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Maharashtra as the name suggest is made up of 2 words “Maha” and “Rashtra” literally means Great State. Maharashtra is situated in the western region of India. Maharashtra is home to around 110 million people with Mumbai alone inhabits 18 million which is the capital of this state.

Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is also the Economic capital of India and headquarters of all major banks. Indian Film Industry “Bollywood” has its root here. Maharashtra provides great business opportunities which attracts people from different parts of our nation as well as from Outside India. Maharashtra has 288 Assembly Constituencies and 48 Parliamentary Constituencies.

According to electoral roll, the total number of registered voter are 8.25 crore of which 4,40,26,401 voters are men, 3,93,63,011 are women,  984 are in the “others” category and 1,47,718 service voters. There are a total of 91,376 polling booths in Maharashtra. For 2014 Maharashtra Elections the voter turnout recorded was 64%.

With the conclusion of Maharashtra Election recently, where BJP forms the government under the leadership of “Devendra Fadnavis”, so there is no upcoming election scheduled for Maharashtra. So if you don’t have a Voter ID card Maharashtra then it is best time to apply for it to avoid Rush during Election Periods.

How to apply for Voter ID Card Maharashtra?

To apply for Voter ID Card Maharashtra, you can generally have to follow these two methods, process for whom are mentioned below:

METHOD 1: Online Application

  1. Visit Maharashtra’s CEO Website

    Voter-ID-Card-Maharashtra CEO Website

  2. On the Login Page, click on Online Voter Registration.
  3. If you are registering for the first time to add your name, click on Form 6.

    Voter-ID-Card-Maharashtra Registration Link

  4. After clicking on form 6, you are required to fill it online. As you can see in the image below, you are asked to fill from which state you belong, your constituency, all your personal and residential details and details of any of your family member already registered with electoral roll.
  5. Now upload all the supporting documents, fill the declaration and click on Submit.

Address Proof (any one):

  • Ration Card/Passport/Driving license/Income tax return filed
  • Bank/Kisan/Post Office Current Pass Book
  • Latest Telephone/Electricity/water bill in the name of the applicant or in immediate relation’s name

Identification Proof (any one):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving License
  • Passport/PAN card
  • High school Certificate

In case you are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the Online Process then you can also apply offline by downloading Form 6 from the CEO Maharashtra Official Website. Log on to the website and click on the ‘Download Forms’ option located in the bottom left side of the screen. Fill the form properly and submit it at your nearest Voter’s Help Centres (VHC) along with all relevant documents.

Voter ID Card Status Maharashtra

If you are done with the above process then let me be the first to congratulate you. You are now just one step away before you get your voter id card in your hand which is Officer Level Verification. In the meanwhile, you can also wait or can check for the status of your Application. For this, you need to log in to Maharashtra’s CEO website and click on New Form Status as shown in image below.

Voter-ID-card-Maharashtra New form Status

You will be directed to the voters search module. Type your Application Number and submit it to know your application status or you can do it by providing your name, district, Assembly constituency, Part Number and submit it.

Duplicate Voter ID Card Maharashtra

Voter ID Card is a very important document as a proof of genuineness. It is therefore necessary to keep it safe. But somehow if you have lost your Voter ID Card, you need to visit your nearest Election Commission Office and ask for Form 2.

You need to fill all the details, but before submitting it to your nearest VHC or Assembly Electoral office, you need to file a FIR for the loss of your Voter ID Card. Attach a copy of FIR, address and Identity Proof along with Form 2 and then Submit it.

You will receive your new Voter ID Card, once the verification process completes.

Voter ID Card Correction Maharashtra

Sometimes it is possible that you need to do corrections in your EPIC due to one or many reasons:

  • Spelling Mistakes while entering your name/address/any other particular.
  • Wrongly specified age or Date of Birth.
  • Any other wrongly entered particular.

So, you need to act quickly and make corrections in your Voter ID card, for which you need to visit the CEO Maharashtra Website and repeat all the process that you had followed while applying for new Voter ID card, except that in this case you need to Click and submit for Form 8.

You can also do it with your hand i.e. manually. All you need is Form 8. Go to CEO Maharashtra website, click on ‘Download Forms’ option and download Form 8. Fill the details required and also attach a proof of correct information. You should attach an address proof and an age proof along with the application form. Submit the duly filled form at your nearest VHC or Electoral office of your constituency assembly. If the mistake was done by Election official, the correction will be done free of charge and if the mistake is from your end, you have to pay some amount of money.

Changes in Voter ID Card Maharashtra

Form 8 is used to change the address, you should use this form only when you want to change errors in the electoral roll, such as mistyping’s, spelling errors in address, and similar wrong data. But, to change the Part Number (which refers to the polling booth) or for Voter ID address change entirely, you should fill Form 8A. Ensure you follow all the formalities prior to the download.

You can made changes either through Online or Offline. In Online method you have to repeat all the process which you had already done for new Voter ID Registration, except here you have to click and fill all the information for Form 8A.

You can also do it in Offline way, by downloading Form 8A from CEO Maharashtra Website and submitting it to nearest Electoral Office of your constituency manually.

When form 8A is downloaded, you should:

  • Fill Part I, by specifying:
    • Part Number and Serial Number of the voter list where you are already registered.
    • Electors Photo Identity Card Number (EPIC)
    • Relation’s Name
  • Fill Part II, by specifying:
    • Address of the new place of residence
  • Fill Part IV, by specifying:
    • Part Number of the new area or polling booth where you want to exercise your franchise

You need to submit the form along with proof of address, such as a rent bill, electric bill, or telephone bill of the new place and a copy of the voter ID card. A Booth Level Officer (BLO) may visit your house to verify the form and ultimately, change the address and the polling booth (if necessary).

Removing Names from Electoral List Maharashtra

Names are generally removed from Electoral List in case of Deaths or change in constituency (in different states) by removing their name and then applying afresh in new constituency. For this you need to fill and Submit Form 7.

There are 2 ways of doing this: Online and Offline.

Again in Online way, all you need is to visit Maharashtra’s CEO website, follow all the process which had followed while applying for new voter ID card, except here you need to fill form 7 and submit it.

In Offline way all you need is to do visit this link, download Form 7, fill it and submit it to the ERO of your Assembly Constituency.

If you have shifted to a new constituency within the same state and want to remove your name then, you’ll have to fill Form 6.

Voter Search Maharashtra

To Search for your or your Family’s Name in your State’s Electoral List. All you need is to visit CEO Maharashtra Website and click on “Search your Name in Final Electoral Roll 2015” or, you can click on the following link:

Voter-ID-Card-Maharashtra Voter search

You have the option to search the name either by the Name of the Voter or by providing Id number. Tick the relevant option and provide all the details that is asked for in the screen.

CEO Maharashtra Website

The direct link for CEO Maharashtra Website is given below:


This is the only place from where you will get all the information regarding whatever discussed above. This website provides you all the details of past general or assembly elections, Election Results, General Information, Link to RTI, Aadhar-EPIC Seeding, Voter help Centres, Assembly Maps, etc.

You can also found Online Complaint options and contact information of officials.

Voter ID Card Maharashtra For:

The most searched or looked up forms in CEO Maharashtra Website are mentioned below:

  • FORM 6: Inclusion of name in Electoral Roll
  • FORM 6A: Inclusion of name in Electoral Roll by overseas electors
  • FORM 7: Objection for inclusion or seeking deletion of name from electoral list
  • FORM 8: Correction of entries
  • FORM 8A: Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll
  • BLA 1: Application for Appointment of Booth Level Agents
  • FORM 18: Claim for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll for Graduates’ constituency
  • FORM 19: Claim for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll for Teachers’ constituency.
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