Latest News About Maharashtra Elections 2014

This month, Maharashtra is going to witness Assembly elections 2014. These elections have tremendous importance in shaping up the future of this state. Economically and culturally important cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, etc. are a part of Maharashtra. Therefore, these elections double up as an opportunity for the citizens to make their opinion count and elect a game changing government. Even if the citizens are satisfied with the work done by the ex-government, they must not sit idle and rather go and again vote. Hence, here are some very important headlines about Maharashtra elections 2014 from all over the important.

all the latest news about maharashtra elections 2014

News About the Candidates for Maharashtra Elections 2014

Last month i.e in September, the major national political parties like BJP, Congress, Shiv-Sena and NCP came out with the names of candidates who would contest the Maharashtra elections 2014 for the assembly. We did previously come out with an article mentioning the list of BJP candidates. Out of the 288 seats available for contest in Maharashtra, Congress party is going to nominate candidates for nearly all of them since they are no longer in an alliance with the NCP led by Mr. Sharad Pawar. Same is true for BJP(Bhartiya Janta Party) which also snapped its alliance with the Shiv-Sena. Now here is the list of Congress candidates nominated for Assembly elections 2014, on the same page, you would find the list of candidates nominated by 2 other major political parties namely, MNS as well as NCP.

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Financial Background News for the Maharashtra Elections 2014 Candidates

Recently a controversy or maybe just a conjecture arose regarding the financial backgrounds of some of the nominated candidates. Some news reports claimed that the candidates belonging to Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) were the richest with many having assets worth crores of rupees. To be specific, news reports claim Mohit Kamboj of BJP as the richest candidates amongst all the 1356 assembly election candidates in Maharashtra. The affidavit filed by this candidate declares assets worth Rs. 353.53 crores. The second richest candidate for Maharashtra elections 2014 also belongs to the same political party. Re-contesting from the posh Malabar hill area of Mumbai, Prabhat Lodha has declared approx. 199 crore of assets. Abu Azham from Samajwadi Party also joins the club of richest candidate list. The Congress party candidates, on the other hand, are declared to be in the list of poorest candidates.

Although financial background of a candidate is the least important thing you would want to consider while casting your vote in these elections but still, it is a fairly important chunk of information. Such information does help in researching the background of the candidate contesting election from your constituency in Haryana.

Schedule for Maharashtra Elections 2014

There are about 8.3 Crore(83 Million) prospected voters entered into the voter list 2014 for Maharashtra. Such a huge gallantry of voters(all geared up with their voter id card or voter slips) is expected to come out to the polling booths and cast their votes in the Maharashtra elections 2014 for assembly on 15th of October 2014(single phase). This would hence be the 13th elected assembly for this state. The counting of votes would be concluded on the 19th of October 2014.

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The last date for taking back nomination was 1st October 2014 and the last day of filling nomination was 27th September 2014. This means that the given lists of candidates contesting assembly Maharashtra elections 2014 is certainly the final one. Although Maharashtra has already been brought under the president’s rule, the current assembly would be suspended on 8th November 2014.

About new voter registration, it is fairly reasonable to assume that online applications are closed. The reason being the fact that the elections are just a few weeks away and moreover the final electoral roll has been prepared for Maharashtra elections 2014. For future reference, you can visit ceo.maharashtra.gov.in and apply online to become a voter in the near future. You must be an adult Indian citizen living in Maharashtra in order to be eligible to become a voter there and hence receive your voter id card Maharashtra.

Check Name in Maharashtra Voter List 2014

If you want to make your opinion count by voting in the coming assembly elections, you must be a registered voter in Maharashtra. Who is a registered voter, you ask? If you have your name in the voter list of your constituency then you certainly are a registered voter. How to check that? To check your name in the Maharashtra voter list 2014, you can visit the official CEO Maharashtra website. There, in the citizens’ corner, you can find 2 following options that would help you access the Maharashtra voter list 2014 and hence check your name in it: –

  • Final electoral roll PDFs(Partwise)- This option would help you the PDF version of the voter list Maharashtra. You can search for PDF selecting your district, assembly and part. CLICK HERE
  •  Search your name in the final electoral roll 2014- This option would directly tell you whether or not your voter id details are present in the voter list 2014 of your constituency. You can either search your name ID Card number wise or name wise. When you select the name wise option, you would have to select whether you want to search your name in the district voter list or Assembly voter list. After selecting the appropriate option, you can enter your first, last and middle name and click ‘Search’. When you select the ID Card wise option to search your name in the Maharashtra voter list 2014 then you would just need to select your district and enter your voter id card number before clicking ‘search’. CLICK HERE

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