How to apply for Nirvachan card in India?

India is a democratic country, where the Indian government is chosen by the people of India through periodic elections every five years. For the elections, all the citizens above 18 are entitled to vote, subject to the condition that they have valid proof provided by the Government of India for the execution of his / her voting rights. This proof of voting rights is known as the Voter ID card or the Nirvachan card. The Nirvachan card or the voter ID card has a few details about the card … [Read more...]

How to Download Voter ID Card Form No. 6 Hindi?

Most of the official work in India is carried out in English. All through the lives of students, they are pressurized to gather knowledge of English and are pushed to achieve fluency in it. However, the fact remains that it is Hindi which is our National Language. Not only more than 258 million people speak it, but, this language is also a source of unity and National pride. Considering the fact that a lot more people are comfortable with Hindi as compared to English in India, it is obvious that … [Read more...]