How does Election Commission of India Conduct Voter ID Card Verification?

Each year thousands of voters apply for Voter ID card online, or seek changes in their voter list. The Election Commission of India (ECI), which is responsible for organizing elections and the groundwork associated with it, issues orders to various workers under it to verify the credentials of the applicants who have filed for a voter’s ID card. At the helm, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) delegates the work to state election commissioners (SEC) to check the electoral card or Elector’s Photo Identity Cards (EPIC).

Voter ID Card – A Must for All Voters

This identity card is very important today as it would allow the voters listed in the voter’s list to cast votes during elections. After every few years, Lok Sabha, state assembly, and Panchayat elections are held in India. Those who reside in India and attain 18 years of age are eligible voters. However, to cast votes, the voters must have their names listed in the electoral roll and have a voter card.

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The photo-identity card allows voters not only to vote but also avail many services offered to the people of India. These include purchasing e-tickets, railway tickets, and booking hotels.

Verification of Voter ID Card by Election Commission of India (ECI)

After submitting the form and the documents required to be attached with it, the applicant can check the status of the voter card online from time to time. Generally it would take about a month to get the entire form verified by the ECI.

If you feel that the verification is taking a long time, you should address the issue with your local Election Registration Officer (ERO).

Each SEC has many booth level officers (BLO) under it. It is the primary task of the BLOs to visit the applicant’s house with the copy of the application. The officer checks and verifies whether the data provided in the form is correct or not. This would include the proof of residence, date of birth, and identity. The officer also checks whether the photograph pasted in the form is the recent one or not. You may have to show the original copies to certify data mentioned in the form.

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For applicants who have filled up form 8, the credentials are matched with the original copy by the officer. In case, you are a new voter, you must furnish your birth certificate. Women, who have got married and changed their residence and surname, must furnish their marriage registration certificate as well.

If the verification is complete without any issues, you can get your card within a few days.

Tasks of ECI Regarding Voter Card

Election Card Verification for entry in Voters List

Voter card is a must for voters to exercise their franchise. With new voters joining the voter list every year, it is the task of the ECI along with BLOs to ensure that the voter list is updated from time to time, electoral card is issued to the voters at the proper time, and that all citizens have got their cards to execute their voting rights.

As per the amendment of the R.P. Act, ECI has been given the power to ensure voters get:

  • Their names listed in the electoral roll in their respective assembly constituency.
  • Their election ID card.
  • Adequate security during elections so that they can safely cast their votes.
  • Required knowledge about electronic voting system and how to vote for their candidate.
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All in all, seek advice or visit your local ERO or BLO for any issues regarding your voter ID card or voter list. They are the right authority to conduct voter ID verification under the orders of the ECI.

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  3. i applied voter id card still iam not get any verification … plsss conform my id status
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  4. i applied voter id card still iam not get any verification … plsss conform my id status
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  5. already we have done voter id form online . How to check the voter id status……. plz help us to get status


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