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India is a democratic country where the head of the Government are selected by their own Citizens through a process known as Election. The head thus elected form and run their government for the welfare of their own people and society.

In this Election process, each and every citizen who are above 18 years are eligible to voteand can apply and get a voter cum identity card which allow them to cast their vote to select their choice of candidate to form the Government.

But before you go for vote you must have your voter ID card or at least you must have your name in your State Electoral Roll. To do the same and then to check your application status Voter ID Online Information helps a lot.

Voter ID Online Information: Know it all

Now before moving further, I suppose you all have either your name already in the electoral roll or have just registered yourself for the same. Now what’s next? The next is Voter ID Online Information check, it is not mandatory but a recommended one.

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Your Voter ID Card is not just a printed laminated paper but a source of your personal and residential information. Now with the digitization of India, you can easily access these information Online whenever and from wherever you want. Now there may be questions arises in your mind, like “Why do I need to check these Voter ID Online Information, when I already have my Voter ID Card?” The answer for this is simple. It is not necessary that you have your voter ID card with yourself all the time, while you may need some information regarding your voter ID card at that exact moment. In that case you can easily access these information of Voter ID Online. Information consists not only your about your personal details but also some other information like: Right to Information, your assembly and parliamentary constituency, your booth, search for your name in electoral list, etc.

You can now easily check your Application Status and other information just by visiting your respective state CEO website or you can use this centralised website www.nvsp.in , yet another positive move recently launched by Indian Government. Here I have provided you the flow chart of different steps you must follow to check Status of new Registration and other Information of your Voter ID Online:

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Searching for Voter ID Online:

  1. Visit your State Official CEO Website(the image provided below is of Delhi CEO)voter-id-online-ceo-delhi
  2. To check your application status find for the phrases likeCheck your Status”. On some CEO Website’s like Bihar you can check your status on Search your name in Electoral Roll Section,
  3. To check your details of Voter ID Card, click on “Search in Electoral Roll” link and click on your respective name to see the details,
  4. To search for other information like your constituency, your booth, etc. you can find the link for the same on your State CEO Website’s Homepage.

Or, alternatively you can use this centralised National Voters’ Services Portal. Here are the steps for the same:

  1. Click on this link www.nvsp.in


  2. On the Home screen, after scrolling down you can find these options: Search your name in Electoral Roll; Apply Online for Registration; Correction of Entries; Know your booth, Feed your Aadhar Number.voter-id-online-nvsp-2
  3. To Search for your name and find the information you want, click on Search your name in Electoral Roll,
  4. Fill your basic details like Name, DOB, Age, etc. to search and find your name. Once you get your name you can click on it and get the information you wanted.

We hope now you understood the detailed process to check the Information of your Voter ID Online. If you have any doubt regarding this, then please comment below and stay connected.

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  1. First thanks for giving information about online registration form filling successfully. after which got the Request ID 0146633e64a7c5706 for checking online status on NVSP website. While checking it is showing YOUR APPLICATION IS UNDER PROCESS FOR ALMOST MORE THAN 20-25 DAYS. STATUS IS NOT CHANGING & NOT GIVING IDEA OF TENTATIVE DATE OF RECEIVING VOTER CARD.
    Also contacted the CEO Maharashtra on email but didn’t get any reply for exact status of Voter card. What to do next for finding exact status. Thanks

    • Hi Sanjeet,

      You can check the status of Nirvachan Card to find out where is the card stuck. You can follow the steps listed over here

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