Here’s What the Kids of these Famous Politicians are upto these days

Love them or hate them, one just cannot ignore the politicians. It always evinces great interest to know what’s happening in their personal lives. Their kith and kin are always in the limelight and even a small happening in their lives attracts great attention in the mainstream media. When it comes to their kids, all the famous politicians make sure they get an important position in the society. Here's What the Kids of these Famous Politicians are upto these days Here is the list of some of … [Read more...]

By Election results 2015

A By-election is also known by the name of Special Election. This Election is basically held between general elections to fill a vacant seat of a member of legislative assembly in a particular constituency as a result of his/her incompetency, unfortunate demise or made to vacate their seat due to some criminal proceeding against them. (Source: Wikipedia) It won’t be unfair to state that most of the By-elections held in India are either go unnoticed or they are ignored by the grandness of … [Read more...]

What are the Terms of Houses of Parliament in India

In this Article, we will cover the basic aspects of Indian Parliament, its different houses and terms of houses. So carefully read this article and enhance your knowledge about different houses of Indian Parliament. The Indian Parliament, representing as it does all politically organized shades of public opinion at the national level, holds significantly top and vital position in our nation's whole constitutional structure. Over the years, Indian Parliament has created for itself a very unique … [Read more...]

Ab Ki Baar, Kiski Sarkaar?(Delhi Assembly elections 2015)

Feb 7th 2015 is going to decide the fate of Delhi. Be it the Aam Aadmi Party, The Indian National Congress or for that matter Bharatiya Janta Party everyone in Delhi is trying their level best to woo the voters and get the crown but who is Delhi going to select; Ab ki baar..Delhi mein kis ki sarkaar? Political Parties in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 For any voter who is about to be a part of the assembly elections, it is very important for them to know the people who are fighting the … [Read more...]

Kiran Bedi to Contest Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Anna Hazare headed the famous India against corruption campaign, a few years back. The movement surely caught the attention of millions who were intimidated by the idea of bringing back the black money to India and by the idea of zero corruption in the nation. Surely, he was not alone in the battle. Along with the millions of citizens of India, many other strong personalities stood with the social activist. Two of these personalities have been a bit more recognizable in the recent times. The … [Read more...]

What Were the Results of Assembly Elections 2014?

October 15th was a very important day for the Indian democratic and political scenario. This is because two states i.e Maharashtra and Haryana help Assembly elections 2014. The agenda seemed to be change. People voted for a change in the governance for good. Huge voter turn out was witnessed in both the states. In Haryana, the voter turn out was 75.8 which was the highest ever witnessed in the history. In Maharashtra, the turn out was huge but not at par with the turn out witnessed in the Lok … [Read more...]