30 Seconds to Check Status of Your Election ID Online

After applying for Election ID Online or Offline, all the applicants must have an idea about the time it would take for their application to be completed. The application is considered completed after an applicant submits his/her application form no. 6 online or offline and a few weeks later the BLO visits the applicant’s address for a verification visit. When the BLO is able to successfully verify the identity of the voter by checking his/her documents for legitimacy, he forwards the application to the next level and the name of the applicant is included in the Voters’ List. A few weeks later, the applicant also receives his/her Election ID Card. This is when the application for Election ID Online or offline concludes.

how to check election id online status in just 30 seconds

However, in between this whole process, the different steps could occur at varied periods of time. For example, after you click the ‘Submit’ button after apply for Election ID online, the visit of the BLO to your place could occur anytime between one week or one month. The question is, how do you keep yourself updated? The answer is, by checking the status of your Election ID online application. The process of checking application status now takes just 30 seconds.

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Check Status of Election ID Online on CEO Website

Currently, the process of checking Status of Election ID Online is available on the different CEO websites only. Nevertheless, the process just takes around 30 seconds to complete. Yes! you heard it right, it takes just 30 seconds to check your Election ID online status(if you do it right).

Just follow the following steps: –

  1. Visit the CEO website of the State you are a registered voter in. Find the list of all State CEOs in our exclusive Voter ID Card Master FAQ section.
  2. Explore the CEO website for phrases like: –
  • Check your Enrollment status
  • Check the status of your application
  • Check voter id card status
  • Check Election ID Online status

3. Click any one these phrases or any phrase that you think would help you check your Election ID Online status. For example, on CEO Delhi website, you would have to click the link that says, ‘Know the status of your application for Enrollment‘. On CEO Andhra Pradesh website, you would have to click the ‘E-Registration’ tab. You would then see two options, i) Assembly Constituency ii) Council Constituency. Choose either of the option based on your Constituency. You would then see a host of options, one of which would be, ‘Know your status‘. This is the link that you need to click in order to check Election ID online status. Similarly, each CEO website has its own way of leading you to the status checking page. You just need to explore the website carefully. However, if you are still unable to find the appropriate links, just contact us on our Facebook page for help.

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4. Once you find the relevant link for checking the Election ID Online status, you need to make sure that you have your application number noted down and it should be easily accessible, because, it is the first thing you would need in order to check the status of your application.

Summary of the Process to Check Election ID Online Status

Hence the 30 second summary of the process to check Election ID Online status goes as follows: –

Find the link to status checking page on the CEO website of your state-> Click the link-> Enter your Application ID when asked-> Fill in the Capcha Code to authenticate-> Click ‘Search’ or ‘Submit’-> Note down your Election ID Online status


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  1. I have applied for voter id card along with my wife more than a year ago. But not received it yet. A person came for verification 3-4 months ago and told there was some mistake in gender so it got delay and assured that we will receive it in few days only.

  2. I have applied for voter id card along with my husband more than a year ago. But not received it yet. A person came for verification 3-4 months ago and told there was some mistake in gender so it got delay and assured that we will receive it in few days only.


  4. Already i applied for voter id before one month in below address.
    rajesh k nair
    Annanagar 4th street
    Tamil nadu
    But i didnt get till then what i can do.

    • Hi Suraiya Begum,

      To get a Duplicate voter ID card, you will have to complete the following procedure:

        File an FIR with the police informing them the loss of the voter card.
        Get the 002 form (for issuance of duplicate voter ID card) from here – Click to Download Form 002
        Fill up the form. It should be complete in all aspects.
        Attach the copy of the FIR.
        Attach your identification proof. This could be a copy of your passport, driving license, pan card, or ration card.
        Attach proof of residence or address. This could be a copy of your gas bill, electricity bill, telephone bill, and so on.

      You will need to submit it local Chief Election Commission office.

      Do Note: Duplicate Voter ID Card may not be issued in case you don’t provide substantial documents, such as copy of the FIR while submitting the form.


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