A Comprehensive Step by Step guide about filling Voter Registration Form No. 6.

There are many instances when voters are discouraged to proceed and fill the Voter Registration Form No-6 because of a mere fact that it looks complicated and requires a lot of information to entered. Although this is not the case, although this Voter Registration Form which looks like a complicated piece of questionnaire at the first instance, is actually a simple one, that requires some basic personal information as an input along with a few prescribed identity proof documents required for voter verification.

What is Voter Registration Form 6 about?

Voter Registration Form No-6 or Form 6 is actually an offline/online form that is filled by the first time voter to include his/her name in the voters’ list and hence make that person a certified registered Voter. As we all know that inclusion of name in the electoral roll is the first step towards the essential process of voting hence the complementary importance of this voter registration form is also easy to comprehend.

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Therefore in order to avoid any future obstacle while casting a vote during the elections, it is necessary that Voter Registration Form No. 6 is very carefully filled without errors.

Steps for filing Form No. 6 for the inclusion of your name in the Voters’ List

First of all, the voter is required to obtain the physical form or the online Form No. 6 or From 6 from the ERO office and website respectively. The Voter Registration Form No. 6 is also available for downloading, from the Election Commission of India Website. The download link for this essential Voter ID Application form is:- Download FORM 6

What all Voter Information am I required to fill?

First things first, start filling the form by entering your State and District,

Then move ahead and fill personal information like,

  • First and Last Name
  • Precise Age.
  • Gender
  • Place of Birth(Along with the name of the district.
  • Relative’s credentials.
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Next step is to fill current and permanent address details like your house number, street, town, village, post office, pin code, state, and district, and lastly the Epic number.

If required, fill the optional particulars and upload documents like a photograph, age proof, and address proof.

Then, submit the form by filling in the declaration.

By signing this declaration, you hence declare and signify that:-

  • You are a citizen of India.
  • The address you have provided is true and you are an ordinary resident at the same.
  • You have not applied for Voter Registration in any other constituency.
  • And you do not have your name included in the Electoral Roll of any other constituency.

Hence by signing this mandatory declaration, you must be aware that providing any false information shall hold you liable to be prosecuted legally. If you think  you have your name in the electoral roll of another constituency, you must immediately get it deleted by filing the Voter Registration Form No. 7  for deletion of a name from a Voters’ List, this is also used  for raising an objection for inclusion of a name in the electoral roll that is not supposed to be included. Hence you must know that before applying for Voter Registration in one constituency, you must make sure that you are not a registered voter in any other constituency.

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  1. I have soft copy of my Voter ID card, but I have misplaced Hard copy of Voter ID.

    what should I do ? How I can get Voter ID card ?


    Munish Ahuja

  2. sir
    i applied two times for my voting card but still i have not get my voting id,now what should i do.

  3. sir
    i have two times for my voting card but still i have not get my voting id,now what should i do.

  4. Hi,

    I want to apply for my wife’s voter card, but her name is not included in any of the res. proof doc after marriage, as a id proof she only has PAN card to produce, does an affidavit will suffice the purpose of address proof ?


  5. sir,i am 33 years old.i am having all documents but my father was actually staying in Nagaland and and his name in the voter card is wrong.Moreover now i am staying in west bengal for 10 years .
    how can i get the voter card pl suggest

      • Dear Sir,
        I need my voter card.I have previously applied for the same but my name did not appear on the list.My father and mother both have passed away this year.
        Actually i want to know one thing,i was born in 1983 and as per ,the nationality act i am a citizen of india by birth.
        If i submit all the documents like electricity bill,aadhar card,house deed papers,pan card,is it necessary to provide my parents voter cards for getting my voter card.please suggest.

        Suresh Kadel

        • Hi Suresh,

          No you do not require to submit your parents voter ID cards to get your own voter id card.

          • Thank u for for the valuable comment.
            I have filled and downloaded the form 6 online.Now can u please tell me where to submit this form.
            And how will i know that my name has been included in the electroll and how will i get my voter Id

            Suresh Kadel

          • Hi Suresh,

            You can submit the same at ERO or the Electoral Registration Officer’s Office in your area. You can find the same over here

        • Sir/madam,
          Due to some of my official work,i am being transferred to Haryana and i am planning to shift with my family on september.How can i get my voter iD there.I am working as an engineer in a private company.
          Pl suggest.

          Suresh Kadel

          • Hi Suresh,

            In that case you will have to apply for a new Voter ID card in Haryana, and fill and submit the Form 6 for the same.

          • Sir/madam,
            If i apply for a voter card in haryana,what documents i have to submit.
            All my documents are of west bengal.

          • Hi Suresh,

            Your ID proof and photographs will work. However you will need residential proof that you stay in Haryana – Rent receipts, any utility bill like telephone, gas etc in your name will do.

  6. Its very briefly explained that i really good perfact and accurate information is provided but my question is after all this procedure,what how we will get the voter card?


    After sign in, it shows that my application for voter card is approved but now what I’ve to do is nowhere mentioned.
    Please do needful.

    • Hi Hitesh,

      There will be a voter verification when someone from your area’s electoral office will come to verify the details you may have submitted in your application. After that it usually takes a month or so for the voter ID card to arrive. Now since this process doesn’t involve anything to be done by the applicant, that is why nothing is mentioned anywhere. After you submit the application, the election officials will take care of proceedings.


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  2. […] As soon as you click the above mentioned icon, you would be taken to a page where you would have to enter your Mobile No. and Email Address. Upon clicking proceed, you would receive a verification code on the provided number. As soon as you enter that code under the concerned tab, you would be directed to the online version of Voter ID Card Application Form 6. This online version of the form is too simple to fill and could be easily completed in a few minutes. For more details about how to apply online using the Voter ID Card Form 6, click here. […]

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