What Were the Results of Assembly Elections 2014?

October 15th was a very important day for the Indian democratic and political scenario. This is because two states i.e Maharashtra and Haryana help Assembly elections 2014. The agenda seemed to be change. People voted for a change in the governance for good. Huge voter turn out was witnessed in both the states. In Haryana, the voter turn out was 75.8 which was the highest ever witnessed in the history. In Maharashtra, the turn out was huge but not at par with the turn out witnessed in the Lok … [Read more...]

Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 Results

The Maharashtra assembly election 2014 voting just got concluded yesterday that was 15th October 2014. Millions of voters from the cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, etc. flocked to the polling stations in order to voice their opinion. High voter turnouts showcased the reality about the enthusiasm of the citizens towards this important democratic event. So now the excitement is all about which political party has won and which is going to form the new govt. of Maharashtra for the 2014 … [Read more...]