What Were the Results of Assembly Elections 2014?

October 15th was a very important day for the Indian democratic and political scenario. This is because two states i.e Maharashtra and Haryana help Assembly elections 2014. The agenda seemed to be change. People voted for a change in the governance for good. Huge voter turn out was witnessed in both the states. In Haryana, the voter turn out was 75.8 which was the highest ever witnessed in the history. In Maharashtra, the turn out was huge but not at par with the turn out witnessed in the Lok Sabha elections. Nevertheless, the assembly elections 2014 voting day could easily be touted as historic. The power of the voter id card was witnessed as people behaved as good and responsible citizens and headed out to the polling stations in large numbers.

Campaigning done by all the major political parties like Congress, BJP. Shiv Sena, NCP, INLD etc. was exhilarating. On the other hand, the efforts of the election commission of India and state CEOs was also commendable. These authorities left no stone un-turned in order to ensure easy voter registration of as many people as it was possible. Maharashtra even achieved a cent percent number of voter id card viz. each voter was issued a voter id card. Even for those who did not get/collect their voter id card but had their names in the voter lists, provisions for voting in the assembly elections 2014, without voter id card were made by the means of alternate documents.

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The scale of these elections was indeed immense. Now let us get back to the point. All the voting was done in order to vote, support and elect new leaders or keep the efficient ones from the last time. Hence, the results of assembly elections 2014 are of immense importance to all the voters in Maharashtra and Haryana. The counting of votes took place on 19th October 2014. The exit polls’ results predicted a BJP led government in both the states. Now let us see how well have these exit polls have been able to predict the government formation in these 2 states where the assembly elections 2014 took place.

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 Results

Our previous post elaborated on the analysis of the election statistics like exit polls and voter turn out. Here are the actual results of assembly elections 2014 in Maharashtra.

assembly elections 2014 results for Haryana and Maharashtra

288 seats were available for contest in this state for the Vidhan Sabha house of the parliament. Out of these 288 the most number of seats went to Bhartiya Janta Party i.e BJP lead by Amit Shah and campaigned for by the hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendrea Modi. BJP sweeped 122 seats in this state for assembly elections 2014. The former ally Shiv Sena also bagged 63 seats. Congress had to settle for just 42 seats whereas NCP and others getting 41 and 20 seats respectively. According to the internet news sources PM Modi may have accepted the Sena’s proposal to re-tie the bond between the parties and we may as well witness a BJP and Shiv Sena coalition govt. in the state of Maharashtra.

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Comparison with Maharashtra 2009 Assembly Elections

In the previous assembly elections in 2009, BJP had only managed to get 46 seats. This year it saw an improvement of almost 76 seats in Maharashtra assembly elections 2014. Shiv Sena moved from 44 seats in 2009 to 63 in 2014, an improvement of 19 seats. Congress was the largest party in the 2009 assembly elections of Maharashtra, getting 82 seats. It has suffered a loss of 40 seats. NCP too suffered a loss of 21 seats along with the other parties.

CEO website for Maharashtra: – ceo.maharashtra.gov.in

Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 Results

One thing common with Haryana and Maharashtra is the fact that both of these states were under the Congress party’s governance. This time the people of Haryana too favored Narendra Modi’s campaigning and hence handed over the mandate to BJP with full majority. BJP scored a huge 47 out of 90 seats available for contest in the Haryana assembly elections 2014. That is 2 more than the number of full majority. Former Haryana CM Om Prakash Chautala’s Indian National Lok Dal scores a meagre 19 seats. Congress too suffered a major set back with it winning on as low 15 seats. Other parties won 9 of the 90 seats.

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Comparison with Haryana 2009 Assembly Elections

The amusing part about the results of the Haryana Assembly elections 2014 is the fact the Bhartiya Janta Party had just won 4 seats in the 2009 assembly elections as compared to the 47 this year. That is a complete wave of change for the state. Congress had scored an astounding 40 seats in 2009 and this year it suffered a major set back by losing a huge 25 seats in Haryana assembly elections 2014. INLD had won 19 seats in 2009 and hence with 19 seats this year, it has suffered a loss of 12 seats. Other parties lost 6 seats in the 2014 elections as compared to 2009. Others had scored 15 seats in assembly elections 2009.

CEO Website for Haryana: – www.ceoharyana.nic.in

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