Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 Important Dates, Facts & Information

Harayana Assembly Elections 2014 are almost here. All the voters, leaders, political parties and workers are gearing up for it. The present CM of Haryana, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda is trying to bank upon his development works in the state to re-capture the public support. On the other hand, BJP is relying upon the Narendra Modi wave and his work in the past few months as the Prime Minister of India. Former Haryana chief minister, Mr. Om Prakash Chautala and his party itself is not far behind in the campaigning work to catch the attention of the voters.

No matter how much campaigning is done, the people of Haryana would only vote for the party/leadership which they think is honest and efficient. Nevertheless, this article is completely dedicated to the voters of this state. Here, we provide you with all the important dates, facts, information and updates from the election commission in regards with the upcoming Haryana assembly elections 2014.

important dates and facts for Haryana assembly elections 2014

Date of Voting for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

The model code of conduct has already been implemented in the state by the election commission of India. The voting day for Harayan assembly elections has been set to be 15th October 2014 with the results being declared on the 19th October 2014(The day for counting of votes). All the elaborate schedule and dates have been mentioned in one of our previous articles.[ALSO READ- Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 dates and schedule]. The final date(before which all the election formalities need to completed) is 22nd October 2014

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The final and revised voters’ list Haryana 2014 was published on 31st July 2014. As on this date, the total number of voters in Haryana is identified to be 1,61,58,117. That means this state has a tremendous number of voters. We highly recommend the CEO Haryana to adopt enormous and efficient measure to bring out majority of this number of voters to the polling stations on 15th October which is the main polling day.

Voter ID Cards for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014

In a press release by the Election Commission of India identifies the voter id card coverage percentage in Haryana as 100 percent. This means that officially, all the voters in this state have been issued voter id cards. We can hence expect a very high voting percentage for the coming Haryana assembly elections 2014. This would be a triumphant moment for the election commission and CEO Haryana alike.

For all the voters who have still not collected their EPICs(electors photo identity cards) in this state, they are advised to collect them as soon as possible. They can contact their Electoral registration officer(ERO) urgently for this matter. Even if some of the voters fail to procure the voter id cards, the commission would also allow a list of other documents which could be used in place of the voter id cards at the polling station so that none of the eligible voters are denied their right to vote.

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Vote Without Voter ID Cards in the Haryana Assembly Elections

As we previously mentioned, the election commission has provisions for voters who fail to procure or misplace their voter id cards before the Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 voting day. The provision is that these can voters can easily use other documents to gain access to the polling booth and cast their vote. There is a list of acceptable documents published by the election commission Haryana. So if you have lost your EPIC or forgot to collect it from the ERO then you can use any one of the documents given below.

Alternate Documents for Casting Your Vote in the Haryana Assembly Elections

Here is the list of alternate documents you can use in pace of voter id card to vote in the Haryana assembly elections 2014

  • Passport;
  • Driving License;
  • Service Identity Card with photograph issued to employees by State/Central government, Public Sector Units(PSUs)/Public limited companies;
  • Passbooks with photograph issued by bank/post office;
  • PAN Card;
  • Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR;
  • Aadhar Card;
  • MNREGA Job card;
  • Health insurance smart card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour;
  • Pension document with photograph;
  • Authenticated voter slip issued by the election machinery.

Therefore, if you have any one of the above listed documents then you could stay assured that you would not be denied your right to vote and make your opinion count to elect or re-elect the new government in Haryana.

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Can you Vote if you Have Wrong Details on Voter ID Card Haryana?

In case you have errors in your voter id card Haryana like a wrong photograph or incorrect address, name, age, etc. You can apply for corrections or rectification of errors through form no. 8. But, this procedure would take at least a few months to conclude. Considering the proximity of the Haryana assembly elections 2014, you can not simply afford such a delay in correction of errors. Although, you can still cast your vote even with a wrong voter id card. You simply have to present an alternate proof of identity(choose from the list given in the previous section) at the polling station and if the polling officer is able to verify your identity, you would face no obstacle in exercising your franchise to vote in the Haryana assembly elections 2014. Hence the election commission of Haryana has a solution of most of the possible grievances that the voters may face.

You can keep yourself updated with all the further updates released by the Election Commission of India and CEO Haryana on the official website ceoharyana.nic.in Also, make sure to check out this blog regularly for all the latest coverage of Assembly elections in Haryana as well as Maharashtra.

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