card within 30 days from the day of your submission of the application form. Whereas if you go and apply straightaway from the CEO Office, it would take much more time, sometimes as much as 8-9 months. Therefore, if the elections are approaching i.e they are just a couple of months away, it is highly advisable that the citizens go for online application so that the voter id cards are issued just in time for them to be able to cast their votes.

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How can Voters ensure a smooth application process?

The voters can do so by:-

  • Filling the Voter Registration Forms with minimum amount of errors.
  • Not providing any falsified information.
  • Being well endowed with all the documents required for voter registration.
  • Constantly keeping a check on their application status so that any discrepancy or errors could be rectified with immediate effect.
  • Being patient and giving the authorities sufficient time to assess their Voter ID Card Application.
  • Making sure that their photograph and particulars in the Voters’ List are correct without even a single error.

By keeping these things in mind, the Voters not only minimize the number of obstacles in entry to the polling booth, the time in which they would receive their Voter ID Cards is also reduced by a considerable amount.

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  1. Sir maine apna voter card me correction krwaya 29june. Ajkl te time me sahi information hona bhut jruri. Jo mere voter card me nhi thi. Wo sb maine form8 bhar kr thik krwai. Pr abhi tk kuch reaction nhi. Kitna time lgta. Plz bta de

  2. I applied online at ceoaprems website 4months back till I didn’t get my voter card

    When will it get

  3. I have applied for voter ID in March 2017, but the application status is submitted , if I check CEO (Rajasthan) website it shows application pending what should I do

  4. Maine online voter application form 07 march 2017 ko fill kiya hai.Aur track status check karne par submitted show kar raha hai . main ye janana chhahata hun ki….. 1.voter id card kitne din me ban kar aa jayega ?
    2.Aur voter id application form status kaise check karenge ki abhi kaun sa process chal raha hai aur kitne dinon baad ban kar aa jaayega?

  5. I filled a form in month of July, 2016 for change of address. I have been called in the month of Novemeber. Then they said to come in January. Then they asked me to come after 15 days. They took my number and also said they will call me. Bt i have not received any calls. Atlast again i had to visit our nearby electoral office where they again took my number and ask me to come after 4 days. After 4 days they gave me me voter ID. Bt there were lot of mistakes. My middle name was something else, my address was something else. And more over when election came i was not eligible to vote bcoz they entered my name on 13th February, 2017. Which was not my mistake. Now i have applied for correction in my Voter ID on 22nd February, 2017. I got a mail on 02nd March, 2017 that my application has been submitted. Now how long does it going to take to get my proper Voter ID? I want to apply for passport also. Already from past 6 months i m waiting for it and again they have made mistakes..

  6. inspite of all the efforts a common citizen tries, it takes almost 3 to 6 months to get a voter id card issued, even if u apply online or offline,it hardly makes any difference.
    these facilities dont work at that speed as we want them to, probably coz of shortage of staff or some other reason.
    but i think from all the possible ways to get the id card (i.e online or offline)
    the best way i heard was to go to any MLA standing for elections, requst for an voter ID, submit documents, he will get ur ID ready in Maximun 25 days tops.
    but u have to vote for him ( this is how the sysytem works these days)
    its upto us on what way we want to choose.
    but seriously , this happens.

  7. sir my votor id card no 014a579f121311fbe.apply in online 30 September .and also check the votor status your application is under prosses .plz what the problem of my votor id card please answer

  8. My name is not in your database. I already have Voter id. I searched it by name as well as my Voter id No. also.

    PLz suggest me what to do..???

  9. i have filled online voter-id application and its status shows ,it got submitted . I had filled it in october 2016
    so,in how much time i gonna recieve my voter-id ?

  10. I have already listed in electroral but my voter card has been lost and i did’t know it’s epic number and other details. so i applied for new form 6 by the mistake. is it any punishable offence?

  11. Dear sir/Madam

    please for your information. i had applying my voter ID card by online reference no is 0149ea9f58898001d.

    Kindly arrange to issue my ID card as possible.

    Your trully
    R Ananda Kumar

  12. Sir i applied my voter I’d along with my wife’s voter I’d in their month of June 2016 in have still not received to whom should include contact my wife’s and my application are showing approved online.. Please advise..

  13. I have applied on 28 August 2016 , today is 19 Sep but it shows only ‘submitted’ word.
    Upto when I can get it , I applied it online.

  14. Sir i have applied for voter card on 5th july 2016 and it has not been dispatched yet and when i check my status it shows under process so what is the problem or what i can do to shortout this.

  15. I’ve applied for voter ID card a month ago..it’s still under process..my application no is 07538588. Can you please tell how many days still I have to wait.it was done with MRO ,RI and section officer too but,no change in status.getting irritated by this kind of thing please help me out

  16. Hello,
    I have applied for voter ID on 4/05/2016 and till now it is showing under process.
    My application no. Is 014798baeadba8ae3.
    Help me or tell me what to do..

  17. mee kandlula la naa kamandalam voter card details sariga ekkinchi ivvara edi sariga cheyaru gabbunayallu andaru kadu le bros kondaru ade voter card n adhar card tappu details rasi palle prajlni mosam chese gabbunayallu valla kallalo ………..appa cheppina pani sariga cheyyarra endukura prajaltho adukuntaru

  18. Please notify by e-mail on the status of application through TNVSP application id EI16372857. TN election date is scheduled for 16 MAY 2016. Would greatly appreciate issuing my card in time for me to cast my vote.
    Narasimhan Ramnath
    Mobile – 9840159540

  19. On 09th and 19th May 2015, we have applied for two new voter card’s one for myself and another for my wife on line portal but the status of voter card’s till date is being shown as submitted. We would like to know long will it take to complete the whole process so to reach the card at our end.

    • HI Nimmala Simhachalam,

      It typically does take a month to two months for the voter ID card to come out. ‘Submitted’ shows that they do have your submission but it is yet to be processed. Wait a few days more to see if that changes.

  20. 20-30 days, this bullshit, I have applied 6mnths before, 2months before our local aero officer came, he collected all my documents and after two mnths I have got a niyice that ur application has been rejected and the reason was person not residing, even though I had given all my docs to him on ny own.
    Its india… no work is done without corruption

    • Hi Aditya,

      I can understand your frustration. However not everything is based on corruption. The thing is while the Government and its officials may be slow to act on the pending Voter ID card applications, the sheer population of the country results in a very short staff and large applications. Still they do make sure your name is added to the voter list once the application is received by them.

      You may not receive the voter ID card in time or it may take a lot of time, but I think you should know, if you are are registered voter, which means your name is in the electoral roll, then you are eligible to vote even without your Voter ID Card. You can merely show your PAN Card, Driving License, Passport etc as ID proof and still cast your vote.

  21. I applied for id card online on November 11 while tracking the application still pending enquiry can u please suggest what i should do next.


  23. i applied at the age of 18 and received it at the age of 26 with many spelling errors how fast the govt works

  24. i had applied for voters identity card in first week of january. they told me that you will get your voters identity card in 15 to 20 days but now it has bees april 1st and i had not received my voter id yet,what should i do now?

  25. I Have applied for voter ID card on 12-11 2013.till now I did not receive my card. kindly tell me when I can receive my card

  26. Mera voter id card abhi tak nahi mila hai please mujhe bataiyen ki mjhe kisse milega my name Arjun yadav
    My Address Plot no.4 srinath nagar para rajajipuram lko My dob 03.03.1987 my mob.no. 9598842937


  1. […] The time taken for the issuance of the Election Commission of India identity card varies depending on the mode of application chosen by the voter. In case of online application it usually takes a month or two at maximum for all the formalities to be completed(this is because maintenance and assessment of application database is easier to do for online methods). For the offline methods of applying voter identity card it usually takes a couple of months more than the online method. Offline method takes more time for issuance because of a higher amount human labor involved. Therefore you must keep in mind the election dates in your state so as to synchronize your voter registration day to the voting day, so that you do not miss out on your voting right. ย For more information on time taken to issue voter id cards, Click Here. […]

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