Documents for Voter ID Card Online – Complete List of Documents for Application

Here you will find a list of documents required to apply for Voter ID card online. This post will ensure your application is not rejected due to Documents for Voter ID Card not being correct.

Elections are times when most of you responsible citizens visit the polling booths and make your opinion heard and count by choosing the ideal candidate. But, a responsible citizen is not merely judged by an intention to vote, instead, a responsible citizen is the one who is well endowed with all the documents and has completed all the formalities beforehand. An example of legal documents that form the life line of the voting process is the Voter ID Card, documents like the EPIC not only act as essential identity proofs in the long run, but also ensure your entry to the polling booth where the voting process would take place during the elections.

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Required Documents for Voter ID Card Online?

Here is the list of documents you would require while you apply online for your voter id card:-

  • Copy of Proof of Residence: This is required to validate the address you provide while filling the Form No. 6. Valid of address proofs are as follows:
    • Electricity/Water Bill
    • Statement issued by Bank
    • MTNL / BSNL Telephone bills
    • Bank Passbooks
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Ration Card
  • Copy of Proof of Age & Identity: This is required to validate the Date of Birth as well as your Name and Identity you filled in on the Form No. 6. Valid Documents for ID & Age Proof are:
    • 10th Standard passing certificate
    • Birth certificate issued by the civic agency of your state or any other appropriate document signifying the voter’s age.
    • School Leaving Certificate Specifying Age
    • PAN Card
    • Driving License
    • Passport
    • Senior Citizen Card (if applicable)
    • Aadhar Card
    • Kissan Card
  • 2 recent passport size photographs, which would appear on the Elector’s Photo Identity Card.
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Documents for Voter ID Card application online and offline are given in this post here.

Once you have filled the required form to apply for your voter id card online and provided the above mentioned documents, you should provide at least a months time for the commission to assess your application. Once the application is accepted and assessed, the commission would send out its officer to verify your credentials and henceforth your Voter ID Card would be issued, without requiring you to exit the cobweb of work and other duties around you.

How to Upload Voter ID Card Related Documents Online?

When you apply for your Voter ID Card registration on the Election Commission of India website( by clicking ‘Enrol Now, Become a Voter’ icon), you would have the option to scan and upload the PDF Format of the above mentioned document directly on the page where you fill the online version Voter registration Form No. 6. Please note that the documents are properly scanned and the information is readable. Also note that the uploaded files should only be in the .PDF format because the servers would reject any other format that you upload.


What if I am Unable to Upload the Required Voter ID Card Documents?

If by any chance you are unable to upload the documents for Voter ID Card mentioned above, you should not worry. These documents for Voter ID Card shall be verified by the Booth Level Officer once he pays a verification visit to your residence address. That means while applying for voter id card online, uploading the identity documents is not compulsory. Any missing documents would be personally reviewed and checked by the BLO, after your application is successful.

After submitting the application, you must keep a close check on your voter id application status. This would help you remain updated with the stage at which your application has reached. You can check this status on the same website where you applied for your voter id card online. In most of the cases, the status could be checked on the CEO Website of your state.

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Can I use Ration Card as Address Proof Document for Voter ID Card Online?

While applying for voter id card online, you can very well use the ration card as the proof of residence. But, please note that you also need another proof of address along with ration card. Only ration card is not sufficient. So along with the ration card, you can attach any one of the following address proof documents for voter ID card along with ration card: –

  • Bank or Kisan or Post Office pass book.
  • Passport or driving license.
  • Latest gas/electricity/water connection bill issued to your address in your name or your immediate relation’s name(parents).

So while using a ration card as a document proof for your address while applying for voter id card online or offline, you also need one of more document to validate your address and that document could be any one of the address proof documents mentioned above.

Here is the step by step guide about filling the voter id card form no. 6 for new voter registration.


The Election Commission has a mindset of attracting as many citizens as it could to the polling booths. To facilitate this ambition of high voter turn out, the commission has eased the process of issuing identity documents, people can now easily apply for a Voter ID Card Online without having to physically visit the ERO office. There are a range of electoral formalities that could be completed online with great swiftness, some of these formalities are:-Registering your name onto the Voters’ List, applying for a new voter id card, checking your name in the electoral roll or checking the status of your application. Almost every essential process that precedes the casting of vote, could be completed online, without taking a toll on your dead lines for work.

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Hence, no matter how much busy or preoccupied you are, the whole electoral system works in a way that would not affect your time much. So, if you have not applied for an EPIC thinking that you may have to lose out on your work, you may now very well go and apply for Voter ID Card Online. The very first form that you are required to fill is the Form No. 6, this form, as we said, could filled online by logging on to your state’s ERO website. A question may arise in your mind that goes like:- Although filling the Form No. 6 online to apply for a new voter id card seems feasible, how would the verification of my documents take place and what all of my documents shall I require to submit, in order to complete this application? Generally the following proof documents are required while applying for voter id card online/offline(More details are present at the end of this article):

  • Proof of residence.
  • Proof of age.
  • Proof of date of birth of the applicant.

We would answer these(above mentioned) possible questions in the same order. First of all, Form No. 6 not only lets you apply for the Voter ID Card Online but it also provides you with the facility of uploading your verification documents. So you can use a scanner to scan all the required documents after you self attest them. Although these documents would also require a physical verification by the electoral roll officer of your constituency, for this the officer would pay you a visit at the provided address in order to check credibility of the documents you submitted.

We hope now you can apply with the right set of Documents for Voter ID Card Online. Do note, the same documents will be applicable for offline Voter ID Card application as well.

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  1. As we have shifted house I don’t have any address proof…rent agreement and gas connection bill is in my husband’s name and no other proof is in my name….now I want to change address is voter ID…what to do??

  2. Is there any specific file size for the scaned documents land my passport photo for correction of my voter card?


  4. I have photo id proof as pan card. But i dont any adress proof other than light bill, but that will be by our house owners name? Will it be acceptable? Plz suggest

  5. My wife have only aadhar card from previous address what new document can be used for adrees proof….???

    • My wife have only Aadhar card from previous address what new document can be used for address proof….???

  6. I hv just moved to another place n i hv my own voter id of my previous address, i would like to change my address and want to have voter id of current area, i do not hv my own residence and address proof for d new residence, my question is : can present address rental contract or receipt of rental payment be accepted as proof of residence?

  7. I had submitted required document to the office last 10 months ago but still I can’t got my voter ID card….
    please give suggestion …..

  8. Can only Aadhar card be used as
    Or three proofs have to be submitted distinguish lay??

  9. dear Sir / Mam,

    good morning have a great day,

    we have one doubt for election card address change proof we have attached my Spouse passport or Marriage Certificate it’s acceptable for election card address change?


  10. Sir,

    I’m unable to upload all required documents while filling up the Form 8 (Voter ID correction form).

    My passport size photo was uploaded, but PAN card and Bank statement is not uploaded.

    Can you please help me about this problem ?

  11. hi, My self is Godavari Sharma. My forefather belonged to Nepal but my father was settled in India. I was born and studied in (delhi) India. I went to Election office for my voter id card. There i had submitted my adhar card, pan card, rent agreement, electricity bill and my 10th certificate too. But they was saying that you belongs to Nepal so we required one gazetted officer’s letter in your area that he /she knows you only then we can make your voter id card. What a hell. I told them that I am living here since last 30 years. but still they want it . Please tell me how can I handle this problem.

  12. sir meri wife ha ka voter ID card banwana ha shadi registered to nahi ha Margie card ha or wife ka 10th certificate. kese kya karna ha aub

  13. sir, after doing the online registration process , if the officer comes to verify the documents , does he will ask for original documents or photocopy will be alright?

  14. Hi Team,

    I would like to know that if I want a Voter ID for my wife. As a part of address proof, I have only Marriage Certificate. How can I update her address?

    How much time will online Voter ID creation take? In how many days it will dispatch to my home?

  15. I have applied for voter I card on line and uploaded the required documents . I am not able to go physically to the ERO on date received through sms for verification of uploaded documents . Can I send the documents to concern ERO by post for verification?

    • Hi Ashok,

      The BLO will visit your residence to check your Address, at that time you can show all your documents to them.

  16. I am a voter in west Bengal.
    Now, I living in ahmedabad, Gujarat at a rented flat.
    Can I transfer/register to Gujarat?

    • Hi Jayanta,

      If you are about to stay their for long, then yes you easily transfer in Gujarat with rented proofs.

  17. I’ve submitted form no.6 for both my mother&myself along with other documents but we didn’t get our voter card.Her father&my father too has expired,we submitted the death certificate as nobody else lives with us we couldn’t provide their voter card xerox.

  18. Can you list down all the optional ‘Proof of Age’ document because my father have not school certificate but have other document like PAN Card so plz list all optional ‘Proof of Age’.

    • Hi Mahesh,

      If he don’t have School certificate, here is the list of document for Proof of Age:
      1. PAN Card
      2. Driving License
      3. Indian Passport
      4. Birth Certificate
      5. Aadhar letter

  19. my voter id card issued in march,14 , but my photo is not visible properly.
    so i want to correct my photograph in my voter card.
    so please tell me the procedure for correction.
    and tell me the the supporting documents required.

    • Hi Daultoon,

      That can be useful but not compulsory, since the authorities will carry out a Voter ID verification in anycase, whether or not you give a copy or not.

    • Hi Tsunami,

      Alongwith the documents mentioned in the post above, you will require the latest rent receipt and copy of the rent agreement.

  20. I would like to upload the Credit Card Statement delivered at my ordinary address as Address proof. Would it be granted as address proof?

    • Hi Subhasis,

      No it won’t be a valid ID proof. A Valid ID proof will be ration card, bank passbook copy, electricity bill, mtnl or bsnl telephone bill, gas connection copy, passport copy.

    • Hi Akhil,

      Eventhough PAN card mentions the Date of Birth, it is sometimes not accepted as a valid proof. You need birth certificate, school leaving certificate or passport as a proof of your age.

  21. I had applied for voter id card earlier.I did not know about the documents needed for addrss proof.During the time of verification i had only adhaar card as the address proof which was not accepted.Will i have any problems if i apply again,since once it was not veriified.Now i have the bank passbook as my address proof.Thanks.

    • Hi Navin,

      Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport jaise proof Identity ke liye sahi rehenge.



    • Yes !
      Bank A/c statements & passbooks are considered as valid documents for proof of address provided they have a seal of the bank & signature of bank official.

  23. Sir kya adress proff k liye mool niwash pramad patra valid hai aur date of birth k liye 10 th class ki marksheet valid hai aur sir agr mai online applyvketa hu to kitte dino bad milega mere adrees pe mera votercard

    • Kindly visit the nearest bank in your area and open an account in your name based on the address proof that u have mentioned above. The bank account passbook/statement will serve the purpose of address proof. Do get it signed by the bank official along with the seal of the bank.
      I hope that the information was useful.

  24. I have only sslc marks card, residential proof issued by the panchayat president, electric bill in my grand father name, pan card in my father name, collage id card. shall I apply for voting id. please tellme sir.

    • Hi Praveen,

      Yes, you can apply with your SSLC marksheet, Ration Card, Electricity bill to apply for voter’s card.


  26. I am from Gujarat Gandhinagar and my Wife belongs to Rajesthan. Now if i want to apply for her Voter ID card(applying 1st time) whether my address proof is acceptable or any other documents are requeired? She has 10th & Scool leaving certificate for date of birth proof.

    • I am from Gujarat Gandhinagar and my Wife belongs to Rajesthan. Now if i want to apply for her Voter ID card(applying 1st time) whether my address proof is acceptable or any other documents are requeired? She has 10th & Scool leaving certificate for date of birth proof.

      • Looks like you guys have the same queries.

        The documents of proof that you have mentioned will be enough along with the marriage certificate.

  27. Proof of Residence, this is required to validate the address you provide while filling the Form No. 6. Examples of address proofs- Electricity/Water Bill, Statement issued by Bank, Pan Card etc.

    Pan card does not contain any address …then how it is useful for “Proof of residence”

    • Mukesh
      The letter that you have recieved your PAN card can be used as a proof of address. It clearly states the address that it was destined to.

  28. I have filled in “Page 1” of “Format 6” but have not received the remaining pages.
    How do I submit my address and age-proof?
    Arun Sethi

    • Hi Arun,

      If you filling offline voter card details, then post those documents along with form.

      If you doing it online, then don’t worry if your are unable to upload the documents. BLO officer will come and collect the same.


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