How to apply for Nirvachan card in India?

India is a democratic country, where the Indian government is chosen by the people of India through periodic elections every five years. For the elections, all the citizens above 18 are entitled to vote, subject to the condition that they have valid proof provided by the Government of India for the execution of his / her voting rights.

This proof of voting rights is known as the Voter ID card or the Nirvachan card. The Nirvachan card or the voter ID card has a few details about the card holder such as Name, Age, Sex, Address and an image of the card holder. To find out more about the voter ID card or the Nirvachan card, click on this link.


How to apply for a new Nirvachan card?

A citizen of India is a major by the age of 18, and he / she can then apply for the Nirvachan card to the Election commission Of India.

Methods for getting the Nirvachan card:

One can apply to the election commission for Nirvachan card in three different ways.

  • The first method is completely online.
  • The second method is completely offline and
  • The third method is a semi-automatic method.
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How to get a Nirvachan card by the online registration method:

  • In the online method, the citizen just needs to visit the Election Commission official website, which is, NVSP.in, i.e., the National Voters’ Service Portal.
  • Then click on the button or link that is for applying for registration of a new user.
  • Clicking on the button for a new application will direct the user to Form No. 6.
  • Or Click Here directly to go to Form 6
  • This Form No. 6 is available in English, as well as Hindi, but not in other vernacular languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, or Gujarati.
  • One needs to fill in the form no. 6 with all the relevant details like Name, Age, Sex, and Address without any errors and give a recent passport photograph by uploading it.


  • Then one needs to submit the concerned proof for the personal information such as Id proof, a photograph, and also address proof.
  • Before clicking on the submit button that is at the bottom of the page, one must check the details thoroughly.
  • After confirming all the details as error free, one needs to submit it by clicking on the submit button.
  • The information given by the citizen will be checked and a Nirvachan card will be issued.
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Guide for applying for a Nirvachan Card by Offline Method:

  • In the offline method, one needs to download the form no. 6 and take a printout of it.
  • To know how to open and download Form No. 6, click here.
  • Or one can visit the election office and get the printed form no 6 to fill.
  • Then one needs to fill in the details.
  • And one needs to submit the same to the Election Commission office with all the necessary proofs for a Nirvachan card.

Semi Automatic method for applying for a Nirvachan card:

  • One can download the form no. 6 from the website the same way as the online method.
  • Then one must fill in all the details.
  • The filled in form no. 6 must be sent to the concerned state Election Commission office either by post or one can personally visit and submit the form.
  • However, it must be noted here that this process is only for those fresher citizens who are applying for the first time for a Nirvachan card.
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You can click here to know more about applying for a new Nirvachan card.

In case one needs to have a duplicate card due to the Nirvachan card lost, one has to fill in a different form and a different process must be followed. Click on the link here to find out how to apply for a duplicate ID card.

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