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The Election Commission of India was setup on 25th January 1950 and to mark this, the day is celebrated as National Voter's day every Year. It is a┬áconstitutional authority responsible for administering election processes to┬áLok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislatures and the offices of President and Vice President in India. The first general Elections post Independence took place during 1951-52 and the latest General Elections took place in the year 2014. One can observe a lot of transformation … [Read more...]

The Success Story of Election Commission of India in 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014, being touted as the biggest democratic election in the electoral history of the world is not fallacious at all. The India General Election 2014 indeed turned out to be a huge success both in terms of Voter Participation and the electoral outcome in the form of the mandate. Reasons pitched for such a large scale of elections include the anti-incumbency of the UPA Government and also the frustration of the Indian citizens with the issues like corruption, inflation, … [Read more...]