Get Online Voter ID Registration Help at Centers Set up by ADM in Allahabad

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has come up with many solutions to ensure eligible voters can exercise their franchise and use the CEO Uttar Pradesh website www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in effectively.

Allahabad is a busy city and thousands of devotees, business people, and professionals live and work here. Many elite and professional people have gone online to download an appropriate voter ID online registration form. Recently, the administration and deputy district election officer (ADM), RN Gupta set up a help desk to ensure applicants can highlight their grievances on voter ID online registration.

Helpdesk for Voter ID Online Registration via www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in

The ADM insists that the online registration on sites like www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in for voter ID card is the ideal way for the voters to get their voter ID card. However, the problem arises when the voters have filled and submitted the voter ID online registration form but nothing has come out of it till now.

The idea is to ensure voters can go for online registration for voter ID card conveniently and get their electoral card within a couple of months. However, with the elections 2014 round the corner, the help desk will ensure that grievances are met and that the voters get their voter cards quickly.

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Roping in New Voters

The ECI has issued directives to the state electoral officers to woo new voters who have just turn adults and want to vote for the coming elections. There are many more voters, who are now aware about the voting rights and keen to exercise their franchise.

www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in to help voters

Those who already have their voter card but don’t have their names registered in the electoral roll, can address their grievances at the polling stations. There are various kiosks setup recently by the CEO Uttar Pradesh to ensure people can find their names in the electoral rolls. Voters can visit the polling booths in person to get their names registered in the voter list.

Last Chance for Registration to Electoral Rolls

According to the district electoral officer of Allahabad, voters will be given time till a certain pre-decided date to register their names in the voter list of their constituency. However, they can still have one final chance to vote this elections if they take the stipulated documents for Voter ID Card Registration – such as age proof, identity proof, and address proof – and visit the polling officer. He or she can decide whether the voter can vote or not based on the credentials. The voter name must however, be published in the ‘Absent-shift-dead’ list though. www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in is the site they can check too.

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This is applicable for those voters who have relocated in India – say; either got transferred to their place of work or have got married and relocated with the spouse.

Online Voter Card Registration

Once the voter ID online registration form is downloaded, filled in and submitted, the applicants need to submit the form. Make sure you visit the right link to access the voter ID online registration forms. Visit the appropriate URL, www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in and check in to the appropriate sub page for registration.

New voters need to access Form 6 and voters who want to upload their photos or change their address can access Form 8. NRI voters can fill in Form 6A while those voters who want the transposition of their voter card need to fill in form 8A.

However, you can take print copy of the same along with the credentials and visit the district election office. Now, there are polling-helpdesks located in all polling stations. Voters can visit these kiosks and submit the same to the polling officer.

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The ECI has taken the help of various government teachers in Allahabad to attend the polling stations to help out the voters in distress. There are ‘Booth Level Officers’ (BLO) as well, to help voters for online registration for voter ID card.

Be sure to vote this election. The ECI has created opportunities for new voters and existing voters to get a proper voter card and have their names listed in the voter list. Don’t lose this opportunity as it is one of the fundamental rights that all Indians are eligible to have.

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  1. Sir My name and my father name has incorrectly mentioned in my ECI voter ID CARD ,despite my several requests for correction in the voter list 175 lucknow cantt assembly constituency under 32 lucknow lok sabha parliamentary part no.289 sl.no.185.please correct my name as PRIYANKA UPRETTI D/O D.D.UPRETI in both English and Hindi .

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