Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 Results

The Maharashtra assembly election 2014 voting just got concluded yesterday that was 15th October 2014. Millions of voters from the cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, etc. flocked to the polling stations in order to voice their opinion. High voter turnouts showcased the reality about the enthusiasm of the citizens towards this important democratic event. So now the excitement is all about which political party has won and which is going to form the new govt. of Maharashtra for the 2014 Vidhan Sabha. We must tell you that the Maharashtra Assembly election 2014 results are going to officially be announced on 19th October 2014 i.e on Sunday this week.

Then what do we present in this article? Here we present to you the detailed analysis about which party could possibly be declared the largest one on this Sunday and hence announced as the winner. We bring to you the exit poll results from various reliable agencies. No claim is being made about the authenticity or accuracy of these Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 results of exit polls. Nevertheless, the truth shall be know on the 19th October 2014. Till then here are the facts and exit polls that would help you predict the possible results.

When are the Maharashtra assembly electiont 2014 results announced?

Exit Polls Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 Results

With the Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 results declaration day being just a day ahead there is not much need to trust the accuracy of the exit polls. The truth shall be uncovered soon and a new govt. would be elected in Maharashtra. But still there is no harm in analyzing what these exit polls have to say. This would surely help the voters test the credibility of the survey agencies who conduct these polls.

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Here are the results from various exit polls that predict the Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 Results. Nearly all theses polls predict BJP(Bhartiya Janta Party) as the single largest party. That means if we go by the exit poll results for the Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections then BJP is going to emerge victorious in these elections.  There are 288 Vidhan Sabha seats in Maharashtra, below are the results of different polls.

Here are the different exit polls and their predicted Maharashtra assembly election 2014 Results: –

  • C-Voter Exit Poll(Telecast on Zee News & Times Now)- BJP predicted to capture 129 of the 288 seats. Shiv Sena to get 56 seats. Congress to settle with 43 seats. NCP and MNS may get 36 seats & 12 seats respectively while the remaining 12 to go to the other parties.
  • AC Nielson(Telecast on ABP News) predicts BJP to get 127 seats, Shiv Sena 77, Congress to get 40 seats, NCP 34 seats and MNS may get 5 seats.
  • India TV exit poll predicts BJP to get anywhere between 124-134 seats, Shiv Sena to get between 51-61 seats, Congress 38-48 seats, NCP to capture around 31-41 seats, MNS and others being pitched to get no more than 9 to 15 seats each.
  • Chanakya Exit poll(Telecast on News24 Channel) has the following predictions- 151 seats for BJP, 71 for Shiv Sena, Congress to capture 27 while NCP to setlle with 28 seats out of the total of 288. MNS predicted to get around 11 seats according to this exit poll.
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Therefore the exit poll surveys do indicate towards formation of BJP govt. as the Maharashtra assembly election 2014 results. The succeeding sections cover more facts and figures about these elections.

Voter Turn Out for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

Voter turn out is a great measure to analyze the scale of the election. It also is a good measure to understand the level of enthusiasm of the voters. So this time in Maharashtra, the voter turn out for assembly elections 2014 was indeed high. Till 6 P.M. nearly 64 percent of the voters had already cast their voters. The highest voter turn out was witnessed for the Kolhapur’s Radhanagari district viz. about 58 percent. Ramtek constituency in Nagpur witness the lowest voter turn out of only 13.61 percent.

Mumbai voters came out in good numbers too. By 5 P.M. 48 % of the voter force had already cast their votes. The number did go down during noon but then again rose by the evening. The state of Haryana also held the assembly elections 2014 and attained its highest even voter turn out of 75.9 percent.

Candidates and Agenda for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

Some of the controversies like the snap of ties between major political parties like Congress+NCP and BJP+Shiv Sena did fuel up the aggression in the campaigning done by these front running parties. Apart from that, Congress tried to weigh upon the development work done by the Congress NCP alliance in the past 15 years of their government in Maharashtra. BJP relied heavily upon the campaigning and rallied lead by Mr. Narendra Modi, the honorable prime minister of India. Prithiviraj Chavan, the foregoing Chief Minister of this state seemed confident of his party’s victory in the polls due to his belief in the quality of work done by the govt. for the welfare of Maharashtra.

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The exit polls predict BJP as the winning party. It seems like the Maharashtra assembly election 2014 results would bring good news for the party. This conjecture has already lead to speculations about the new chief minister of this state. With no specific news about the front runner of the post from BJP, we would have to wait until 19th of October 2014. Only when the actual results announced, we can have some concrete information about the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The results predicted by the various exit polls may or may not reflect figures as accurately as the actual Maharashtra assembly election 2014 results. As soon as the results are announced, we shall come out with another article with names of the winners in the Maharashtra as well as Haryana assembly elections.

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