An Insight to the Voter ID Card Registration in Tamil Nadu

During the course of this time when elections for the Lok Sabha are due this April, the Political Parties like AAP, Congress, BJP, etc. are busy gathering support from the common man. Whereas, we at www.VoterIDCard.org.in are passionate about enlightening those who wish to register themselves as voters and cast their Votes wisely. In this endeavor, we are trying to present articles about methods of Voter ID Card Registration in most of the states of our nation.

In this article, our focus is at one of the most important southern state, the state of Tamil Nadu. In this article we present to you an insight about what it takes to get a Voter ID Card in Tamil Nadu and how the whole system of Online registration works.

Tamil Nadu is a state of intellectuals, some of the greatest minds reside here or have been born here. Therefore it is more or less evident that the the general population probably has above average intellect in all respects, politically too. Therefore the choices made here, in terms of the type of party elected, does surely reflect what the sound and intelligent minds want. Hence it is really important that the people of Tamil Nadu are registered as voters in large numbers. If you are from this state and want to be a part of a really intelligent decision taking process by casting your vote in the Lok Sabha Election, here is what would catch your eye.

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How to Register Online for a Voter ID Card in Tamil Nadu?

By now, you must have understood the very first step for online registration for a voter id card in any state. For that you have to fill the online version of the Voter ID Card Form 6. This Online form could either be accessed from the CEO Website of your state or directly from the ECI Website viz. www.eci.nic.in.

For Voter ID Card Tamil Nadu, here is the direct link that would take you to the Online Registration section of CEO Website of this state:- http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/eregistration/

What it takes to be a voter and participate in the Democracy by casting a Vote in Tamil Nadu, here we enlighten the reader about Voter ID Card Registration

By clicking at the above link, you’ll be redirected to a page where you would have to choose from a host of online Voter Forms like the Form 6, Form 7, Form 8 and Form 8A. If your aim is to be a registered voter in Tamil Nadu, you would first have to get your name included in the electoral roll of your constituency. For that purpose, just click on the option saying ‘Form 6’.

By Clicking on Form 6, you shall be prompted to a page where you’d have to choose whether you already have an Electors Photo Identity Card or not. Click on the appropriate option and then you would be able to access the New Voter Registration Form 6 in its online form. You would need to upload a scanned photo of yourself under the appropriate section.

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Who all are eligible for Online Registration for Voter ID Card in Tamil Nadu?

The following people are eligible:-

  • People having a Valid E-Mail ID.
  • People turning 18 on the 1st of January of the year in which summary revision takes place.
  • Residents and Non NRIs. If you are an NRI, you would find information about voter registration here.

How is the Online Form different than the Physical Voter ID Card Form 6?

The Online Voter ID Card Form 6 in Tamil Nadu and all the other states is more or less the same as the one you would acquire from the office of the CEO. The only difference being the fact the Online Form 6 requires you to enter your valid e-mail ID and Mobile number.

I was not able to upload my photograph while applying online for my Voter ID Card in Tamil Nadu, would my application be rejected?

No, in this case your application would certainly not be rejected. Even if you forget to provide it while applying online you could do the same when the field staff arrives at your doorstep in order to verify your identity.

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Why does it take time for my application to be assessed?

The period of around 45 days that takes for your application to be assessed is because of the fact that your application has to be examined at multiple levels. As soon as you submit your application, you would receive an automated impression of your form via e-mail along with a unique application number. You would have 3 options which are:-

  1. Modify:- Change info in few sections of your application.
  2. Confirm:- Confirm that all the info is correct.
  3. Delete:- Reset the form and fill it from scratch.

Upon confirmation, your form would reach the e-mail id of the District Election Officer. Upon his approval and completion of formalities by the programmers and printing of the submission receipt, the application would henceforward be forwarded to the Electoral Roll Officer for the entry of this application into his register. The ERO would then direct the field staff at his office to verify the details of applicant hence verify his/her identity and get the signature. Once all these formalities are completed, the applicant could search his name in the electoral roll of his/her constituency to make sure that he has successfully completed his application process for the Voter ID Card in Tamil Nadu.

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  1. I applied for Voters ID card on line in the month of Oct-13 for wife daughter and self………….Wife got the EPIC number withen a week but daughter and myself did not get the number even after 3 months ……..Whom and how can i check the status of the pending application.

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