Major Parties and their Chances in the Upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly Election

Tamil Nadu Assembly Election is conducted every 5 years by Election Commission of India. In the upcoming state election, people of the state will elect their representatives and hence, will decide the future state government. The last Tamil Nadu assembly election was held in 2011. In that election, AIADMK got the victory and J Jayalalithaa was sworn as Chief Minister of the State. tamil nadu assembly election

Major Influential Political Parties in Tamil Nadu:

tamil nadu assembly election major parties

Other major political parties in Tamil Nadu:

tamil nadu assembly election parties
Source – Election Commission of India

Winning Chances of Political Parties in upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly Election:

The state political parties of Tamil Nadu i.e AIADMK, DMK and DMDK play major roles in state politics. They are more connected to masses. National political parties like BJP, Congress, Left political parties etc – form coalition with the regional political parties (coalition means coming together of two or more political parties in order to fight election jointly) . National political parties have minor role in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections.

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We cannot tell specifically that which political party is going to win. But lets have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the parties:


AIADMK has a strong chance in the Tamil Nadu assembly election. It is because the incumbent Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has a huge popularity in the state.

Chennai flood can act as turning point. AIADMK great relief work and packages for the victims of the flood can help to attract more voters. Also AIADMK is the ruling government party and can use the state resource to win the election.

2. DMK:

Karunanidhi, the leader of DMK, has also a great popularity in the state. It has joined with the Congress party to fight in the election.

  Win of this political party depends on the strategy it will opt against AIADMK.

3. DMDK:

DMDK is relatively a new regional political party. It had secured 29 assembly seats in its first assembly election in the state.

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This astonishing result tells the fame of Vijayakanth, the Tamil actor turned politician who is the leader of DMDK. So it can prove a strong contender in the upcoming election.

4. Left Parties:

They have formed a third front called People’s Welfare Front (PWF). It is the coalition of MDMK, VCK, CPI and CPI(M).

PWF is formed on the same line of Mahagathbandhan in Bihar (Mahagathbandhan in Bihar is the coalition of three major political parties – RJD, JD(U) and Congress against BJP and got massive victory in the recent Bihar Assembly Election). CPI and CPI(M) have a significant vote share in the state. By forming the third front, they have strengthened their position in the coming election.

Therefore we cannot ignore this front in the upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly Election.

5. BJP vs. Congress

Neither BJP nor Congress has a strong hold in Tamil Nadu politics. They are dependent on the alliance with the regional political parties. Congress has already joined hands with Karunanidhi led DMK. BJP, on the other hand, is holding talks with DMDK. So the fate of BJP and Congress in the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election depends on the performance of the regional political parties.

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In brief, we can say that AIADMK is ahead of its opponents in the upcoming election. But it has to maintain its speed in this race of election. It is because the opposing political parties are joining hands with each other to overthrow the ruling AIADMK government.

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