How is Online Voter ID Card Verification done?

Exercising the right to vote or Adult Franchise by the common man is the ultimate thing that decides the fate of the Nation. Every citizen who crossed the age of 18 has the voting right according to the 61st amendment of Indian Constitution and he/she should exercise it. For one to exercise his right to vote, he needs to be enlisted in the Electoral rolls and should possess the Voter ID Card or Election Card which is issued by the Election Commission of India. Earlier, to get the Voter ID Card, it was a time consuming process which was basically offline process. With the advent of digitalisation and the efforts of Election Commission of India, getting a Voter ID Card has become simple and quicker. It can be applied by filling form6 online through the National Voter’s Service Portal, www.nvsp.in . However, after applying online for Voter ID Card, a process for verification of the documents will be done. This article talks about how Online Voter ID Card Verification is done and how to get it done without any issues.

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online-voter-id-card-verificationHow is Online Voter ID Card Verification done?

Let us begin with what the form6 in NVSP contains and how to fill it correctly so that there will be no issues during the Online Voter ID Card Verification.

  • Open the form 6 by clicking here
  • Select the state to which you belong to and your Assembly or Parliamentary constituency.
  • Enter Your name and Date of Birth as present on your certificate. Make sure that you have the Original. Certificate which will be verified during the Online Voter ID Card Verification process.
  • Enter your place of birth by selecting the respective boxes.
  • Enter the residence address completely (in the Ordinary residence part of the form 6)
  • Make Sure you carry the Original proof of address as entered in the form which you need to upload.
  • Fill the rest of the form with correct details.
  • Upload the Address proof, Identity proof ensuring the availability of the originals.
  • Submit after checking in the declaration boxes.
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Online Voter ID Card Verification

Now let us see how the Verification of the details you entered and documents you uploaded in the NVSP is done.

  • The verification process for Online Voter ID Card will be done by the Booth Level Officer (BLO) in your vicinity.
  • After you successfully submit the form 6, the application will reach the BLO and he/she will visit the residence address as mentioned in the form6 to complete the Online Voter ID Card Verification.
  • Usually they will visit within one or two months so make sure that you stay in the same address as filled in the form 6 atleast till the verification process is done.
  • Provide the Original documents of those uploaded during the form 6 filling, for verification purpose.
  • If all the details in the form 6 match with that of the documents you produced for verification,  your Online Voter ID Card Verification is successful.
  • You need to wait till the Voter ID Card reaches you through post usually within a month time.
  • For making all the things go without any issues, fill the form6 only with those details that appear in the original documents so that there will be no mismatch during the time of verification.
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So there you have it. Hope this post was able to clear all your doubts with regards to Online Voter ID Card Verification. Feel free to reach us for your queries and doubts on our platform below.

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