Election Commission of Delhi and its Uselfulness

Delhi, the capital of India, is an important Union Territory for many other reasons too. Important national movements and political parties have arisen from the grounds of Delhi. The recent movement against corruption led by Anna Hazare and its political counterpart movement in the form of the Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal are some of the examples of such movements and parties that have a potential to affect the nationwide democratic politics. Therefore the regulation of free and fair … [Read more...]

Role Of Social Media In Elections And Election Commission Of India

In the run up to the 16th Lok Sabha elections, a lot of attention was paid to conversations on social media, measuring which politicians were trending in search volume and counting retweets and followers. The first-time voters, many of whom form part of the 'connected' generation - numbered around 150 million this year, and most parties took steps to reach out to voters online and on social media. Social Media And Its Role In Elections The World Wide Web (WWW) turned 25 years in the month of … [Read more...]

CEO Andhra – His role in Elections and Voter ID Card process

The separation of Telangana has been in news for a long time and combined with the Lok sabha elections, it has played a major role in the development and politics of our democratic country. In India, elections are conducted in accordance with the Constitution of India. In this article we are going to cover all aspects of Election Commission of Andhra Pradesh and Election News related to Lok Sabha Elections 2014 in Andhra Pradesh. CEO Andhra and Election Commission Of AP The Assembly of Andhra … [Read more...]

The Success Story of Election Commission of India in 2014

Lok Sabha Elections 2014, being touted as the biggest democratic election in the electoral history of the world is not fallacious at all. The India General Election 2014 indeed turned out to be a huge success both in terms of Voter Participation and the electoral outcome in the form of the mandate. Reasons pitched for such a large scale of elections include the anti-incumbency of the UPA Government and also the frustration of the Indian citizens with the issues like corruption, inflation, … [Read more...]

Exit Polls: Lok Sabha Elections 2014

As the Lok sabha Elections have finally wound up on 12th may the exit polls are making the headlines round of various news channels and newspapers. This Election was for the post of Prime Minister in India which plays a major role in a democratic country like ours. What Is An Exit Poll Exit polls are a sample of poll taken of a number of voters as they leave a polling place. It is used especially to predict the outcome of an election. Exit Polls Are They Necessary? Exit polls have to be … [Read more...]

Latest News About Elections In Andhra Pradesh And CEO Andhra

Andhra Pradesh Elections Lok Sabha Elections is a major milestone in the history and development of India. And the separation of Telangana has also been in news, so these two major factors play a big role in our development and electing the prime minister of this largest democratic country. In India elections are conducted in accordance with the Constitution of India. The Assembly of Andhra Pradesh creates laws regarding the conduct of local body elections while any changes by the state … [Read more...]