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Voter registration is the process through which every citizen has to go through to be able to vote. The election commission of India has made it mandatory for Indians to register themselves for voting.Anybody who has attained 18 years of age (before the date of elections)  can apply for voter ID registration. Although the voting is a constitutional right, it is not compulsory for Indians to vote.

Voter ID Registration

voter id registration things you should know

To register the person will have to go to the website of the election commission of his/her state. Every election authority of a state has its very own website to enable the people from its region to register. There are two ways in which a person can register for the voters list; online and offline.

To register online, the prospective voter will have to go to the website of state election commission. He/she will have to fill in Form 6. The voter will have to enter all the details that have been asked in the form. Ensure that every detail that you enter is correct or else the application will be rejected. You will also have to upload scanned copy of your passport sized photo as well scanned copy of documents required as proof.

Once your form is submitted successfully, the Election Registration Officer (ERO) will download this completed form and then send the Block Level Officer (BLO) to your residence to verify the documents that you uploaded during registration. You will also have to sign on the application form in the presence of the BLO to complete the application process.

Once the documents are verified successfully by the BLO, you will receive your card within 30 to 45 days. If your state does not have a website then you can also go to official website of election commission of India and register there too.

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The offline method for registration of voter ID is comparatively simpler. Just download the Form 6 from your state’s election commission website. Take a print out of it and fill in all the details. You will also need to have 2 passport size photographs which you have to attach to the form and also attach your Ordinary Residence proof.

In case you are between the age of 18 and 21, in addition to residence proof you will have to attach proof of age. This can be either your birth certificate or school leaving certificate.

How To Find ERO

If you are wondering how to find ERO then the solution is quite simple. Simply go to this the election commission website of your state. It will have a separate page for finding ERO. All you need to do is select your state/UT name, your city name, AC and the polling station. Click on the “Get Contact Details Of Officer” button and you will see all the EROs of your area with their complete details. This process of finding the ERO will come handy when you want to submit your registration form offline.

Voter List Registration

The voter list registration is the most important thing a voter must do if he/she wants to vote. Even if you have gone through the process of registration of voter ID card online but your name is not in the list of registered voters then you cannot vote.

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The list is published as well as revised every year to accommodate any changes that voters might have made in their cards. This list is with the ERO of your area and is used for verification on the day of voting.

If you have already submitted the registration form and are awaiting your voter ID card then you can check the status of your application online as well as offline.

The website of your state election authority offers service of searching your name in the voters list directly on the site. If you are not keen on using internet then you can also send an SMS using your mobile to find the list of registered voters

Online Voter Registration

The official websites of election commission of all the Indian states have made the online voter registration process very convenient. All you have to do is go to the website and submit the application by filling in Form 6.

The prospective voter can register online as voter in just few clicks. Not only that, the voters can also easily check the status of voter ID application online.

Online Voter Registration in Uttar Pradesh

things to know Online Voter Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The election commission of UP offers a very comprehensive and convenient procedure to those voters who are keen to do online voter registration in Uttar Pradesh.

The website has registration forms in Hindi and English to cater to all types of voters. Once you click on the form 6 you will be taken to the citizen services page of election commission of India. There you will have to register yourself using your mobile number and email ID.

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You will be sent a security code on your phone which you will need to enter on the page which you get after clicking on “proceed” button. You will be taken to Form 6 where you need to fill in all the relevant details along with photos and documents. Once you have submitted the form correctly, a verification process by BLO will be followed. On successful verification your card will be delivered to you in max 45 days.

You can also check the status of your voter ID application on the Uttar Pradesh election commission website. You can also find out your polling booth by simply sending an SMS to 9212357123 number. The format of the SMS would be UPEPIC <space> <EPIC.NO>

Voter ID Registration

The process of voter ID registration can be done either online or offline. The election commission of India has ensured that the voters can easily register themselves for voter ID card.

Those who are keen to get their voter card have two options of registration of voter ID. One options is that they can go to either the website of their state election commission or election commission India OR they can simply download the application form, fill it with their own hands and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of their area.

If you have already completed your registration of voter ID and are awaiting its delivery then you can check its status on the above mentioned websites. Alternately they can also use either a mobile or a helpline number which has been started by election commission of some states.


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