Voter ID Card Maharashtra

Maharashtra as the name suggest is made up of 2 words “Maha” and “Rashtra” literally means Great State. Maharashtra is situated in the western region of India. Maharashtra is home to around 110 million people with Mumbai alone inhabits 18 million which is the capital of this state. Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is also the Economic capital of India and headquarters of all major banks. Indian Film Industry “Bollywood” has its root here. Maharashtra provides great business opportunities … [Read more...]

CEO Maharashtra: Complete Information and Helpdesk

Maharashtra is a state in western India.It has over 110 million inhabitants and its capital, Mumbai, has a population of approximately 18 million. Mumbai is also the financial capital of the nation and the headquarters of all major banks, financial institutions and insurance companies in the country. Maharashtra's business opportunities along with its potential to offer a higher standard of living attract migrants from all over India. That reminds me, I plan to settle in Mumbai when I grow up... … [Read more...]

Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014 Results

The Maharashtra assembly election 2014 voting just got concluded yesterday that was 15th October 2014. Millions of voters from the cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, etc. flocked to the polling stations in order to voice their opinion. High voter turnouts showcased the reality about the enthusiasm of the citizens towards this important democratic event. So now the excitement is all about which political party has won and which is going to form the new govt. of Maharashtra for the 2014 … [Read more...]

Latest News About Maharashtra Elections 2014

This month, Maharashtra is going to witness Assembly elections 2014. These elections have tremendous importance in shaping up the future of this state. Economically and culturally important cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, etc. are a part of Maharashtra. Therefore, these elections double up as an opportunity for the citizens to make their opinion count and elect a game changing government. Even if the citizens are satisfied with the work done by the ex-government, they must not sit … [Read more...]

List of BJP Candidates Contesting Maharashtra Assembly Elections

Maharashtra is going through a major change in its political landscape. Recently, the news that the alliance between two major parties BJP and Shiv Sena has ended, surfaced the news channels, papers and internet. If this news was not sensational enough, the ruling alliance of NCP and Indian National Congress also came to an end. Thus, leaving Maharashtra without a government and an imposed president's rule. Among all these news pieces, the citizens of Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Pune and all the … [Read more...]

Complete Guide to the Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014 are soon going to start. It is that time of the year for the people living in this state, when they must get voter id cards and ensure they are registered so as to ensure their voting right. The importance of voting in these elections is immense because your one vote is going to decide the fate of Maharashtra for the next 5 years. So here we guide you about everything from applying for a voter id card in Maharashtra to checking your application status and … [Read more...]